Burning Sands


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey (ODY) Rare

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Burning Sands


Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from play, that creature's controller sacrifices a land.

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Burning Sands Discussion

Coward_Token on Doesn't Play Well With Others (Creatureless Red)

1 week ago

Hey again. Would Burning Sands be taboo in your playgroup?

Pengutim on Vial Punisher

2 weeks ago

Burning Sands is great for metas with lots of saccing. Also Price of Glory is slick for anti-counter. Can check my Thug deck for more pain-chantments :)

ShreddedByCrows on Firesong and Sunspeaker

2 months ago

lance4224130 Nice to hear it is working out! Maybe you could consider playing ore more land as your version is a bit more controlish than midrange, but it's something you have to decide after quite a few games I think. Anyway, I also recommend you Scroll Rack if you're running Land Tax. They synergize beautifully together.

For lands, good additions (as you play all the good fetchlands) would be Mistveil Plains for a plain (amazing card with the Sunforger here) and Madblind Mountain for a mountain. As they etb tapped, I don't know if it will slow too much your deck playing both of them, but it seems good. In my midrangy Boros EDH, also playing the Sunforger, I decided only to run the Mistveil, but in your version I kinda like the Madblind as well.Another crazy land for your deck strategy, a land that you will always love to have, is the Forbidden Orchard. It literally does insane things alongside your commander.

About the cards you changed now >> I wasn't a fan of all your enchantment removals, I think it's a bit too situational to run so many, the decklist feels a lot better in the actual statement. The infinite loop with the copy of the doll, the doll itself and the repercussion is quite crazy. I would have laughed so much. x)I think Repercussion is still a great card for this deck, I will keep it on the mainboard.

Some cards you could cut (that I personally don't like) are the Charmbreaker Devils (you pay 6 mana for a bad body with no immediate impact... meh, it's just too slow if you want to stay active >> I understand the argument that it could be good just after a board-clear when your opponents resources are diminishing, but it makes it just too situational and even in those rare situations he's far from being game-breaker), the Banefire (it only target one player - even if you duplicate it with the Mirari or something else, it's still meh.), the Incendiary Command (versatile but weak and slow, feels just bad), the Warleader's Helix (yeh, it can be good with the Sunforger, but otherwise it's a card I won't appreciate to see in my hand), the Mirari (it's slow and you already seem to have enough duplicating spells... not that I dislike it, it's a good card, but I think it's a bit overkill there seeing the rest of your decklist) and the Deflecting Palm (too situationnal in my opinion).

Here are a few suggestions :

zephramtripp on Infinite combo challenge

3 months ago

Radiate + Thran Dynamo x 2 + Isochron Scepter imprinting Fork + Isochron Scepter imprinting Dramatic Reversal

This gives you infinite Radiates and infinite mana.

Win with both Tainted AEther and Burning Sands in play.

lilgiantrobot on The Hulkbuster

3 months ago

Spine and Steel Hellkite can also deal with enchantments, but Leyline of Punishment and Chaos Warp should be heavily considered. Warp is a general catch all, and Leyline just laughs at fogs or other pillowfort options. Hour of Devastation is a nice spell to take out most indestructible creatures, even if you have to stack it with something else. You can also cut down on the creatures even more, and go Burning Sands. Wipe thier board, make them sac their lands? Thats playing red! And speaking of lands, your list looks severely lacking in answers to them. Ruination/Blood Moon will play very well at any table with multi-color decks.

killadevils on Sliver EDH Control Deck

3 months ago

Heartstone is another artifact you can use in place of Training Grounds to reduce the cost of your slivers abilities although it does work for the other players in the game as well.

Warstorm Surge allows for targeted removal as you play slivers because it is an ETB effect all slivers will enter with all the abilities they would be getting from the rest of your slivers.

Crypt Sliver is a nice way to keep your slivers alive by giving them all regenerate.

Psionic Sliver is one of the slivers I didn't much like when I was building my deck due to the feedback damage from it triggering your own deathtouch on your own creatures. Burning Sands is also a card that you need to be careful of yourself incase you get wiped and lose all of your lands.

As it stands the sliver deck I made had a higher budget and was a different style to yours. The bomb I had was Primal Surge with no other non-permanent cards in the entire deck. My play group also liked to wipe out the board in various different ways on me so cards that could hurt me I had to avoid.

Loonmoon18 on "Tap"nanigans

3 months ago

Hello! Great idea for a deck! I like that nothing can stop you from casting creatures! Good way to get them out there. Now I would suggest some cards to keep them in play like Asceticism or something similar. I liked the idea of it so I tested your deck against my commander I'm working on and it just ate at your permanents. I used Harmonic Sliver, Hunter Sliver, Megantic Sliver, and Burning Sands in my first few turns. Which every time I attacked I forced your creatures to fight a stronger one. When that happened, you lost a creature and had to sacrifice a land. I did lose my enchantment and a land in the end but it did far more damage. So all in all, look into not just ways to get cards into play, but also ways to protect them if you're building a deck to play a ton of cards.

Have a good day and game on! :)

Link to my EDH Sliver deck: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/04-04-18-sliver-edh/?cb=1523724253

xrex479 on Crushing Defenses (Zurgo Helmsmasher)

4 months ago

I run a creatureless cruel control deck with zurgo Zurgo's Cruelty. But it seems are decks have similar functions. I really like Repercussion because it can be a game winner with Blasphemous Act or Star of Extinction. War's Toll helps out against decks that like to sneak things in on other phases. Since mine is creatureless run Burning Sands it might be good in your deck, but it's helpful against those who sac things constantly.

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