Regal Caracal


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Regal Caracal

Creature — Cat

Other Cats you control get +1/+1 and have lifelink.

When Regal Caracal enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 white Cat creatue tokens with lifelink.

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Regal Caracal Discussion

Entomo on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

4 days ago

@geminispartanx I know you wanted feedback before game day but it looks like you did great anyways. I cant really say what to suggest vs mardu, it seems like you've got most of the tools already. If you haven't looked at Fragmentize its a card I like because it can get enchantments and artifacts.

Cat Litter

Standard Entomo


This is a deck I just brewed up in an attempt to abuse Anointed Procession with Soul Separator. The idea being that soul separator splits its target into 2 tokens, and anointed procession doubles those tokens, so we will get 2 1/1 spirit copies of the creature and 2 x/x zombies with that creatures stats.

To further abuse this interaction i decided to use creatures for the target of Soul Separator that are creatures that can also benefit from Anointed Procession. I settled on 3 that can all win the game; Regal Caracal, Angel of Invention, and Hanweir Garrison. FOR EXAMPLE, Separating the soul of a Regal Caracal with anointed procession in play will result in two 1/1 Regal Caracal clone flying spirit cats, two 3/3 zombies, and eight 1/1 cats with life-link. The spirit cats buff each other and buff the other cats, resulting in 34 power on the board at instant speed.

The deck has been a blast to play and test and I think it might be able to compete, especially if mid range becomes more popular and control isn't too dominate. That being said the deck has access to amazing removal and sometimes feels like its operating on a whole other level.

I'm posting this because I'd love more feedback on it and I think its cool enough that more people should see it. Thanks.

BubbleMatrix2357 on Nissa the Crazy Cat Lady (Standard, Budget)

1 week ago

Graceful Cat is a pretty shit card (aside from the fact that it's a cat of course!). I'd suggest more Prowling Serpopard and Longtusk Cub. I use Metallic Mimic in my Standard cat deck too, with mixed results. If you wanna check it out: Here Kitty Kitty Kitty......

Also, it doesn't seem like the Felidar Sovereign angle is too practical here. Probably worth replacing. Not enough life gain, and you will be taking damage too. I realize that it's a big creature, but with multiple Regal Caracal, you will get big enough creatures. Maybe chop it to 1 at most, especially with no mana ramp.

Just some thoughts =)

djnewellmit on Amon-Cat

1 week ago

I'd recommend going for full playset of Longtusk Cub and Metallic Mimic. I would cut all three Initiate's Companion for the space.

You may want to consider upping your number of Sacred Cat. Its embalm gives is nice to bring it back after you land a Regal Caracal.

You'll want anthem effects (+1/+1 for all) for your army of cats since you'll be going wide. If you're planning on going with a token army with Oketra and her monument, Regal Caracal, and zombie cats, then Oath of Ajani is a nice pump (and on cat theme, and it helps get your Ajani out sooner). If you're not relying on tokens as much, then Always Watching is a good, but more expensive, addition.

I like your addition of Rhonas and the Viziers. Rhonas can give your cats some extra punchiness, and Vizier effectively gives you an extra card in your hand at all times.

I have a non-token cat build if you'd like to see a similar approach to the Cats, Cat Fight!.

Radioaltivo on egypt's best friends

1 week ago

There are some powerful cats in amonkhet, you should take a look at them. Regal Caracal is awesome for your deck

Spooktacular on Temmet, Tiny Leader Token Deck

1 week ago

You should be playing Aven Wind Guide, and possibly Regal Caracal to help with your tokens. Failure / Comply would work on the control side.

MrZessty on amonkhet U/W tokens

1 week ago

why not Servo Exhibition, Sram's Expertise, Angel of Invention, and Regal Caracal with ways to refill your hand like either Glimmer of Genius or Hieroglyphic Illumination? Land upgrades would be add 4 Prairie Stream

Sillynx on Karametra, Crazy Cat Lady

2 weeks ago

Regal Caracal is a great fit to pump your cats and give them lifelink.

Raksha Golden Cub would be great too but seems a bit tricky to build in since your deck doesn't revolve around equipments that much. You'd have a pretty insane cat army at your hand.

SaberTech on ~Life sucks~ Fat Karlov remains unbeaten.

2 weeks ago

Nothing that really stands out as a Must Have card, but there are a few you could consider.

Amonkhet has Anointed Procession, Anointer Priest, Regal Caracal, Dusk / Dawn, Bontu the Glorified, Trespasser's Curse, Start / Finish, Bontu's Monument, and Oketra's Monument.

Aether Revolt has Sram's Expertise, and Hidden Stockpile.

If you go back to Kaladesh though, there are some strong cards worth considering. Authority of the Consuls, Kambal, Consul of Allocation, Aetherflux Reservoir, Animation Module, and Key to the City.

Commander 2016 has Tymna the Weaver.

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