Spinning Darkness

Spinning Darkness


You may remove the top three black cards in your graveyard from the game rather than pay Spinning Darkness's mana cost.

Spinning Darkness deals 3 damage to target nonblack creature. You gain 3 life.

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Set Rarity
Weatherlight (WTH) Common

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal

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Spinning Darkness Discussion

Boza on Mono Black Control

7 months ago

The maindeck is close to perfection, I would trim 2 victim of night (or 1 disfigure and 1 victim) for 2 Dusk Legion Zealot, but other than that it is fine.

The sideboard has some weird choices though. Reaping the graves is very old and the newer Death Denied surpasses it in every way. Choking sands is a card that you run 4 copies of or none of - your Tron matchup should already be good, so cut them for 1 Spinning Darkness, 1-2 victim of night that were cut from the main and 0-1 extra copies of tendrils, depending on how many victims you want to add.

king-saproling on Sidisi, lands kinda matter?

11 months ago

You might consider these for speeding up the deck: Lotus Petal , Fellwar Stone , Blood Pet .

Mirror of Fate could be neat here. It lets you reuse cards exiled by Yawgmoth's Will. You can even recur the Mirror itself this way. There is a wombo combo here alongside Will + Bolas's Citadel + Tendrils of Agony . Not that you need another combo haha. But it could be fun to switch things up if you get tired of Glacial + Dreams, or wanna keep your opponents on their toes.

These cards seem like they might have a home here or in a similar build: Necropotence , Soul Spike , Spinning Darkness , Blood Tithe , Sorin's Vengeance , Sovereign's Bite , K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth , Skirge Familiar

SideBae on Yuriko Ninja EDH

1 year ago

What I suspect is going on is that your opponents are doing a lot on the aggro front. There're a few ways you can deal with this.

First, you can discourage your opponents from attacking you. Propaganda is probably the best-known card for this, but there're plenty of others. No Mercy comes to mind -- it was one of my favorite cards when I was a kid. Crawlspace and Silent Arbiter are good ways to limit the number of attackers an opponent can pressure you with, and assuming no trample, you likely can just chump away whatever they're hitting you with. Finally, Meekstone will keep the most dangerous ones tapped. I think any of these will probably be better than AEtherize , especially since none of them are 'single use.'

I don't know your meta. However, a lot of the time fatties come down without being hard-cast, like through Natural Order or Reanimate . Running hate cards, like Grafdigger's Cage , can prevent this.

You also seem to be light on wrath effects. Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow ninjutsu ability gets around commander tax, meaning he'll really only ever cost to put down -- so feel totally free to wrath with him on the board. Kindred Dominance strikes me as being way too much mana to do real damage in the earlier stages of the game, especially if you're fighting a bunch of aggro decks. Damnation is, I think, preferable here, as are Toxic Deluge and Cyclonic Rift . Damnation and Toxic Deluge being four and three mana, respectively, means you can conceivably cast them before you're getting smacked but while your opponent has a summoning-sick army. Cyclonic Rift 's overload ability IS seven mana, but being instant speed makes up for that (at least in my opinion).

If you include wrath effects, non-creature token producers are worth including -- they'll give you creatures to 'return' with Yuriko's ability while surviving the wrath themselves. Bitterblossom is the best here, though like most good cards, it's relatively expensive. Other options include Breeding Pit , Graf Harvest (if you wrath Yuriko to the 'yard, you can exile him to the command zone to create a token, then ninjutsu him out on the token when it attacks), Spawning Pit and Volrath's Laboratory (which can make ninjas).

If you decide to run some of the above cards, they should replace your one-for-one removal cards. In general, EDH games will have you facing three opponents, and therefore three times the number of cards you have. You therefore want cards that will effect more than a single card your opponent has. Hero's Downfall and Grasp of Darkness may be great in one-on-one formats, but in EDH they simply don't pack enough punch. (One interesting exception to the 'limit your one-for-ones' rule is the inclusion of counter magic. In general, I think of counterspells in EDH as more than one-for-ones, since A) they can save more than one of your cards if you counter something like By Force or Fire Covenant , and B) they can stop combos cold, making your opponent waste all the combo pieces s/he/they cast before the countered card.)

I have some non-combat related suggestions, too -- I hope I'm not being presumptuous in offering them:

I'm sure you've noticed how awesome your Treasure Cruise is: being eight on a Yuriko flip but often costing around two or three mana at most to cast is pretty busted. There're other delve cards to consider, though I do think it is likely more than one or two in a list will occasionally cause issues when delve gets in its own way. Dig Through Time is a primary candidate here, as it is also eight mana, but it also happens to be an instant (yay!). Temporal Trespass also comes to mind.

