Sadistic Sacrament


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar (ZEN) Rare

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Sadistic Sacrament


Kicker 7 (You may pay an additional 7 as you cast this spell.)

Search target player's library for up to three cards, exile them, then that player shuffles his or her library. If Sadistic Sacrament was kicked, instead search that player's library for up to fifteen cards, exile them, then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Sadistic Sacrament Discussion

Shadowz6677 on Nath of the STAX-Leaf | cEDH | Primer

1 month ago

Mana Web does some work man. You don't even really need Tomb. Most of the time, you cast Mana Web, hold priority, and cast Crop Rotation if Tomb is that needed. Mana Web isn't a dead card at my meta where it forces people to think about there plays.

Sadistic Sacrament I don't normally get it kicked. But when you drop it for just and remove combos, this card SINGLE HANDEDLY won me a tournament in games 2 and 3 of my final match up. It was super sick.

Artifact hate is a big thing in my meta right now. So Glissa sits as both a body and a readily available way to recur my hate pieces. People tend to let her slide and just get beat in the face for 3 every so often or not swing at me and let me do what i want so i dont get hate pieces back.

Essentially, Glissa is a political card in the deck, when everyone wants to remove you from the game, but doesn't want to give you a card back to do it.

Best of luck in Stax!


Funkydiscogod on Black Death

1 month ago

I think Storm decks will lose if you live long enough to Sadistic Sacrament them. Take all their Grapeshot (I'm pretty sure they don't run a full playset) and they're left without a win-condition.

This card also works as sideboard tech against decks that want to find the 1 copy of Emrakul in their deck, like Polymorph-style.

PartyJ on Nath of the STAX-Leaf | cEDH | Primer

1 month ago

Hey Shadowz6677, thanks for the comment. I have been out of the country for quite some time and was unable to keep track of this site in a decent way.

I have been looking at your deck too and I must say that it looks very interesting. We both strive for the same goal, but using a slightly different approach to get there. So I enjoy looking at your choices in the future to improve my choices. I would really enjoy getting my hands on a The Abyss, but it is so expensive :s

i saw you chose to add Dark Tutelage, which is a great card. It bypasses stax effect that denies us carddraw, something that I prefer to be doing alot ;-)

I have been struggling with Mana Web in the past. Is it really that good to add it? i had mixed results, since it needs the tomb to make it really work. Alone its pretty much a dead card in my meta filled with multicolored decks.

How often did you use Sadistic Sacrament with the kicker? Isn't the cmc (with the kicker) too high to justify a spot in your deck?

Is the artifact hate abundant in your meta to play Glissa, the Traitor?

Best Stax,


MrSilk on Where'd Your Hand Go?

1 month ago

Necrogen Mists, Haunting Echoes or Sadistic Sacrament would work perfectly here.

BigSidfour on Mill by exile

1 month ago

I suggest using Sadistic Sacrament

Blo on Who controls the copy of ...

1 month ago

So, just to clarify, as I feel it could use some more explanation.
If you copy a spell with an effect such as Reiterate gives YOU control of the copy. You don't cast it, it is simply put on the stack and if it targets, you would get to choose new targets in this case.

Open the Armory doesn't target though, so it will simply do what it says : "search your library for a equip...". Since you are the player who controls the copied spell, this will refer to your library and you get to search.

Cards like Sadistic Sacrament do target, so if you copy this, you get to choose a new (legal) target for the spell, which can be the same player, or another one as the original spell.

Steelspike on How mean is "too mean" ...

1 month ago

I would file lando under oppressive.

I hate anything that doesn't let a person play magic, and nothing will take me emotionally out of a game faster than a super oppressive deck.

I feel that if you only have fun when nobody else is allowed to play, then just play with yourself since that's all you're really doing anyway.

Back on subject, I've played in some LGS's that ban Annihilator, infect and infinite combos that don't immediately win.

I've also played where they don't allow certain commanders that aren't on the official banlist that are just too powerful.

Honestly, it all just depends on your playgroup, but I would suggest playing Worldgorger Dragon while floating enough mana to play Jokulhaups, killing everything and getting all your permanents back for the kill shot. The only thing with that strategy is someone will inevitably start running Sadistic Sacrament to get rid of it.

To answer the ramp thing, I would do From the Ashes, it doesn't count as lando, because they can get basics. There's also a card that deals x damage to opponents where x is the number of nonbasic lands they control, or something. It might not be mono-red, but I know it exists.

Also, Stoneshaker Shaman makes them sac an untapped land. Just one a turn, but enough to be annoying.

I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can think of right now.

Post Script: You might want to change your style and add another color. Mono-red is the hands-down weakest color in commander

Profet93 on Talrand Midrange v1-15

2 months ago


I get that its important, but your losing 2 cards for one. In the case of Mox Diamond, you can just play the land instead of discarding it and making a mana source that is prone to artifact destruction. I get it can help with early Talrand, but what do you do when you draw it late game?

I get that, just thought you might want another one was well. Once people know what your wincon is, they can just use Jester's Cap or Card:Sadistic sacrament among other cards to get rid of them before you draw them.

Moreover, I used to run Mana Crypt but it often killed me more times than my opponents did.

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