Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Future Sight (FUT) Rare

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Creature — Demon


Delve (You may remove any number of cards in your graveyard from the game as you play this spell. It costs (1) less to play for each card removed this way.)

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Tombstalker Discussion

cuff822 on BridgeVine

1 month ago

Nice list, I like the wild cantor. I've been messing around with Blood Artist with a 3/2 split of Gargadon and Viscera seer. Only problem is it still gets hosed by RIP and Leyline of the void (And sanctity for what its worth), but I like it against ensnaring bridge or mardu pyromancer I am on the bridge plan. I've also cut bloodghasts completely. I've been toying with the idea of adding delve creatures like Tombstalker, but yet again gets hosed by hate. Also I'm not all in on bushwhackers, but 2 main, 2 board may be good since bushwhacker is the the most reliable against hate. Perhaps some good black 2 drops like Gifted Aetherborn.

Darth_Savage on Zombie Hollow One

1 month ago

Xica, cheers for the comment and upvote.

To address your concerns about sacrifice fodder, essentially Bloodghast and Flamewake Phoenix are one (or zero) mana creatures so I don't mind sacrificing them, infact it is preferential compared to the menace that is Flameblade Adept.

Gurmag Angler, is obviously a faster play, but it also lacks the evasion of Tombstalker. I'm already invested in having to pay for other cards, so see that as less of a restriction. I have a playset of Gurmag Angler and it is what appears in most deck lists, but it's lack of evasion does trouble me since most of the deck can be chump blocked easily. Then again that lack of evasion is why I keep looking at Barrage of Boulders...

Anyway thanks for looking and taking the time to comment.

Xica on Zombie Hollow One

1 month ago


I was just searching for Hollow One decks with some new thech when i founnd this gem. I really like the idea of Nim Devourer, but it needs some more support. I mean that it needs creatures you can play early that you are happy to sacrifice to reanimate it. In my humble opinion a single playset of 1 mana creatures (Flameblade Adept in this case) is not enough, to RELIABLY enable the card.

(I run a somewhat similar effect - that also requires saccing creatures, Infernal Plunge - in my list, and to have it reliably working i have 10x 1 mana creatures)

Tombstalker is a tad bit slow for the strategy.

People play Gurmag Angler, as it can be casted pretty reliably with this deck on turn 2, since Burning Inquiry + a fetch land enables, it and the same is tru about Faithless Looting + 2x fetch lands. Tombstalker is a lot slower, and a LOT more demanding on mana base. I would probably run the deck with a 3 anglers & 3 nims, or something similar.

If you reliably have ferocious (4+ power creature on the board), you may wanna consider Crater's Claws.

+1 for the great idea!

GoblinsBeatElves on Modern Mono Black Aggro on a budget

1 month ago

I’ve been thinking about a list similar to this for casual play. Your deck looks pretty good, but I do have one concern. All your 8 one drops are recursive, which kind of contradicts Tombstalker. I mean, he wants cards to stay in the ‘yard to delve, but your creatures always come back. How is it working for you? I considered him, but scrapped the idea for that reason. Anyway, Nice deck!

SeekerofSecrets on Help with budget midrange needed

4 months ago

So I'm taking the plunge and investing in my first modern deck, Im in college so i have a $400 budget. Ive decided to go with an esper midrange built around Glory-Bound Initiate and Painful Truths (I know this isn't an original idea but its a blast to play, has plenty of room to brew and most importantly its the only 3 color mana base in my price range)

This is my current list Glory to Esper

The core spell package and mana base feel pretty solid but im struggling to decide on what creatures to play. I wish i could afford snap then the decision would be simple.

I've played delve threats with Tombstalker and 4 Thought Scour

And I've played utility with Spellskite and Tidehollow Sculler

I haven't tested the current set up (I don't own the deck yet and mostly test on i just want to hear the community's thoughts on it and the best set up to combat the current metta. Ill play moving to Atlanta in the fall so im not sure what metta will look like so I'll tune the sideboard as well when i get there.

As always thanks for any advice on the build!!!

ParadoxicalSlacker on Grixis Control Finisher

4 months ago

Hey, thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I actually tested out Jace the Mind Sculpter and it didn't work out too well for me and. I personally do not like Vendilion Clique. The main problem I am trying to address is the lack of lifegain in Grixis Control. I wanted to use either Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet to use this to build my life back up, or use Death's Shadow to utilize the lack of life gain. I really love Tombstalker as well. People don't give it enough credit.

SeekerofSecrets on Grixis Control Finisher

4 months ago

I run Tombstalker as a 1 of in my esper midrange. while not a super popular choice it's great at closing games fast.

SeekerofSecrets on Abnormal Harmony

5 months ago

ToolmasterOfBrainerd ok so I've done some fine tuning and it seems to running really smooth and has an incredible ability to grind

The most notable being the 3:3 split of Tidehollow Sculler and Spell Queller. this totally changed our turn 2 and three plays, if we turn 1 delver, turn 2 sculler (choosing any removal/counter) turn 3 queller, we've essentially locked our opponent out and it's an insane swing in tempo. I think going forward the rest of the deck should be focused around those 3 especially sculler and queller because of how well they grind late game.

This change led me to go to a 2:2 split of Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Tombstalker. Tas is still a solid turn 2 play but I think in this set up I'd rather cast it late game where I can protect it to gain card adv and stalker is such a solid finisher.

I also went to a 3:3 split of Opt and Serum Visions (I know your not gonna like this). with the new turn 2 play serum visions became more awkward, I'm also not as concerned with flipping delver. turn 2 I'd rather hit sculler or hold 1 U and bluff a snare or leak and then opt at the eot. I might go to 4:2 opt vs serum but atm I like this 3:3

I cannot not stress enough how well this deck grinds, sculler and queller (while not really threatening on there own) are both 2 step swings and gives serious board presence and tempo. Without bolt snap bolt I think this is what esper really needs, surprisingly I haven't seen the pair in other builds which surprises me

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