In magic, there're a bunch of alternate casting-cost cards that work well with your general, as their CMC is usually pretty high. Unfortunately, some of them are expensive -- I'll just mention them, in case you have more money to blow than I typically do: Force of Will and Commandeer . Spinning Darkness , Gush and Misdirection are all more affordable and alright cards in their own right, though they are significantly less powerful.

Nexus of Fate is a pet card of mine, and I think it'd be genuinely good here. It hits for seven, but doesn't 'really' make you tap out since if it resolves you get another untap step right away.

A creature to consider is Baleful Strix . Having deathtouch and flying make it really hard to block, and if you keep ninjutsu-ing it back to your hand you can keep casting it for the draw trigger.

Top-deck manipulation is a good way to make sure your general hits his hardest, and your Brainstorm is a good start. Mystical Tutor isn't too much money, though the black version, Vampiric Tutor , definitely is a lot of money nowadays. Scheming Symmetry is an alright replacement, though you'll want to be sure to kill the opponent who searches, or at least remove his top card. Though they're pricey, Sensei's Divining Top and Jace, the Mind Sculptor really are the best ways to mess with your top few cards in the game; Jace has the added bonus, like Brainstorm , of being able to top cards that you want to reveal with Yuriko's trigger again. Dream Cache and Telling Time are both OK top deck manipulation.

Cantrips are good. I suggest running Preordain in addition to your Ponder and Brainstorm . It's not as good as the two you have (in this deck), since it can only leave one card on top of your deck for Yuriko triggers, but I still think it's worth playing. As a turn one play, it's gonna be hard to beat. (Of course, Ponder does still beat it.)

Finally, mass card-draw is a good thing. Even if it doesn't trigger Yuriko, having spells to cast is always preferable to not having them (exception: Mindslaver ). Windfall is excellent, especially if you put in Narset, Parter of Veils (I think you should). Fact or Fiction and Chemister's Insight are both good instant-speed draw spells.

Only good things! Hope this helped.

janci53 on Mono Black land destroy deck

1 year ago

HI all, I want to make nasty land denial mono black deck, where opponent will be locked to play spells.

  1. KEY CARDS - I like card combination Desolation+ Ankh of Mishra - every turn player taps mana - losts one, and new land costs him 2 life
  2. CASTING SPELLS - Desolation and Ankh hurts me too, so I wish to use alternative pay cards, Im thinking about: Contagion
    Snuff Out
    Spinning Darkness
    Nether Spirit

  3. MANA - because of Desolation hurts me too, Im thinking about mana generation:
    Blood Pet - mana which I can use later and it is not affected by Desolation
    Chrome Mox - Desolation doesnt affect it, I know Mox Diamond but its more expensive
    Dark Ritual - mana acceleration

    any artifacts which generate mana?

    Dunes of the Dead - create a creature when its destroyed with Desolation
    Peat Bog
    Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

  4. DAMAGE / LIFE LOSS - idea is limit the possibilities to cast spells of opponent and hurt him by Black Vise
    Black Vise
    Gurmag Angler - use delve to cast him as soon as possible, and to clean graveyard from creatures for Nether Spirit. I was thinking about Tombstalker because he is flyer, but Angler is mana-cheaper.

  5. DRAW - because I would like to play alternative cost cards I need to have many cards in hand. I was thinking about draw spells as Night's Whisper but I need every turn draw, no only once draw spell. So Im thinking about:
    Howling Mine
    Anvil of Bogardan - maybe its bettter than Howling Mine because it makes opponents hand with no limit which support Black Vise damage.

  6. LAND DAMAGE - I need to destroy opponents lands as much as possible to lock him to cast aby spell

    I know its messy right now and far from final deck but this is what I have right now. Problem is that I need mana to play key cards (Black Vise, Ankh, Desolation, Sinkhole) so I dont know how many lands to play.

    Please do you have any advice and improvements? Thank you very much for you time.

hungry000 on Suicide is occasionally the answer

1 year ago

Spinning Darkness seems ok, I'll try it out sometime.

Yeah, I've seen Gurmag Angler take over games in Delver decks before. I'll test it when I have time.

Oh idk why I have the 1 Vile Rebirth either, but the thing I was worried about with main deck Bojuka Bogs is that with the Piranha Marshes there'll be too many taplands. I was considering playing Sunscorched Desert in place of Piranha Marsh to make room for 2 Bojuka Bogs in the main, but with all the BB cards I might end up with some color problems if I play all four... Now that I think about it, playing 2 Sunscorched Desert, 2 Piranha Marsh, and 2 Bojuka Bog might work out, what do you think?

