Glyph Keeper


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Glyph Keeper

Creature — Sphinx


Whenever Glyph Keeper becomes the target of a spell or ability for the first time each turn, counter that spell or ability.

Embalm (, Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a white Zombie Sphinx with no mana cost. Embalm only as a sorcery.)

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Glyph Keeper Discussion

ROUROU on Wait, you can actually win an FNM with a 5$ deck?

4 hours ago

Pabs4444 NOnonono xD The whole deck is 5$ The land base, is free(and i mean 2x Woodland Stream. Wherever you go, you can get those cards for free.

2x Broken Bond = 5 Cents

3x Channeler Initiate = 15 Cents

3x Chart a Course = 30 Cents

2x Glyph Keeper = 4 Cents

3x Merfolk Branchwalker = 75 Cents

3x Nature's Way = 6 Cents

2x Pull from Tomorrow = 40 Cents

2x Ranging Raptors = 4 Cents

2x River's Rebuke = 30 Cents

2x Scaled Behemoth = 4 Cents

2x Shapers of Nature = 4 Cents

3x Siren Lookout = 4 Cents

2x Spring // Mind = 2 cents

Sphinx of Magosi, Rabid Bite and everything else, came for free, from welcome decks! Total Sum is 2.23 Euros!

This Deck has won me over 100 Euros in prizes! with rough maths, this means that i have earned at least 4000% of this deck back! Plus it's VERY fun to play with.

And before you ask me again about the prices, the site i buy from, is Look it up

Unlife on Huzzah!

2 months ago

Misdirection, Glyph Keeper, 2 Slaughter Games and Gurmag Angler come to 4.13. The 3 masque brainstorms come to 4.02 of that works

Frytrix99 on Crazy spellcasting, featuring flying creatures

3 months ago

Nezahal, Primal Tide could fit well, but not really in the theme "flying". Still, can replace Glyph Keeper, that's for sure. Actually, the sideboard is kinda non-flying.. so it would fit with that... thx!

Cryptic Serpent is already in the sideboard. Soul-Scar Mage could fit well, but not flying and too expensive for my budget. Would worth to try, tho.

I was playing Firebrand Archer before. But wasn't good enough. Die too easily, doesn't deals enough damage. Riddleform is a WAY better 2-drop in this deck.

Agusdakilla on U/R Drake Control

3 months ago

Purple_Mage thanks for taking the time and effort to comment! I'd love to see your take on the deck; make sure to post a link here or send it to me so I can check it out! Since you made such a long and thoughtful answer, I'll try to answer each section.

1- Although Censor is a very good and versatile opion, the fact that you can leave 1 mana open and completely anull it makes it less of a must-include. In addition to this, I really wouldn't know what to take out. This is a huge problem I have when deckbuilding; although I see good options, I rarely see what to take out for them. I'll learn as I go along, I guess!

2- Now that I've taken out my Dynavolt Towers, it might be a good idea to see whether Hieroglyphic Illumination is a better option. The card filtering on Glimmer of Genius is really good for the late game though. Hard choice.

3- Once again, I'd love to play 4 Opts here, but I really don't know what to take out.

4- The reason I have a low Negate count in the deck is because there are quite a few creature heavy, midrange and aggro decks floating around where I usually play. That's why I chose to play more Essence Scatters than Negates.

5- Although Glyph Keeper's ability looks nice, it dies to soooooo much removal and creatures. Also, Cryptic Serpent is usually cast for 2 or 3 mana, allowing me to leave mana open for another spell (counter, obviously), and it can take out Carnage Tyrant, a card my deck has almost no way to deal with.

6- I thought so too at first (that's why I'm only trying it out now), but then I reasoned: the ablity says MAY. That's the key word. If there's no spell I need, or I need my Enigma Drake to have more power ASAP, I leave the graveyard lie. Otherwise, it can score me a burn or counter I might urgently need, or a cantrip to activate its Prowess skill or Riddleform. Plus, I love the art on that card.

7- Same as with point number 4, Negate is a better sideboard option than mainboard in my local meta, and Cancel is an excellent hard counter for any card the opponent might cast, for just 3 mana. However, I switched in the 2 Supreme Wills for 1 Cancel and 1 Negate. I lose some counter reliability and consistency, but I gain versatility for the first game, which might be vital. Time will tell.

