Glyph Keeper


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Glyph Keeper

Creature — Sphinx


Whenever Glyph Keeper becomes the target of a spell or ability for the first time each turn, counter that spell or ability.

Embalm (, Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a white Zombie Sphinx with no mana cost. Embalm only as a sorcery.)

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Glyph Keeper Discussion

Hyperalgialysis on Bolas Control

6 days ago

Supreme Will is pretty strong in a deck like this. I also really like Essence Scatter with the Unsummon. Commit / Memory might be worth a sideboard slot or 2 against Carnage Tyrant just to keep it off board in case you don't have a sacrifice effect. Bloodwater Entity under performed for me, if it is working for you dont change it but I found Glyph Keeper to be pretty solid instead.

Boza on Starter Deck FFA - Balancing/Improvement

2 weeks ago

Doesn't Wizards already have 30 card starter decks available for free for players who are just starting out? At least my LGS hands them out to new players all the time.

The advice I would give is to have a single bulk rare that represents the color well in the deck. It is goo to have a deck where you are working towards something. An iconic creature is the easy way to do it:

Glyph Keeper
Emeria Shepherd
Bloodgift Demon
Ancient Hellkite
Hydra Broodmaster

Gim on Sax's Budget Favorable Winds

1 month ago

It really isn't. I ran Glyph Keeper for a while and most use I ever got out of it was against control. You'll want to be top-decking Winds to buff your whole board over a creature that can easily be countered or removed.

Plunderer is a worthwhile inclusion even just for those two creatures and can really turn them into major threats really early. Test him out and determine if you need 2 or 3 of him.

Search for Azcanta is always worth having in blue since it allows you to filter out your deck and for a Favorable Winds deck, its flip-side effect can help you filter further for Favorable Winds.

razelfark on Blue Red Flyers

1 month ago

If that is the case then Curator of Mysteries might be a more worthwhile card. It doesn't have flash but can be cycled when you are in the early game looking for mana. It also is a much larger body that is harder to handle.

Or if you want a better answer vs control match ups then I would suggest Glyph Keeper. Another cash friendly option that has a good size and can be embalmed in the late game if it found its way into your grave.

Also if you prefer a faster deck then I suggest taking out the Skysovereign, Consul Flagship and go for Aethersphere Harvester. And to further support this you would want to use more Siren Stormtamer and add Storm Fleet Aerialist or Hope of Ghirapur.

triproberts12 on Favorable Pirates (Ultra Budget <$15)

1 month ago

Maybe go with Siren's Ruse over Dive Down? Dive Down is great for Limited, but it seems too slow for Standard. It blanks a Fatal Push, yes, but holding it for a 1-for-1 removal spell ends up loosing tempo when you factor in having to hold up mana. Also, Glyph Keeper is a little slow, especially when you're playing go-wide cards like Favorable Winds and Chart A Course. I'd play a 4th Dreamcaller Siren and Pirate's Cutlass, instead.

Wonky.wombat. on Favorable Pirates (Ultra Budget <$15)

1 month ago

I am a huge fan of this kind of deck, I think that I will play it for this Standard season, and I have been play testing a lot of builds, and Dive Down is really more of a sideboard card. I would add to the two-drop slot with Skyship Plunderer, as it is a two power flying body for two, and it will often have incidental value with Storm Fleet Aerialist. I also think that you might want to trim down the Glyph Keeper, as, while it is very good, the odds of hitting five lands by turn five, on the play, are only 37%, or 47% on the draw.

Gim on Favorable Pirates (Ultra Budget <$15)

1 month ago

wraya2 I had Unsummon in a previous build but opted for Perilous Voyage as it is more versatile and had the added bonus of scrying 2 on lower cost permanents, which is very handy with Chart A Course. If you wish to use it instead you can and I would recommend Siren's Ruse to go with it since the evasion on top of a card draw is nice. I've personally found Perilous Voyage for bouncing and Dive Down for evasion and giving my creatures the ability to actually block to be more successful. They are definitely good sideboard options if you need to be able to bounce on turn 1 against something like RDW.

TrueTribal Cycling is not really an aspect of Blue I'm looking for in this deck and I find Glyph Keeper to have far more value in a match as it hits harder and has extra built in evasion and can even be reused later in a game. Curator would also push me over $15. The Desert is also far too slow for such a straightforward deck. Chart and Voyage/Ruse are enough when it comes to mingling with the deck. RDW remains a problem but that applies to almost every deck but slowing this deck down at all from what it's at would result in having trouble against Rakdos Aggro as well, which it currently does fairly well against.

TrueTribal on Favorable Pirates (Ultra Budget <$15)

1 month ago

Nice job making this super budget! I would suggest two cards: Curator of Mysteries, 4/4 flying for 4 mana is just good, and you can cycle it away as well. I realize that the other ability is useless, but I still think it might be better than Glyph Keeper. Desert of the Mindful because cycling is good.

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