Wild Ricochet

Wild Ricochet


You may choose new targets for target instant or sorcery spell. Then copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Wild Ricochet Discussion

TheHroth on ducttapedeckbox

6 days ago

Font of Mythos and Gitaxian Probe are still of interest, as would be Black Sun's Zenith, Glistening Oil, Temple Bell, Wild Ricochet, and maybe Palinchron and Spiteful Visions.

As another Nekusar player, what's your opinion on Spiteful Visions? I am personally a fan as I don't mind losing the life, but the people I play with all have fairly slow decks.

johnjust on Riku, Omniscient Wizard

1 week ago

Not including Greaves/Boots is a meta call for me - Riku isn't usually a target for removal unless it's a board wipe or there isn't something else far more threatening out. Use as needed - I use counterspells and/or tricks like Wild Ricochet/Mizzium Meddler to redirect removal away from Riku.

I don't go out of my way to use the combos, I just include them as a way to end long games or use as a last ditch effort if someone is trying to kill me. Asceticism is a great card - I have a copy in Azusa, and I previously had it on my Riku maybeboard for a while.

Mizzium Mortars has been on my cut list for a long time now, I already have a copy of Cyclonic Rift in here, and Wash Out used to be in here a long time ago - AEtherize has been something I've been looking at including for a while, so I might throw that in.

CaptSillva on Zada's Hedron Mirror

2 weeks ago

Copy effects are good. There is also Wild Ricochet and Increasing Vengeance. Maybe you could also try out Braid of Fire since you have a lot of instant speed spells.

YoshiCline on Move Over Blue - Gruul Can Storm, Too

3 weeks ago

Yeah, it's been difficult. Gruul just really lacks the drawing and tutoring power that Grixis has. But with Wort, I can typically get all the copies I need to get the gas I need. Plus, while less efficient, there is always the option of Reverberateing someone's tutor, or Wild Ricocheting someone's Stroke of Genius.

I'm surprised that bosium strip isn't more popular. If I can find a copy I will definitely be adding it. I will probably cut Yawning Fissure, since that is really just left over from the original iteration of the deck.

AnthonyW25 on Norin the Scary

1 month ago


Ashnod's Altar - throw away those Goblin and Myr tokens to generate as much mana as you need. Hell, you can even throw Norin the Wary at it in a pinch.

Blinkmoth Urn - so much mana. So much.

Caged Sun - again. Mana. So much. Also slightly bigger creatures for Pandemonium and Warstorm Surge.

Clock of Omens - just good. Untaps Winter Orb if someone taps it down. Untaps Thran Dynamo for more mana. Untaps Trading Post for more whatever.

Conjurer's Closet - more ETBs, more good stuff. Why not make three goblins a turn with Siege-Gang Commander?

Extraplanar Lens - mana.

Fire Diamond - same again.

Genesis Chamber - one of the biggest engines in the deck. This will generate you more value than you can believe possible. Throw the Myrs at creatures to block. Swing at somebody with 73 of them. Pitch them to Skullclamp for card draw. It's amazing.

Honor-Worn Shaku - tap down Norin for more mana every turn. It's a free Mind's Eye draw.

Kill Switch - taps down your Winter Orb or Static Orb so you can have your turn unimpeded. Or stops your opponents doing whatever shenanigans they're planning. Prevent people using your Blinkmoth Urn or your Genesis Chamber, because hey, they're yours.

Meekstone - stop those big nasties getting more than one hit in. A well timed Meekstone has saved me countless times. Know how many of our creatures it hits? Two. Krenko, Mob Boss and Ogre Battledriver, and you shouldn't be tapping Ogre Battledriver anyway.

Memory Jar - gets you seven cards, gets your opponents probably none.

Mind Stone - mana, card draw in a pinch.

Mind's Eye is just more card draw. Every turn. All the time.

Mycosynth Lattice is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Get off an Overloaded Vandalblast with one of these in play. Watch your mana flow with Blinkmoth Urn. Give everything indestructible with Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer.

Nevinyrral's Disk - solid boardwipe. That's it.

Oblivion Stone - same again. Boardwipe.

Pyxis of Pandemonium - you'll probably do best with this card, because after all, we have very, very few non-permanents in this deck.

