Stormwing Entity

Stormwing Entity

Creature — Elemental

This spell costs less to cast if you've cast an instant or sorcery spell this turn.


Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

When Stormwing Entity enters the battlefield, scry 2.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Standard Legal

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Stormwing Entity Discussion

Darsul on Storm Sprite

1 day ago

Their is a lot of thoughts I have about this but, in short why call this storm? You have no "storm" payoffs. With that in mind look at other counter burn decks on this site and you can get a few tech thoughts up grades.

Like Scavenger Grounds should go. what can it help you cast? Stormwing Entity and Manamorphose . Tormod's Crypt would be better, it triggers Prowess and still cost 0.

sweaty_ballsack on Izzet Prowess - Modern

1 month ago

would cut 2 creatures, 18 seems to much. You want to pump them with spells. too much on your hand disrupts the game plan. also go up on lava darts and gut shot. just to good in this build to play them as 1 off. Stormwing Entity is just way better than kiln fiend. through him you could also cut distortion strike. otherwise a nice build, and some difference to the usual ur aggro decks.

ephraimctr on Izzet Thing Ascension

3 months ago

@PhyrexianPreator I strongly considered it but I want to keep the deck distinct from Izzet Prowess. Not to mention it gets bounced by Thing in the Ice  Flip and Bedlam Reveler doesn't. The ETB on Stormwing Entity could be abused by it but I'd rather be swinging with something than replaying it for value that the rest of the deck already generates. If the current iteration doesn't hold up at my LGS I'll probably test them out at a later date. Thank you for the suggestion!

PhyrexianPreator on Izzet Thing Ascension

3 months ago

Have you considered Stormwing Entity? I use it in a grixis thing in the ice deck and it is great.

PyroSwardsman on Yuriko Test

3 months ago

The deck is looking pretty good. I like the creature base you have chosen, there are a couple questionable creatures though. Cloudreader Sphinx seems kind of bad in this deck. If you just want a flying scryer, perhaps Sphinx of Foresight, Prognostic Sphinx, Stormwing Entity, or Siani, Eye of the Storm.

Passwall Adept is just not good enough. its too much of a resource drain. Opt is not helpful in this deck since you immediately draw the card after scrying. Cunning Evasion wont do much good I am thinking since most of your creatures wont be blocked anyway.

In my opinion, you need a few less low CMC cards and a few more high CMC that you can use to get Yuriko damage in. For cuts, I would start by looking at any creatures that cost CMC 2/3 that dont provide value other than being unblockable (Invisible Stalker, Vault Skirge (love that card btw). I would then look at replacing sorceries with instants where possible. Darksteel Pendant and Crystal Ball are not good enough in my opinion and are too much of a resource investment unless there is some sort of artifact strategy I am missing. Dimir Keyrune provides interesting utility but is inefficient. Consider Arcane Signet instead or perhaps even Dark Ritual. Thran Dynamo is fairly efficient for cost to mana provided but it seems most of your mana needs are for color. Key to the City is for yuriko after she is out I assume.. I would probably run Aqueous Form instead because it has a scry effect on attack which is pretty desirable.

Here are some cards to consider in not much particular order:

Zhalfirin Void

Moonring Island

Chromatic Orrery (high cmc and provides a lot of mana)

Mission Briefing (can add card to graveyard for delve and recast Brainstorm which is arguably one of the best cards in the deck)


Chain of Vapor (way to return a card to hand as well as an opponents card or cards)

Archaeomancer (can get brainstorm back and can be returned to hand with ninjitsu potentially)

Harsh Scrutiny

Shrieking Drake

Archetype of Imagination

Flood of Tears (this is a pet card of mine. You can return a bunch of cheap creatures and then put out something big like a Chromatic Orrery)

Lim-Dul's Vault

Scroll Rack (spendy but so good)


Spire Owl

Diabolic Vision


Spy Network

Trickery Charm (does multiple things you want)

Beseech the Queen

The Magic Mirror

The Cauldron of Eternity

Deep-Sea Kraken

Avatar of Woe

Void Beckoner

Dead Drop


Curse of the Cabal

Connive / Concoct

Grozoth (requires you to build around it to be worthwhile but can be good)

Scion of Darkness

Treasure Cruise

Baral's Expertise

zamiero on Vial and Ghost!

3 months ago

3> Ahhh I've been wanting to play with Obosh, the Preypiercer and Angrath's Marauders - glad you found a spot for them. While you're at it, you could also consider other "damage doublers" such as Wound Reflection and Fiendish Duo. I've thought about a Vial-Smasher deck with a White partner just to add Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

3> I see you enjoy big monsters and X-spells here. Oh to be young again... but seriously, this seems like a good deck to play them in as you would be rewarded. Instants are your friend, as you can Smash Vials on everyone's turn! No Comet Storm?

3> I would be worried about Vial-Smasher getting nuked from orbit as soon as your turn passes and it's no longer indestructible. You'll find Heroic Intervention and Slippery Bogbonder will help with targeted Exile removal. You already have Destroy and Sacrifice covered I see.

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

Bramdal on Izzet Drakes

4 months ago

some cheap ideas: Sprite Dragon, Gut Shot, Light Up the Stage and ideal for Stormwing Entity: Manamorphose.

Destroyerbirb on Izzet Tempo - Tournament Ready

5 months ago

Murphy77 The reason I prefer Stormwing Entity over something like Spellgorger Weird is a) It technically costs only two mana, compared to 3, b) starts at three loyalty, c) Scries when it enters the battlefield, and d) it's a flying threat, which means it's pretty much unlockable. I actually have like twenty Spellgorger Weirds so I could have added them if I wanted, but they don't have as much upside as it looks like it.

When it comes to Magmatic Channeler, I originally had three Stern Dismissals, but everyone pointed out that I was threat light, and they managed to convince me to add it in. The wizard is good because it's card advantage in the early game, and a 4/4 beater a turn later.

It's nice to know you were watching the deck. Thank you!

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