Sever the Bloodline

Sever the Bloodline


Exile target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature.

Flashback 5BB

Acquire Sever the Bloodline

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Sever the Bloodline Discussion

ExileThis on Toshiro Instants

3 weeks ago

I would play Sever the Bloodline , even if just sideboarded in for Silence the Believers against a token strategy.

Kenta on Uhh I'll counter that

1 month ago

I like the Future Sight suggestion but talrand would make a dramatic change to the deck and i don't want to have my best win condition to be that fragile. Like, if somebody plays a Sever the Bloodline or a Detention Sphere or any boardwipe i'm useless

alliek93 on

2 months ago

I don't know why you have Sever the Bloodline in an edh deck. Yes it is a black exile spell, but I think Ashiok covers that. Overall nice deck.

ibstudent2200 on Glissa EDH

2 months ago

Rings of Brighthearth is amazing, and goes infinite with Basalt Monolith .

I don't think it's reasonable to expect to untap King Macar, the Gold-Cursed ever. You either need to attack with him (which is basically suicide, because a 2/3 with no evasion is not gonna survive combat), or tap him some other way (and equipping Thornbite Staff or Viridian Longbow to Glissa is almost always a better play), otherwise you won't trigger Macar's ability. Also, Macar exiles creatures, which doesn't synergize well with Glissa. Try playing Silence the Believers or Sever the Bloodline if you really need to exile creatures.

Do many people in your metagame play a lot of cards with CMC 3 or less? Because I've never had much luck with Abrupt Decay in EDH. I prefer Beast Within , since giving your opponent vanilla creatures only fuels Glissa.

You have very little in the way of boardwipes in this deck. Keep in mind even though Oblivion Stone , Plague Boiler and Nevinyrral's Disk destroy your cards as well, all your artifacts will end up back in your hand if Glissa is onboard when you nuke it (assuming your opponents have enough creatures out, which isn't usually a problem).

I don't really understand why you're playing Pithing Needle . Are you using it to hate out a particular combo in your metagame? You might be better off playing actual removal instead, because that fits Glissa much better.

You play a number of nice creatures, and a few sac outlets. Nim Deathmantle would probably be extremely useful in this deck.

How well does playing a ton of artifact cantrips work for you? I ended up cutting most of the cantrips from my Glissa deck because they didn't impact the board.

seizan8 on Extraction Point

2 months ago

wurd ich rausnehmen:
Sever the Bloodline

Silence the Believers
Tribute to Hunger

Despise -> Inquisition of Kozilek
Forced March -> Black Sun's Zenith

ausserdem kommt er auch gut Wrench Mind
Waste Not
gibt ein modern deck. nennt sich 8rack. basiert auf discard. in runde 3 haste keine karten mehr. spielt noch Liliana of the Veil , The Rack , Ensnaring Bridge , Raven's Crime

GoldGhost012 on 8-Bit Deck Building Challenge #1

2 months ago

Good luck as well Gidgetimer.

Want to know a secret? Sever the Bloodline was a last second swap for Barter in Blood . ;)

CrovaxTheCursed on Tap Tap Revenge

2 months ago

Watch out for Maelstrom Pulse and Sever the Bloodline when it comes to your infinite tokens! But, hey, that's what Fervor is for, right? Lol. Great deck though, I love all the combos in it. On paper it seems like you would have a tough time pulling these combos off, but from what I gather it's actually pretty straightforward and easy with Axebane Guardian . Well done, I don't really have too much to offer in the way of improvement.

Gidgetimer on 8-Bit Deck Building Challenge #1

2 months ago

Yeah I was looking at my opponent and he has the tools to completely blank my deck. My only hope is to get a variety of token generators instead of drawing one type or have an aggressive enough start that we don't come to a board stall. Damn you Sever the Bloodline .

It should be a good match and I wish you luck GoldGhost012 Price

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$0.18 $0.31 $1.55 $1.48

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0.05 TIX 0.3 TIX
Color(s) Black
Cost 3B
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.17
Avg. cube pick 8.68


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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