Relic of Progenitus is in here because most of my friends are filthy Dredge players. Feel free to remove it if your meta is nice. Worst case scenario, you get a card for two mana.

Ruby Medallion - just make everything cheaper. It's good.

Sculpting Steel - want another Conjurer's Closet? Here you go. Want another Smokestack? Here you go. Opponent has a Blightsteel Colossus? Oh, look, you do too now.

Skullclamp - throw Myr and Goblin tokens at this. Hell, throw Norin the Wary at it if you have to, he really doesn't cost you much.

Smokestack will almost always let you out-value your opponents. You'll almost always have Goblin, Myr or Clue tokens to throw away at this.

Sol Ring - why are you asking why this is in here?

Springleaf Drum - just a worse Honor-Worn Shaku. Tap Norin for one mana. Or a goblin. Or a Myr.

Staff of Domination - mana sink. However much you have left over, you can do something with it.

Static Orb - slows down the game. Norin the Wary loves it slow. He excels in the grind. You also have about three options to tap this down so you can have a full and fruitful turn - Kill Switch, Clock of Omens, Blinkmoth Well.

Tamiyo's Journal - this is mostly here to make more artifacts. Throw them to Goblin Welder, Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer, Clock of Omens, or even actually use them!

Thran Dynamo - mana.

Tormod's Crypt - again, my friends are filthy dredge players. Remove this if your friends are decent people.

Trading Post - versatile. Get a use out of it every turn with Unwinding Clock. Throw Squee, Goblin Nabob at it to gain four life. Throw a Clue or Myr token at it to draw a card. Make Goat token blockers. Get your best artifacts back for the low, low price of one Myr.

Unwinding Clock. You'll see why this in here when you play it. Just use all of your artifacts every turn.

Voltaic Key - make more mana with Thran Dynamo, fire off a Nevinyrral's Disk the turn you play it, get several activations out of whatever artifact you feel is most useful at the time.

Winter Orb - same as Static Orb. Slow. Grind.


Beetleback Chief - make yourself some goblins. Do it repeatedly with Conjurer's Closet.

Feldon of the Third Path - bring back that Solemn Simulacrum for more land and card draw. Throw away whatever you made with Goblin Welder to get an artifact back permanently. Make more goblins with Beetleback Chief. He's good.

Goblin Assassin - every time a goblin comes into play, you all sacrifice roughly half that many creatures. With something like Krenko, Mob Boss out this gets vicious quickly. And the best part? You've just handily made four goblin tokens, and have to sacrifice three creatures. Oh no! Oh wait. Yeah, just sacrifice three of the goblins you just made. Your opponents are three creatures down, you're a goblin up. This card is never bad.

Goblin Matron - find yourself your Goblin Welder or Krenko, Mob Boss. Then do it again with Conjurer's Closet.

Goblin Welder - beauty. Absolute beauty. Your opponent has a Blightsteel Colossus? They can say goodbye to that. Someone milled your Caged Sun? Get that right back. Someone finally succeeded in blowing up your Winter Orb? Nope.

Iron Myr - mana rock. Goblin Welder fodder if required.

Krenko, Mob Boss. Isn't it obvious? He makes goblins. That's it. Literally.

Mogg War Marshal - make a goblin, get another when it dies. Cool.

Moggcatcher. Another Goblin tutor. Sorry, did you say they come into play? I get a Siege-Gang Commander for three mana? Okay!

Ogre Battledriver suddenly makes Warstorm Surge and Pandemonium a lot more threatening. Gets Krenko, Mob Boss and Moggcatcher to work immediately.

Purphoros, God of the Forge. Oh boy. Insane. Two damage every turn someone plays a spell or attacks. Four damage with a Genesis Chamber out. Eight damage just for playing a Siege-Gang Commander. Obscene damage from Krenko, Mob Boss. Play this on turn three or four, maybe even turn two, you've probably won the game. Seriously.

Rummaging Goblin - throws away that seventh Mountain you don't want. Or Squee, Goblin Nabob. Alternatively, you can pitch a Caged Sun and then Goblin Welder it onto the battlefield. Oh, and you get a replacement card? Okay!

Siege-Gang Commander. I mean, you've seen how many times I've mentioned this so far. It's good.

Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer. Someone's just tried to destroy all artifacts? How 'bout no. You can also grab him at instant speed with Moggcatcher. The look of surprise and annoyance on your opponent's faces is absolutely worth it when they try to blow up your good ol' Smokestack or Winter Orb.

Solemn Simulacrum - I have rarely seen a deck this card should not go in. Also, it's an artifact, it's re-fetchable with Feldon of the Third Path, it's flickerable with Conjurer's Closet for even more lands, it's just sheer value.

Squee, Goblin Nabob - fodder for half the card draw in the deck. Worst case scenario, a recurrable blocker. Four damage a turn with Chandra Ablaze. Card draw with Daretti, Scrap Savant. So good.

Stingscourger - bounce that nasty creature your opponent has slapped down. Do this every turn with Feldon of the Third Path. Almost never pay the Echo cost. Play it and forget it.


Chandra Ablaze - the first two abilities are the ones to really focus on. Four damage to throw around, or re-fill your hand at the cost of your opponent's carefully sculpted hand.

Daretti, Scrap Savant - first ability - filtering. Always nice. Throw away Squee, Goblin Nabob. Throw away that seventh Mountain. Whatever. Second ability - swap around your artifacts. Also nice. Third ability. If you get his emblem, you win. I can almost guarantee this.

Koth of the Hammer - first ability is a nice little bit of ramp, or punching face. Second ability is a huge amount of ramp, really good early game. Emblem - another game winner. Particularly late game.


Confusion in the Ranks. Oh dear. So good. Norin the Wary enters the battlefield. Norin the Wary steals your Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Your opponent cries as their titan wanders off and they temporarily get a 2/1 that will come back to you the second anyone plays anything, at which point, you get to steal their Kozilek, the Great Distortion. Keep going until you own everything. Everything.

Impact Tremors - one damage every turn. It's decent.

Pandemonium - be careful with this one. Most of the time, you'll get the best out of this one, as none of your stuff is generally worth targeting. You'll get a lot of damage to throw around with Norin the Wary. Occasionally, you'll get destroyed by something like an Omnath, Locus of Rage deck or something similar.

Planar Chaos. Set yourself up with any of the good cards in the deck, then slap this down to really slow things down. Even better if you have something like Winter Orb out. They spend five turns saving up to play a spell? Oh dear, it's countered.

Possibility Storm. Your curve is so low you'll almost always have one or two mana spells to play and you'll hit something as good, if not better. Completely messes up any combo players or anyone who likes to make plans.

Pyrohemia - good board wipe. Also, seeing as Norin the Wary will be gone when you activate this, you get to keep it when he returns.

Smoke - another card that slows the game right down. Also stops anyone beating in your face, just like Meekstone.

Warstorm Surge - this deals out a lot of very targeted pain. You can take down some huge creatures with this.


Chaos Warp - spot removal of whatever the biggest threat is. One of our only answers to enchantments and planeswalkers.

Reverberate - steal an opponent's game-winner, stop a storm player going infinite, accelerate yourself a bit with your opponent's ramp spells, this card is sheer versatility.

Shunt - pretty much the same as Reverberate.

Starstorm - need those board wipes.

Wild Ricochet - again, same job as Reverberate and Shunt.


Blasphemous Act - very cheap board wipe.

Faithless Looting - card filtering.

Shattering Spree - really good artifact destruction. If you're worried your opponent might counter this, just target the same artifact multiple times.

Vandalblast - useful in most scenarios. Get this off with a Mycosynth Lattice out and watch your opponents cry.

Warp World - this will almost always put you in a better place than your opponent, particularly with all the tokens we've been generating, and the fact this deck is almost entirely permanents.


Blinkmoth Well - taps your Static Orb or Winter Orb. That's the entire reason it's here.

Buried Ruin - saves us our finest artifact, whatever that may happen to be.

Ghost Quarter - just a careful bit of land destruction. Can't be too careful.

Great Furnace - contributes to Blinkmoth Urn, or can be thrown to Goblin Welder if necessary.

Kher Keep - more weenies. Skullclamp them. Why not.

Mountain. Yes, 23 of them is enough. Have you seen the number of mana rocks we have? It's fine. In fact, I've been looking at even cutting another one lately. 30 land in Commander? Why not?

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - generally will get you around seven mana. Not a bad return.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. This is sweet. Many, many bolts.