Thanks a lot for the comment and the advice! I really appreciate all of it! If you see a problem with my reasoning, or something I'm seeing wrong, please tell me! I'm here to learn, after all.

Purple_Mage on U/R Drake Control

3 months ago

This is a great deck!! I love the theme and have been working around creating my own for some time. Been trying to read through the comments to see what's already been suggested but there's just too many. So these are my ideas (apologies if they have already been said).

But before I begin always take into account your main win-con Enigma Drake if this card doesn't stick around then it's gonna be tough to win. And to make him a nice big fattie you need to stock up your graveyard.

  1. You need a play set of Censor this card is a cheap early game counter which can snag unsuspecting opponents. If they play around it by casting things a turn later then you've gained tempo and then you can just cycle it for a single blue mana to stock the graveyard for Enigma Drake.

  2. You need a playset of Hieroglyphic Illumination. I prefer this by far in this deck over Glimmer of Genius. Sure GoG gives you card filtering, but that's on turn 4. You want a more stocked graveyard by then. So early game this can fill your graveyard through cycling and then if you draw it in the late game then you can cast it for its full cost.

  3. You may also possibly need a playset of Opt. I'm not so sure on this one. However it is a cantrip that will smooth out your draws and again fill the graveyard for cheap.

  4. I'd increase the number of Negate's in the deck. There's a lot of removal around atm, and if your drakes keep getting removed then it's gonna be tough to bring it back for a win.

  5. A cheap alternate win-con that I can't stress enough to you over Cryptic Serpent is Glyph Keeper. It's fantastic, it's a straight up four-for-one in the deck. The opponent has to spend two removal spells to kill it. And then two more if You embalm it. It's very resilient and attacks for a heap of damage in the air. I'd recommend relegating Cryptic Serpent to the side and putting in atleast 3 of Glyph Keeper.

  6. My final piece of advice is DO NOT put Bloodwater Entity in your deck. It's counter-intuative to what you're trying to do. You want a stocked graveyard, not to take things out and make Enigma Drake weaker.

  7. One last thing from your comment leave Negates in. And replace Cancel with Supreme Will.

Sorry I went on a bit of a mind splurge there. Feel free to use or not use my advice as you see fit :). Hope this helps.

Feltrix on Updated WU Challenger (Needs Help)

3 months ago

I'm going to keep the 3x Approach, because I want to cast it by turn 7/8 and sometimes I'll end up with two in hand, which is nice. I've been wondering about getting rid of Kefnet, too, but I want at least one creature in case my Second Suns get Lost Legacyed or something. Do you think Glyph Keeper would be better? Anyway, one thing that is good about Kefnet is that he helps dig for Approach, but it's also kind of difficult to keep him able to attack or block.

BS-T on Help wanted, enquire within. Emerge ...

3 months ago

I've been thinking about creating a modern deck for ages but nothing has really jumped out at me as attractive until a couple of quite recent discoveries - the not very wallet friendly "End Foretold" and some cheeky use of Elder Deep-Fiend for fun and profit.

Since the EDF approach is a bit more realistic for me right now I wanted to gather some help pursuing a direction, I'm not planning on taking the deck to the pro tour or anything but I do want it to kick a bit of butt.

I can't totally decide if I should go Temur (seems like value town), Grixis (for awesome black removal) or even just stay in UR but I know I want to use a starting point of:

4x Elder Deep-Fiend, 4x Kozilek's Return, 4x Champion of Wits

I've considered several angles including using Glorybringer which I like for milking some value out of before emerge-saccing it; adding numerous sweepers like Sweltering Suns; Haunted Dead and Prized Amalgam; a discard package to control the early game and make sure the evil octopus gets to come to the party; Glyph Keeper; Cathartic Reunion and/or Burning Inquiry. I'm not fond of the Arbor Elf / Utopia Sprawl route like a popular SaffronOlive build, I want a different direction.

Not so bothered about covering the mana base just now, I can get to that later unless anyone has any amazing or 'out there' suggestions to discuss.

Thanks in advance, I'm excited to see if some ideas get rolling.

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