"Just remember, when you stare into the face of Evil, Evil is gonna stare right back at you." - American Horror Story


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Always open to any/all criticism and suggestions! Any synergies you believe I've missed or cards that should absolutely be put in the deck please let me know!


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Thank you for everyone that got me to this point. This deck is officially the second highest Rakdos the Defiler deck on tapped out! As of this particular update, I would need almost 30 upvotes to get to be first, but I think it can happen eventually. The deck is still so fun to play, especially recently when I won with a Sulfuric Vortex in play, casting Pox , then tapping Heartless Hidetsugu to get everyone at one life (including me. All of my opponents lost on their upkeep haha.

We can get this deck to be the highest on tappedout! Upvote if you like it, and of course I am willing to listen to any and all criticism, feedback, and suggestions.

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