Vesuva - you'll generally want this to come in as a copy of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, but maybe an opponent has something else you want to copy.

Closing remarks; if you want to improve this deck and have money to burn, a set of Fetchlands would be good to set Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle to instant speed bolts, with more filtering. Imperial Recruiter would be good, other than that, there's little else to improve this. I hope you enjoy losing all of your friends, and saying "I have a trigger" at least three times every turn.

Also, Hasslord has a very, very sweet Norin the Wary alter.

wjohnson936 on $$$ Wort, The Paidmother (ft. Plies) $$$

1 month ago


First off, thanks for the support.

Now into your suggestions:

I was running Collective Unconscious until recently. I found out the hard way that it's pretty easy to deck myself if I don't keep tabs on the number of cards in my library. |:

I might bring it back.

I haven't ever actually seen Mizzix's Mastery. I'll definitely be trying it out.

For the Regrowth variants, maybe Nostalgic Dreams. Looks like it would be fun to conspire.

I've seen Sylvan Offering in the past and quickly dismissed it. Maybe I'll give it a second look.

I actually have a Volcanic Vision laying around. I couldn't quite remember why I took it out. I'll probably do a straight swap.

Tormenting Voice is solid maybe.

I thought I had Krosan Grip in here. Whoops.

I've actually been looking for a copy of Wild Ricochet. I'll probably be adding it.

Crop Rotation is probably going in.

Now for the lands. I'm actually trying to run as few non-basics as possible. Most of my ramp doesn't hit them, which can make it awkward when I fail-to-find on a conspired Boundless Realms. Maybe though.

Also, a side-note on Valakut; I've actually NEVER won off of it. In the countless games I've played with this deck, I think I've got maybe 7-8 triggers off of it total. I'm sure that's just based on chance though.

McMayhem on $$$ Wort, The Paidmother (ft. Plies) $$$

1 month ago

Was gonna upvote just based on the title, then saw the gif. Kek as heck. Would upvote twice if I could, man.

Actual suggestions, from one brother from another Raidmother to another;

-Collective Unconscious; I run it alongside Shamanic Revelation and run significantly less token generation than you do. Nigh-uncounterable mass card draw (or 2-for-1ing control players while building your critical mass Fireball of choice) is incredibly important, even at the expense of flexibility that other spells and effects provide.

-Mizzix's Mastery; I cannot overstate enough how much work this card does. The fact that you cast, and therefore have the opportunity to conspire the copies of what's cast off this is just unreal levels of value. Trust me, test this at the very least and see for yourself how utterly obscene this card is.

-More Regrowth variants--Nostalgic Dreams, Recollect, Restock, Revive, etc.; Looping any two Regrowths is perhaps the most resilient, consistent advantage this deck can eke out, and if you can get an engine going with this it's pretty much game over.

-Sylvan Offering; probably the best token generation this deck can make. It's so simple to make a political power play with this card and give the next player in turn order a massive board state to screw with everyone who's not you.

-Volcanic Vision; much better than Vengeful Rebirth, which does the same thing, imo.

-Tormenting Voice; ezpz card draw. discard one draw 4 for 2. Value Village, population: you.

-Crop Rotation; very useful in matches where Boseiju is absolutely useless, and can generate you mana when conspired. Also, unlike Tempt, can get you Valakut and Vesuva off the same spell.

-Krosan Grip; I hate to be that guy, but this is a deck that should by all means be running the card.

-Wild Ricochet; See above. You can't conspire the copies you make with this, but you can copy an opponent's spell twice, which is twice as nice.

-Kessig Wolf Run; I have killed more people than anyone would believe off Wort dealing lethal commander damage. Card's at home here imo. Can also make blocking a nightmare for opponents in general.

-Khalni Garden and Kher Keep, lands that make tokens.

-Thespian's Stage and Vesuva, because Valakut is an extremely powerful card in this deck, arguably your most powerful win condition.

I know that's a lot of investment, but I hope I've given you some ideas! I have a list of my own on my profile, but mine foregoes the Burn at the Stake / Purphoros line and focuses much more on controlling the board. Maybe you'll even see some stuff I didn't mention that you might be interested in~

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Rare
Magic 2014 Rare
MTG: Commander Rare
Lorwyn Rare

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