Might of the Masses


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Common

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Might of the Masses


Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each creature you control.

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Might of the Masses Discussion

kurcody1 on Ellie's Saproling Army

1 week ago

Hey! I'm pretty new to MTG, but I would love to give you suggestions, as I have a deck similar to this (on my profile), but doesn't have any saproling spawners other than 2 copies of Fists of Ironwood. My first and main suggestion is putting in Arbor Elfs instead of Explore and Rampant Growth because it also gives you extra mana for 1 mana and is a creature for Champion of Lambholt, Essence of the Wild, and Scion of the Wild. It also might be a good idea to put in more Champion of Lambholts as it is a very good card in your deck. I also reccomend maybe putting in Overwhelming Stampedeinstead of overrun because of your big hitters and Might of the Masses, but its optional as it is a high risk high reward card in your deck. I'm thinking of putting saproling spawners in my deck now!

Thewayoflife234 on Gruul Elves Concept

3 weeks ago

Suggestion!!! 3-4x Dwynen's Elite, maybe 1 Ezuri,Renegade Leader, or 1-2 Triumph of the Hordes? None of those enchantments or Atarka's command. No dwynen, Essence warden is better tbh. You don't need 4 joraga warcallers. Once you put fetchlands in this deck i think you can drop to 15/16, with copperhorn scouts and reducing you avg CMC. Should be around 1.5...I use Mono Green elfball, and still dont use Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen. she is just not good for modern play. Essence Warden is good for elfball, but i understand why you wouldn't use that. I feel like Joraga Warcaller is a win-more card. Might of the Masses is really nice, because you can just plop your hand and leave 1 mana up to cast might of the masses after the opponent attempts removal. I may have a more skewed sight of this since i play Drove of Elves as 2-of and I use Ezuri. the 8 Enchantments and Atarka's command should come out for more creatures, especially mana dorks. I use 15-16 lands in my elf deck. I need 1 land and all the elves i can get!!!!!!! I remember attacking for 200+ infect damage from Triumph of the Hordes turn 6 from 2 promenades turn 5. All off 1 mana. Real story, actual game against affinity. I have also won games turn 4 vs burn with Triumph as well. It's actually my only reliable wincon against some decks. I use 2, but I might should run 3 because it's that good. I have 15 lands, 4 Promenades, 2 MotM and everything else is creatures. You have nowhere near enough draw, which is why you are running such high cost spells. This is midrange, Elves should be Ramp and Sideways!!! Like a village. Sylvan Messenger is an underrated card in modern elf decks! i use 4 because it picks up promenade and because i have 14 mana dorks in my deck (3 mystic, 3 Llanowar, 4 Beastcaller Savant, 4 Elvish Archdruid) it's what works I'm telling you. I know this is crazy but Imperious Perfect is NOT A STAPLE for elves. He's a lord that makes elves, but he also costs 3 mana and doesn't

poon_ninja on bg elves

2 months ago

Changed Might of the Masses to Aspect of Hydra because, well, you know.

Dave_Icaria on bg elves

2 months ago

Not all Elves lists are running Ezuri, Renegade Leader, but running him alongside Might of the Masses seems really good! I like what you've done with the list and I'm definitely interested in seeing how it performs.

As for suggestions, Krosan Grip could come out of the sideboard since you really don't need to cast uncounterable artifact removal I think, I'd much rather have another Naturalize. And you should get some Fatal Push's in the list somewhere! I'd run in place of Ultimate Price and Ruinous Path.

Elmoisamac on bg elves

2 months ago

poon_ninja I like the looks of this deck. How does running Might of the Masses work for you? I run less spells in favor of more elves, but that looks like it might work really well.

Snydog17 on SQUIRRELED

2 months ago

Might of the Masses doesn't give trample, but is only one mana, making it more efficient for Modern.

werewolf226 on Elves

2 months ago

I really like Might of the Masses, but Coat of Arms is pretty high cost and you have 4 of them in this deck. I kinda wanna recommend taking one or two out and adding or or two more Joraga Warcaller only because Coat of arms relies more on how many elves you have, and is a substantially higher CMC, where ass Joraga can be thrown down for 3 mana and still provide a permanent static boost. Just an idea, though I think four Coat of Arms is an awesome idea.

I'd push Reclamation Sage to a sideboard if you're not worried about artifacts and enchantments, leaving room for other things that may benefit you more. Like maybe Might of Oaks or something. Just an idea. I'm not terribly certain what cards are Modern Legal tho, so I might just be off my rocker. Love the deck! +1 from me

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