Sever the Bloodline


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Rare
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Rare
Commander 2015 Rare
Innistrad Rare

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Sever the Bloodline


Exile target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Sever the Bloodline Discussion

TheAngryPidgeon on Permeating Mess

1 week ago

Haha, that's just a whole 'nother brand of evil (the puns primarily, but the card choices too). If you double bracket, it will link the card. I like the idea of Pathway Arrows, as it would keep me in 2 colors. If I were to go the Sever the Bloodline route, I'd likely splash White instead for Declaration in Stone.

failurechild88 on 2austin5

1 month ago

Hi there,

Sorry for the late response, I don't get notifications on my binder wall. That sounds like a good trade so far, would you include...

Total: $67.00

for my Scalding Tarn (52.00) + other stuff from my binder?

Panas on Karrthus Dragons EDH

2 months ago

I understand why you wouldn't want to play Scourge of Valkas (it's still a high value card), but Dragon Tempest is HASTE + damage all in one piece. It enables all of your threats the moment they hit the table. It's a good inclusion against control, on an enchantment which is a bit more difficult to get rid of. So unless you are facing off against 3 dedicated control variants that focus on instant speed creature removal, I think tempest performs better than Crucible of Fire. On the same train of thought, why not run Flamekin Village instead of Shinka for more hasty beatings?

Concerning removal and tokens: Maelstrom Pulse is an all-star as is Sever the Bloodline

Lastly, Darigaaz, the Igniter is a very inefficient beater. Consider swapping him out for a Sylvan Library or Frontier Siege as both these cards can further your game plan.

Your mana base is also rather slow. I understand that this is a result of the heavy colour requirements on your cards, but you could make it at least a little bit faster by replacing vanilla taplands with filterlands (e.g. Graven Cairns).

Lastly, if you could find space for a sac outlet like Greater Good, Shivan Harvest or Perilous Forays, will dissuade control players from messing with your board as you can respond by gaining value/setting them further back.

Other cards you should consider depending on what you need include:

I like the deck idea overall, but i think it can be improved by a large margin :)

PhyrexianOverlord on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

2 months ago

I think maybe the whole set lists for MM3 and PCA aren't up yet?

I could not add the following cards:Felidar Umbra (PCA), Graceful Reprieve (MM3), Preyseizer Dragon (PCA), Sever the Bloodline (MM3), Thunder-Thrash Elder (PCA), Ulvenwald Tracker (MM3), Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree (PCA), Wall of Denial (MM3)

ClockworkSwordfish on Festering newt nonsense

2 months ago

Spy Kit is a pretty cool combo with Sever the Bloodline - you can exile all creatures for just four mana (and potentially do it again for seven!) Pretty handy if you're in a tight situation, and Sever is a solid removal spell even when it's not a boardwipe.

awesomeragle on How do I word this?

3 months ago

Name a creature. Destroy each creature with the chosen name.

as already stated this is probably the cleanest wording and design, especially at 4 mana (we already have Sever the Bloodline and that seems better compared to your design). if you insist on only getting rid of ONE copy of the creature then

Name a creature. Destroy a creature with the chosen name.

jchudz on Recurrent Nightmare

3 months ago

I'd recommend Apprentice Necromancer for the deck since he lats you power out powerful etbs at instant speed and helps build exp counters very quickly. maybe take out Sever the Bloodline for it unless your edh meta is too full of tokens.

Pandaka on Rats! Lamest Combo Deck Ever.

3 months ago

Hahahaha until they have a Surgical Extraction, Declaration in Stone, Sever the Bloodline, or Lost Legacy.I've made this exact deck but deleted it because it was so stupid.

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