Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Future Sight Rare

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Creature — Demon


Delve (You may remove any number of cards in your graveyard from the game as you play this spell. It costs (1) less to play for each card removed this way.)

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Tombstalker Discussion

Duchys on Budget Mono-black control

16 hours ago

Thanks for help Sargeras,

  1. Smallpox feels good so I'll add like 2x copies in the deck.

  2. Tombstalker I don't feel like my graveyard is going to be full enough to support 2x Murderous Cut and Tombstalker but I'll keep him in mind if I find myself with a full graveyard after I buy the parts for the deck.

  3. I'm definitely adding Gifted Aetherborn.

  4. I will go for one of Abyssal Persecutor instead of Dismember since i wanna stay in the budget and the removal I currently have is probably too much.

  5. Lashwrithe is definitely going to be in the deck, maybe cutting Murder

Thanks again for your help.

Sargeras on Budget Mono-black control

17 hours ago

Gotta support fellow black players, so +1. Here are my suggestions.

  1. Since your playgroup is mostly casual players, I'm guessing most of the decks are likely creature based ones, which makes cards like Smallpox very effective and dealing with any early game creatures your opponents might have. If you do go the pox route, Tombstalker could be in your future.

  2. If you want some good creatures, Gifted Aetherborn is definitely good as more nighthawks are always great. Abyssal Persecutor would be perfect for this deck since you run so much removal. Also, Lashwrithe on cards like Vampire Nighthawk can end games very quickly.

  3. I'd cut some of the expensive kill spells and up the land count, as cards like Doom Blade, Go for the Throat, Vendetta, all work very well.

  4. Honestly, especially in casual metas, decks like this are often very destructive, cutting expensive kill spells for cheaper cmc ones will likely be enough for you to stop what your opponent is doing and kill them.

Weenie_Roaster9000 on BW Pox

3 days ago

Looks awesome! I suggest Tombstalker it's one extra mana, but flying can make all the difference. Check out my pox deck, I'd appreciate your input Liliana's Torture Dungeon. +1

Sage123redwood on I'm Bleeding, Making Me the Victor

1 week ago

Exactly! I was playing Gurmag Angler and I felt it didn't do nearly as much work for only 1 less black. For all the work needed for you to get a angler it just doesn't have the same game changing power as Tombstalker.

Sage123redwood on Grixis Shadow

1 week ago

In my opinion Tombstalker is better then Gurmag Angler.

Sage123redwood on I'm Bleeding, Making Me the Victor

1 week ago

I was playing this list without Tombstalker and I knew there was something missing from my list. I didn't even test with it but read your deck description and was convinced.

IlGuale on Mono-B(udget) Midrange

2 weeks ago

I actually had a sort of vampire tribal, more an evolution of the 2012 event deck (Nighthawks and Bloodghasts come from there) but it was far from finished and revolved more around sacrifices. Today, i can think to a tribal vampire just as a BR Aggro, probably with Madness, or as an Aristocrat version. Maybe a Midrange, mono-N version can be possible, seeing as Mono-B Midrange is the base to some of the most succesful decks in the met. You gave me something to seriously think about, thanks.

Can i ask what are your experiences with Abyssal Persecutor and Tombstalker? Have you had any problem trying to get rid of the former or casting the latter on turn 4 or sooner?

As always, thanks again for your patience.

Metroid_Hybrid on Mono-B(udget) Midrange

2 weeks ago

Without Phyrexian Obliterators, I wouldn't even stress the Devotion angle too much to be perfectly honest.. As far as meaty creatures, Abyssal Persecutor isn't bad, again, I also recommend running 1-2x Tombstalker..

You're also really close to being a straight-up Vampire Tribal.. In which case you would drop the Demons, Titans, & Garys altogether, and replace them with Tribal effects; like say, Metallic Mimic, Captivating Vampire, Vampire Nocturnus, etc, etc.. Those are some of the better ones, but the list goes on..

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