I've been trying to find an excuse to put Dash Hopes in somewhere but I can't really seem to find one since it isn't a surefire way to increase my chances of winning certain matchups like Duress is. What would it be good against? And while we're talking about sb cards, do you think the Supernatural Staminas in the sideboard are worth playing over something like Soul Reap or Dash Hopes? Thanks for the help!

kingr8 on Suicide is occasionally the answer

1 year ago

Yeah, I figured Snuff Out might be too much life to spare. Spinning Darkness is another card that you could run to let you control their creatures while saving your mana for tempo/aggro (and it also gains you life which is great), but it works against your recursion, doesn't let you select which cards you're removing (like Gurmag), and might not be available in the early game when you need it to get enemy creatures our of the way for your attackers. Victim of Night is probably still your best bet.

The way that I was reading your deck when I first looked at it, especially with Carnophage and Sangrophage, was a deck that heavily relies on overwhelmingly fast aggro to get in most of it's damage. As I'm looking at it again, I can see that with Shepherd of Rot and Gempalm Polluter you have enough of an engine that your aggro can stall our completely and you'll be ok. I saw Shepherd of Rot as taking up a slot that could help your aggro succeed, and was only useful against Fog mechanics, but I see now that it can work with simultaneous aggro because you run enough enemy-specific lifeloss that you don't need to worry about your own life that much.

I would 100% recommend Gurmag Angler. This card is so good that I find it boring, and almost don't like putting it in my deck since it is EVERYWHERE in pauper (I never play delver for the same reason). I don't think I'm ever disappointed when I draw a Gurmag in my zombies deck. One of the things that's so great about Gurmag is that it's a more flexible card than it seems at first. You choose how many and what kind of cards to exile for it. You can easily pay most of it's mana cost (5-7ish) in the late game if you're trying to preserve your graveyard. At the same time, if your opponent has got a Relic of Progenitus on the board, you can exile what's left of your graveyard to pay for Gurmag as part of it's cost, and they can't respond to that. In your case, I would definitely only run 2, and I think you're right that they would be best in the Ghoulraiser slot, since both cards are better a little bit later in the game. Also, in regards to mid/late game, if your board is mostly intact then I presume that you're winning or at least doing ok. But if your opponent has killed a lot of you creatures and wiped your board, then you're in trouble. Of these two situations, Gurmag helps you when you're losing, and probably isn't needed if you're winning. Ghoulraiser can tend to be better when you have less zombies in your graveyard, since you know what you'll be getting, but if your board is wiped and your graveyard full, Ghoulraiser is potentially less good. Ghoulraiser works really well with Gempalm in the midgame, but I don't think that it will allow you to make a comeback that you might need in the late game like a Gurmag could.

I'm not completely sure what I would cut to put in Costly Plunder, but since it's a card gain mechanic you might cut one each of Gempalm and Ghoulcaller's Chant (to fit in 2) so you don't end up with too many non-zombies in your deck.

I had some bad luck games with Sylvok Lifestaff a while back when I had it as a sideboard, so I could just be biased. If it's working for you, then definitely keep it. Especially if you add Costly Plunder to your mainboard.

I'm not sure why you have one each of Bojuka Bog and Vile Rebirth in your sideboard, since I feel like only one of each wouldn't be enough to deal with whatever they are there for. I think most decks that get heavy value from graveyard recursion are going to be slow enough that you want to kill them before they can use it rather than trying to deny it. Especially with Bojuka, if you're only going to run one, you could just stick it in mainboard and take our a swamp.

I was going to mention Dash Hopes as a potential for a 2 of for your sideboard, but I see you're already considering it. Also what I said in my last comment about moving Nameless Inversion to the sideboard might be better served in putting in Soul Reap instead, since it serves mostly the same purpose and it's value is super high. I still think Victim of Night is the better mainboard alternative, and I wouldn't touch your Geth's Verdict mainboard since they fit into your deck mechanics so well AND deal with Hexproof creatures.

mitomeg on

2 years ago

It happened at times that i didn't find lands. I think it's more about unlucky shuffles though.

I found Sol Ring useful to help me save some mana for spot removals... pretty much the same for Aether Vial as soon as i reach 4 counters.

Spinning Darkness is here cause i can cast it for free basically. But if i cast Phyrexian Obliterator with Eternal Thirst i think i won't have too many problems regarding lifepoints or keep mana free since i won't need much more basically!

brandonsperry25 on

2 years ago

One of my favorite cards in mono black is Vampire Nighthawk. I would play four because its so versatile. Might help you with offsetting some of the cost of cards like Phyrexian Arena and/or Necropotence if you decide to run that card. I think I might run two Necropotence/Phyrexian Arena if you had the option, just for a more consistent chance at drawing it.

Vampire's Bite is also a nice card to get some life link for the turn. Eternal Thirst is pretty cool too.

As far as cuts, I would say Sol Ring, Aether Vial and Spinning Darkness would be my first ones just because you only have 1 of each. How often do you find yourself in need of that mana when you are running twenty lands and the four dark rituals?

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