Wild Ricochet


You may choose new targets for target instant or sorcery spell. Then copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Wild Ricochet Discussion

ghoul_Legion on FrossCat

1 day ago

Hello friend, since you've asked for control non-typical decks. My mind comes to cards you don't usually see played alot but can pack quite a surprise for an unaware your opponent. Ofc these card are not really competitive.

Black:Dash Hopes - Extirpate - Kor Dirge - Nightcreep - Treacherous Urge - Imp's Mischief

White: Silence - Mana Tithe - Dawn Charm - Rebuff the Wicked

red: Wild Ricochet - Molten Influence

So build your blue control deck in any color you want :P

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician *PRIMER*

1 week ago

Infral: My current meta is not very blue heavy, but still has a good amount counterspells and things I would like to counter, so I am running Wild Ricochet, Boseiju, Who Shelters All, Cavern of Souls, and Null Brooch currently to work within my playgroup. When I am happy with the deck and venture into FNM with it, I will probably switch out Wild Ricochet for one of the anti-blue counterspells because I am much more likely to see heavy blue there.

Panas on Having difficulty...

3 weeks ago

To be honest, you are not playing control per se, but, more of a group-slug variant. Run more rattlesnake effects! Where is your False Prophet and your Koskun Falls? Hell, I might have been running Bearer of the Heavens (not likely without Eerie Interlude) next to my Orzhov Advokist (definite inclusion)! :p

Why are you running Caltrops instead of Lightmine Field? Instead of Cauldron Haze include the Cauldron of Souls itself :p

A Royal Assassin is more handy than a Dark Impostor when you don't want to keep 6 mana open every turn. He also doesn't grow bigger with every activation but he always threats a kill at instant speed if something dares to attack you without being vigilant :p

I would also consider the double damage enchantments to be removed as well, as they work against you as much as they do for you. Use the Curse of Bloodletting to incentivise people in more direct way. The dictate is good though because of flash...

Your maybeboard has some real gems! Especially fond of Martyr's Bond!

Also a Sunforger with 3 targets only is a very sad Sunforger... It's meant to be the answer-stick! Get that Chaos Warp, Oblation, Terminate, Mortify, Return to Dust, Into the Core, Retaliate, Wild Ricochet, Utter End and Anguished Unmaking... maybe even a Master Warcraft? That, or remove Sunforger since it won't be doing much for you as a +4/+0 buff.

landofMordor on Best Way to Combat Competitive ...

3 weeks ago

There's also Spirit of the Labyrinth. As far as responding to the storm itself, there's Summary Dismissal, Counterflux, Unsubstantiate, or even (sometimes) a spell that Wild Ricochets a spell to put it on the stack under your control first. Theres also stuff like Nevermore or Meddling Mage, if they just have one combo.

Sometimes, the key to disrupting storm is to just interfere with one of their combo pieces (maybe like Yidris). Turn to Frog, Polymorphist's Jest, Humble, Gift of Tusks, or even enchantments like Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon, and Lignify can trash those combos.

I totally get the pain of playing with people who don't quite get how to play with others nicely. Best of luck. Hope this helps!

Oak_Guy on Aurelia, the Warleader's Boros Legion

3 weeks ago

Hi Barric; you have 3 of the 4 pieces of the Ultimate Sunforger toolbox; Sunforger itself, Puresteel Paladin and Mistveil Plains, I would add Leonin Shikari so that you can tutor an Instant, play it for free, tap Mistveil to put it back on the bottom, with Leonin & Puresteel re-attach Sunforger immediately for free, and be ready to cast that Path to Exile at once. I also play Brass Squire in case I don't have Puresteel on the board. If you like that combo maybe add a few more instants, like Wild Ricochet and Eerie Interlude, which is board wipe protection.

Another trick I use, since you are playing Emeria Shepherd, is to play Ruin Ghost, once that combo gets going you are recurring 2 perms directly to the battlefield each turn, hopefully you have Haste! And don't forget to tap that Plains for mana before you flicker it with Ruin Ghost...

Eiti3 on If I'm Going to Win, It's Going to be Epic

1 month ago

This deck is missing its key card: Paradox Haze.

I would also recommend Timesifter and Sensei's Divining Top / Scroll Rack to take multiple turns. Mirri's Guile and/or Sylvan Library if you want to have enchantments fix your top instead.

Other suggestions are as follows:

  • Wheel of Sun and Moon: Allows for easier recursion of your enchantments. It's also an enchantment (winky face)
  • Hive Mind: While this is generally a bad idea unless the deck is focused around it, I can safely say that if you cast Enduring Ideal with it out, then they also HAVE to cast it. That can utterly ruin your opponents.
  • Privileged Position / Sterling Grove: With Greater Auramancy, having 2+ of these will make it so only a Cyclonic Rift or Mycosynth Lattice + Hurkyl's Recall or Worldpurge or the general board wipe will truly get rid of your board.
  • Spirit of Resistance: Beats aggro and a lot of combo decks.
  • Gift of Immortality: On Child of Alara for all the fun. Could add in a Necrotic Plague to make it so you constantly board wipe and keep Child of Alara in your graveyard so they have to keep re-picking her.
  • And now, the copy spells you might've missed or didn't have room for:
  • Strionic Resonator, Fork, Twincast, and Wild Ricochet.

    (Strionic Resonator copies the trigger of "At the beginning of the upkeep".)

    As for cutting. That's the area of expertise I am unfortunately horrid. Best of luck!

    Love-in-Theory on This Fortress of Tears (Zedruu Pillowfort/Control)

    1 month ago

    Daedalus19876- Thanks! I've retired my Aurelia the Warleader Voltron deck, and this is now my "Main" deck.

    I've considered Puca's Mischief for a bit now, but I'm hesitant to add it since I'm very picky about when and what I trade with my opponents. Vedalken Plotter was part of the original list, but has since been removed.

    Starfield of Nyx has proved very useful for the recursion effect, since I don't currently own a Replenish. Plus it's Opalescence that also retrieves stuff Caustic Caterpillar will inevitably destroy. I will note I had trouble earlier with it after playing Humility as It rendered all of my enchantments useless once they become creatures. ._.

    Wild Ricochet has saved games more than once.

    The REAL reason I have Glaring Spotlight in here is because a buddy of mine thought it would be fun if he made a Narset deck, and I realized even with all my O'Ring shenanigans, If I can't get around hexproof there's not much I can do but buy time.

    Counterflux will makes it way out in time.

    I just recently took out Illusions of Grandeur and Land Tax. Why would I do such crazy things? I'll tell you!

    1. Illusions can only hit for 20, and most of the time, my opponents blow it up before I can give it to them. (Return to Dust, Seal of Cleansing, etc)

    2. I removed Land Tax to increase the effectiveness of Equipoise. I do miss my scroll tax, so I'll consider putting it back in.

    Thanks for taking the time to look over and suggest things! :) I am CONSTANTLY updating/tuning this deck IRL, so it will always be changing.

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