Sever the Bloodline


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Rare
Commander 2015 Rare
Innistrad Rare

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Sever the Bloodline


Exile target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature.

Flashback mana symbol 5mana symbol bmana symbol b (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Sever the Bloodline Discussion

Primusfan42 on Oh, I'm Sorry....Did I break your concentration?

1 week ago

I see what you mean about adding more wheels. The deck probably doesn't need them. Regarding spot removal, Slaughter Pact is nice because you can surprise your opponents with it and pay a turn later. Sever the Bloodline is pretty good, but the flashback cost is ridiculously high. Aside from those two and the typical removal spells (Go for the Throat, Tragic Slip, Murder, etc.) the only card that I can think of is Avatar of Woe.

Bananastormcount20 on Leovold, Master of Mercantilism

1 week ago

NotSquishedYet Yeah the EvilTwin combo is pretty strong but ban worthy? I don't think so, plus the only cards that weren't legalized as far as I know were the hidden agendas and other conspiracy cards, maybe a few that also related to things only when you drafted them as well, spy kit however is just an equipment, plus commander uses an adjusted ban list were everything is legal unless specifically stated, or your play group adds it to the ban list.But all in all I am looking forwards to spy kit, it makes alot ofcards that are bad really good, can't think of any names right now but any card that says 'equal to the number of cards that share a name with it.' Become funny. Like Mask of the Mimic or Pack Hunt or Bifurcate both are oracles to look for shared names not copies just grabbing and playing any creature in your deck or Echoing Decay and Bile Blight and Homing Lightning if your swarming Echoing Courage is hilarious or perhaps your more of a Echoing Truth or MaelstromPulse or Sever the Bloodline or Eye of Singularity for board wipes? Goblin tokens a problem? Izzet Staticaster just watch out for the most dreadful Mimeofacture stealing literally every creature in your deck.
When I said I couldn't think of any of the top, I was kidding, super excited for spy kit!and @NewHorizon what could be better than faking identities or framing others and punishing them for the crime?

casmiel on Curse of the Undead

1 week ago

I'd try to acquire some copies of Relentless Dead, they are great all around. Also, try to get a playset of Cryptbreaker, it works great with Gravecrawler and Amalgam and can draw you tons of cards. It's also super cheap to reanimate with Relentless Dead! Try to up the Diregraf Captain to 4 copies, it's really useful. Rancid Rats, Mindwrack Demon River Kelpie, Screeching Skaab and Harvester of Souls are OK for now I think, but are prime targets for upgrades in the future. Good creatures for this deck could include Death Baron, Lord of the Undead, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Nantuko Husk, Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, Sultai Emissary, Rotting Rats, Quest for the Gravelord, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed or Sidisi, Undead Vizier.

Moan of the Unhallowed is pretty weak and should be omitted, Sever the Bloodline is too Mana hungry for a Modern removal spell, you should cut those out as well. 4xDread Return is also a bit too much, rather play Gisa and Geralf or Relentless Dead where you get a body in addition to Reanimation effects. Useful removal would be Tragic Slip, Go for the Throat and Dark Salvation, super cheap and Slip/Salvation can kill Indestructible creatures. Geth's Verdict can be good if people around you play lots of Hexproof creatures. Dream Twist is also rather mediocre, how about Thought Scour instead?

As for your lands, there are a couple of options with a low pricetag. Choked Estuary, Sunken Hollow and Drowned Catacomb are cheap and help to smooth out your draws. Cards with double-black or double-blue in their costs could use a lot of dual-lands so that you always have a way to play them. Try to include some and shift the balance a bit more in favour of Swamps or until you feel comfortable, I think Black is your most important Mana resource and you should have around 20 sources of Black (including Dual Lands).

Uri on Demonic Oath

2 weeks ago

Harmless Offering. Do it.

Don't rely too much on two different creatures. There are cards in black standard that will exile all creatures in graves, hands, libraries and on the battlefield as long they have the same name (much like Sever the Bloodline does, but then pro-actively.)

As well, you should REALLY get some cards to reactively prevent the early nd mid-game aggro. Since your deck relies heavily on taking the end-game, you're extremely prone against anything flying your way at turn 6 or earlier. Only 6 creatures will backfire at you hard, even Dark Petition won't fix that for you. Lie back a bit on your pro-active and reactive removals, and put in some more deck delvers like Anticipate, or counterspells such as Dispel, Unsubstantiate and such.

Trust me, I just came from a Standard match day. People are really flinging hard at you mid-game. At its current state (or to what it seems), your deck takes really too long to strengthen.

metalevolence on List of Budget EDH Staples and Power Cards

2 weeks ago

In addition to previously mentioned cards, I'd run any of Victim of Night, Ultimate Price, Hero's Downfall, Silence the Believers, or Sever the Bloodline before unmake

unmake is just bad

MegaMatt13 on The Five Laws of NecroWarfare

2 weeks ago

(smacks forehead) I totally forgot about the legendary rule in regards to Sidisi. As you said, there are still lots of other great targets for Rite of Replication though. I was wondering if Silence the Believers may be a better option than Sever the Bloodline. It's instant speed and can target multiple creatures (with enough mana).

Thanks for voting my deck. It's definitely a work in progress.

Tarnoduds on Gisa and Geralf Zombie Tribal EDH

4 weeks ago

ArmandBegin, Sever the Bloodline works well removing tokens if your opponent's board is full of them (here's the hope it's only one token name). Otherwise, it can remove two indestructible creatures.

It's not a bad removal, overall...

ArmandBegin on Gisa and Geralf Zombie Tribal EDH

1 month ago

I don't think Sever the Bloodline will work. It doesn't exile based on creature type, just the exact card. Since edh decks only have one card of any given name then the value gained from this card is lost.

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