First draft mono green. Forest win.

Typical green, ramp, grow and swarm. Can still compete in the long run with a fast regrow capacity to counter balance board wipe and control strategy. Mana curve is high, but this deck is basicaly a big ramp off so, you will probably not get manascrewd, until you face an heavly stax devoted opponent.

As all card follow the main strategy of geting mana and goodies from land, you dont need tutor to achieve victory. No ultimate combo to find, the synergy is the wincon, and scrying is good enough to feed you with the requested card. The deck is build to gain momentum and overrun your opponent in mana, draw and board presence. Ramp is based on more land and putting creatures as soon as possible on the battlefield, landfall will give you a lot of tokens creatures and lifegain. Extra land can also be turn into creatures. Enter the battlefield effect will give you more token and more life.


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