Gurmag Angler


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Common
Fate Reforged (FRF) Common

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Gurmag Angler

Creature — Zombie Fish

Delve (Each card you exile from your graveyard while casting this spell pays for .)

Gurmag Angler Discussion


2 weeks ago

Hey thanks for the feedback. I'd definitely say that your list seems more correct. One of the big reasons I dont play Blood Moon is because of my manlands. With that said, Fulminator Mage doesnt just shut decks down like Blood Moon does, so its probably more correct to play moon anyways.

In my opinion choosing to run moon or not to run moon is a judgement call. Even with hazoret, I am not sure if there are enough midrange creatures that you can play for offense and defence, so lands is the route I went. That being said, I should definitely add in hazoret to my list because it does solve the problem I just mentioned. Also, after seeing your list, I definitely think I should be running Dreadbore and at least one more Plague Engineer .

On Ghitu Encampment , its honestly a bit of a pet card. While it cant finish games as reliably as Lavaclaw Reaches , there is a lot of value in first strike. I have used it a number of times with lightning bolt to kill a Gurmag Angler . That being said, its not the best at finishing games without the help of Mutavault or another creature, but thats why its in my deck at least.

Finally, I had another thought on your list, I was wondering what the reasoning was behind play Slaughter Games it seems bad to flip with Dark Confidant , and it seems like a worse Surgical Extraction that cant be flashed back. Just wondering what its there for over another surgical. Are there any cards that you dont think you can get with it?

Anyways thats all I got to say, thanks.

AntPAC on Dimir Faeries

2 weeks ago

Thanks! I've gotten to test some now and what I'm finding is also what I estimated to be true which is that it struggles with all out aggro decks like stompy and slivers, but has a decent match up against everyone else. Cards that can buy time against those decks are invaluable

Curfew is a good option for aggro and has other uses such as Gurmag Angler and reanimator strategies

Enchantment Alteration great against boggles and can be played when drawn for a sneak attack unlike counter magic

Diabolic Edict / Chainer's Edict boggles, stompy, slivers

Cloak of Confusion I've had a love affair with this card since I first saw it and have been looking for a home for it since and I think the faeries sideboard might be it. While sitting on a hand of countermagic backup as you often do, resolving this can be devastating against control, tron and tons of other decks, dont underestimate RANDOM discard!!!

SeekerofSecrets on Grixis Phoenix? Deck help

1 month ago

So I had R Phoenix before the banning and sense then I've been looking for something to do with them. It occurred to me that Tome Scour fits really well with Arclight Phoenix and Gurmag Angler . Unfortunately just 4 targets is not consistent enough to run but then I thought about Bloodghast .

Here's what I've come up with Grixis Bird

This is just a rough rough draft done with very little testing but the little that I did felt great. The ability to double bird AND angler on then 2 is insane.

I could use some help with the mana base and sideboard. I've never played 3 colors and I'm not sure how to optimize it while mitigating life loss. I have like a $400 budget for new cards so unfortunately tarn is out of my price range, some day I'll be able to pick them up.

Thanks for any advice that you can give me!

Darth_Savage on Ode to Hogaak

1 month ago

The "problem" with Nemesis of Mortals is that it lacks evasion and if I was using a card which cared about creatures in the graveyard it would probably be Skaab Ruinator and I'd go back to 3 colours. By all means test it, but I suspect it will just be chump blocked and that it isn't really better than Gurmag Angler Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Hooting Mandrills which don't care about card type...

Darth_Savage on zombievine

1 month ago

With Faithless Looting (alongside Hogaak) banned, a Golgari shell might well be the best way to approach graveyard decks. However as someone who played Hogaak and before that Hollow One (with the Vengevines) in modern I'd say your missing a payoff creature. The problem with Vengevine is it dies and is exiled to Anger of the Gods which is a pretty common sweeper. You really want one of the bigger delve beaters here; Tombstalker Hooting Mandrills Gurmag Angler Necropolis Fiend Tasigur, the Golden Fang Become Immense or with perhaps a little work Soulflayer

My plan has been to try Tombstalker, I'm not sure it's good enough and unlike Hogaak can't be recurred, the other option that might work in a Vengevine shell, if you want the blue splash is Skaab Ruinator which is both a zombie and a horror, which might still be relevant... The deck list I'm working on is Ode to Hogaak if you fancy a look.

vomitpile on Central Intelligence

1 month ago

This looks a lot like a standard deck, I would suggest checking out some UB Faeries, Death’s Shadow, Delver and Grixis control decks and taking some notes from them. You won’t be able to kill the opponent quickly enough or disrupt them long enough to do well against most modern decks.

Having more efficient threats and lowering the mana curve in general is a good idea, try Mana Leak , Logic Knot or Spell Pierce over the Sinister Sabotage , go for the full play set of Fatal Push , Thoughtseize , and Inquisition of Kozilek . Delve creatures are pretty efficient, like Gurmag Angler , you can also add Unearth with smaller cmc creatures (Death’s Shadow is a good example).

Good luck! I don’t mean to say you can’t take this to a FNM and have fun, but if you want to move the power level up some, those are a few changes that would help.

Daron6 on Torment of Nihil Waste

2 months ago

Hey!! First of all, Dark Ritual Is banned in Modern. You should cut Quest for the Nihil Stone for The Rack which is more consistent. You need discard cards xddddd. If you are playing on a budget use Despise and Duress . For creatures you can use Gurmag Angler which is really good and cheap. You need removal, try Fatal Push or Murderous Cut and Cast Down . Liliana of the Dark Realms don't do really much. Hope this suggestions help you!!

Funkydiscogod on Midrange Burn Cards

2 months ago

Instead of trying to burn out an opponent's creature, Gone can give you an opening, but is especially good if the opponent spent some nonrefundable resources to summon it, like Gurmag Angler .

Chain Reaction can clear the board, but it'll only kill the fatties if there are lots of other critters around.

Effects that prevent blocking might just as effective at forcing through enough damage to win. Something like Ahn-Crop Crasher or Goblin Heelcutter at the top of the mana curve would work.

I'm surprised nobody said Shivan Meteor yet. An opponent might be reluctant to play his fatty while it's suspended, knowing it'll just die after 2 turns.

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Gurmag Angler occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.14%


All decks: 0.47%