Wild Ricochet

Wild Ricochet


You may choose new targets for target instant or sorcery spell. Then copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Wild Ricochet Discussion

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER]

1 month ago

Removed Fork and Reverberate for something a little more exciting. Wild Ricochet in, and Insult / Injury back in as a placeholder for the next fun thing I find!

Raging_Squiggle on Forking a Wild Ricochet

1 month ago

You may repeatedly target Wild Ricochet with copies of Wild Ricochet , creating new copies of it on the stack, however it will not increase the amount of Fling s you’ll have.

Boza on Forking a Wild Ricochet

1 month ago

Before anything resolves the stack looks this, top to bottom:

wild ricochet

Fork resolves. It creates another Wild Ricochet . When it is created, you choose the original Wild Ricochet as the target spell, which can lead to infinite Wild Ricochet copies, but nothing more. This scenario leads to either:

a/ infinite copies of Wild Ricochet , which accomplishes nothing unless paired with Ral, Storm Conduit , and you will be forced to make a different choice which leads to b/
b/ at most 3 instances of Fling - the original, the original Wild Ricochet and a copy created by either Fork or any one of the infinite Wild Ricochet s you could create.

Weekend_Magic_NC on Forking a Wild Ricochet

1 month ago

*this may be hard to follow my brain boils Everytime I try to think it through

So I cast Fling ; I then target Fling with Wild Ricochet . I target Wild Ricochet with Fork . Fork resolves. A second instance of Wild Ricochet hits the stack. I keep the original target Fling but I target Wild Ricochet with the copy. Can I keep following the pattern of targeting Fling and Wild Ricochet forever?

Profet93 on Norin Naughty Nonsense - Updated Description

3 months ago


Would Mox Amber and/or Wayfarer's Bauble warrant an inclusion to remove one land for either, and if so which one? Granted I sometimes get mana screwed despite all the lands and card draw because thats just red. But there are sometimes where I get too many lands (hence terrain generator and thawing glaciers). Thoughts?

Also, I have reverberate but was considering Wild Ricochet , too greedy?

DarkHero on Rakdos

4 months ago


So the best suggestion I can gather is, again depending on your play group, is the handful of black counter spells, a redirect.

Dash Hopes might get someone to change there mind on exiling your graveyard. Obviously it's a fairly easy cost to pay, but at least you can punish it.

Imp's Mischief is a little less budget, but can full on change the target graveyard.

Red should have plenty of things like Wild Ricochet to similar effect.

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