Sever the Bloodline

Sever the Bloodline


Exile target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature.

Flashback 5BB

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Sever the Bloodline Discussion

ChinoEX on Blackest Night

1 week ago

Lhurgyof: I think Ashes to Ashes is a better choice for exiling in mono-B. I also like Gild] and Sever the Bloodline, which is great against tokens. I also tried Dark Impostor for a hot minute, but he takes way too long to activate - I just had this idea in my head he would be amazing lol. I've settled for Faceless Butcher because you can sac him while his first ability is on the stack and the creature you target is gone forever and of course this deck recurs him as needed :D

Silber on

2 weeks ago

Hello! I would like to help you out. So, from what I gather your deck is all about self mill/gettings creatures in your graveyard. The big problem I see is that your deck is lacking on creatures themselves. You have a decent amount of ramp, and plenty of spells to bin your guys, but not too many guys.

At first sight, I would say drop the Glimpse the Unthinkable, Putrid Imp, Mana Reflection and maybe Traumatize

You have plenty of ramp and ways to get things in your graveyard, no need to mill half your deck. If you want to keep Mana Reflection, I would drop a ramp spell for it. Also, Murder could be a better kill spell, maybe Gild, Sever the Bloodline or Silence the Believers for exiling goodness.

Inclusions (beyond the removal):

Nighthowler - Your stuff is dead, why not power up!

Splinterfright - Goes well with Nyx Weaver, fuels the gravyard, etc

Fauna Shaman - Could even replace the Survial, since it's better to be a creature in your deck. But two of those effects is never bad.

Varolz, Scar Striped - Scavenge on your dead stuff? Why not!

I hope this helps :)

Quicksilver on Metal, It Comes from Hell

1 month ago

Exploration for ramp and Heartstone to reduce the costs to utilise Shattergang Brothers. Butcher of Malakir to double the sacrificing from opponents. Do you play a lot of games with Shadowborn Apostle and Relentless Rats? Otherwise I'd drop Sever the Bloodline.

Xica on BR Vampire Midrange/Aggro

1 month ago

Lightning Bolt gives the same effect for cheaper, than than Searing Spear

If you run lot of burn spells for removal and damaging the player you should consider Bloodghast, and Guul Draz Vampire, maybe even Vampire Lacerator (however i dont like to play the last one, with its pointless self harm, you can get 8 other vampires which get perfect if your opponent lost enough life)

If you plan to run small creatures, you should maybe try Corrosive Mentor,thankfully its wither, your creatures can trade a lot better with big greenies and the kind (Not to mention bloodghast becomes a force to be reckoned with if it gets wither)

Another good addition would be some spells with bodies, like a spot removal, or sac spell with a body Gatekeeper of Malakir can nicely force your enemy to sac its own creatures (there are only 5 cards - as far i know - which can defend his/her creatures) if you cast it for , or you can cast it for and get a 2/2 for 2 cmc.

Also i would consider adding some evasion, to help growing (+1/+'1 if damages player) vampires reach the enemy mid and late game. Either trample, tapping enemy creatures Nightbird's Clutches is an excellent option for this, as you can cast it twice with its flashback (Hopefully you don't need to but its better to have the option), or fear / intimidate ->Shadow Alley Denizen<- / or more classical evasion types, like flying / unblockable / some type of landwalk .. etc.

If you plan to use it in a more competitive enviroment i would add some more versitile cards to it and to the sideboard Rakdos Charm is one of the best multiple use sideboard cards in modern,its in color, so i would definietly add it to side instead of Tormod's Crypt. And since you are running a tribal deck Cavern of Souls is a perfectly nice way to screw over blue control, sadly it is not cheap tough :S. Sever the Bloodline is the black color's Maelstrom Pulse, its cost more mana... but it got flashback, if your opponent can heal (with things like soul sisters), or has lifelink creatures, that second cast can save you. Its perfect against tokens, and Squadron Hawk, and there is no way to escape exile.

Feast of Blood is also a choice if you run a vampire deck, its lifegain is excellent, in your deck tough i am not sure i would run it. If yo like to use burn spells to deal damage to the player, then you could only replace tragic slip, and simple destroy is far worse than tragic slip :SIn my opinion:forced sacrifice > exile > -x/-x > destroy & cannot regenerate > destroy > damage to creatureUnhallowed Pact is something i would consider to be used instead of Undying Evil as low cost creatures in the early turns are not the most important things to protect, and later you can pay 3mana anyways. And its a lot better, because it:1 - discourages them from attacking the creature enchanted with it, as it is in vain (at least the 1st attack)2 - can be used to steal your opponents creatures.

Blade of the Bloodchief is another thing to consider, as your vampires will grow +2/+2 after every dying creature (be it yours or enemy's) - also it ha a good sinergy with Bloodghast if you plan to add it to your deck. Tough i am not sure it has a place in this deck.

meecht on Swords to plowshares is bad, ...

2 months ago

Uh...Sever the Bloodline and Pyroclasm are sorceries.

RoarMaster on Swords to plowshares is bad, ...

2 months ago

Didgeridooda Sure, I will expound. For starters, all of the examples given for why spot removal is good in EDH/multiplayer are single player examples, not multiplayer examples like the article was talking about. The whole Hermit Druid example, for example. Some one drops a hermit, your like 'oh dayum, I need to answer that before next turn!' So you Swords it, problem solved right? Spot removal saves the day, right? Maybe if it was 1vs1 yeah, but this is multiplayer. So you Sworded that guys hermit druid, but wait, player number 3 drops another hermit druid on his turn and now your shit outta luck again :( THAT is the difference between duels and multiplayer, multiple 'must answer' cards can and often will be dropped during a round, and spot removal wont save you from losing, just decides who you will give the game to. Mass and multi-target cards can deal with this common issue where single target removal fails. Most of the reasons people are giving for running spot removal are based on the cards cmc, and cmc is and was not the topic discussed in the article.

ChiefBell sorry, I didnt realize we were talking about strictly creature kill cards, I was encompassing all removal in my comments. Off the top of my head for cards that do not lose you card advantage and are instant speed removal, Sever the Bloodline(admittedly at 4 you will lose ca), Slaughter, any black version of Hideous Laughter, any red version of Pyroclasm. But as I said, I was considering artifact and enchantment removal aswell in my view on 1-for-1ing.

InDirectX on 2015-07-23 update of Shatter the ...

2 months ago

Sever the Bloodline, there are no more than one creature with a certain name in commander games.

Color(s) Black
Cost 3B
Converted cost 4


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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