Sever the Bloodline

Sever the Bloodline


Exile target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature.

Flashback 5BB

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Sever the Bloodline Discussion

-x-Juuzou-x-x- on 2015-03-11 update of Lili's Revelation

1 week ago

Virlym I cut Toxic Deluge for Necromantic Selection.

Sadistic Hypnotist may be sorcery speed but the discard make him hated. he''s very powerful.

Sever the Bloodline: you seem to dislike this card. In my meta EVERYONE forgets it has flashback and exile is something black needs more of. In my meta Avacyn, Angel of Hope is copied like crazy in my meta so it's a powerful card in my meta. I will probably never cut it.

Gauntlet of Power: I see what you're saying. It's high on the chopping block. It does seem to have some political power which is kinda cool.

Eldrazi Monument is mainly for the indestructible. the fact that it makes me sac a creature some times is actual a bonus. See my general.

Whip of Erebos is more for lifelink than the reanimate, but the reanimate does help on occasion.

Viscera Seer is a good sac outlet that can flip liliana on turn 3. so I like it.

Virlym on 2015-03-11 update of Lili's Revelation

1 week ago

Some suggestions for cuts:

Sadistic Hypnotist - Sorcery speed activation
Toxic Deluge - You don't want to dump so much mana in, Mutilate, Liliana of the Dark Realms or Black Sun's Zenith are better.
Sever the Bloodline - Sorcery speed removal that is usually just spot removal unless it's a key card in multiple decks or tokens (usually if it's tokens, the sorcery speed won't help anyways)
Gauntlet of Power - Although it's nice, it helps your opponents too unlike Caged Sun
Eldrazi Monument - You don't really need this, if it's the flying you want, run Akroma's Memorial
Whip of Erebos - Really just an artifact that gives lifelink, the active doesn't help you so much due to the exile.
Viscera Seer - Just a very fragile sac outlet, there are better sac outlets.

nobu_the_bard on newish to commander

2 weeks ago

Protection from black is kind of a bummer. I hope they aren't including it just to screw with you specifically. Using a multicolor deck does give you more options at the cost of having to actually make good use of them.

In monoblack though, you can get around protection in a Ghoulcaller Gisa deck using stuff like Dictate of Erebos, Butcher of Malakir, or Grave Pact; they don't target and using Gisa will naturally activate them constantly. Very popular with black decks that do a lot of sacrificing.

You can also dip into some colorless removal but it has more strings attached. Altar of Shadows for example is actually colorless removal, but has a high startup cost; that cost will be defrayed though if you can keep it in play. Spine of Ish Sah has a wide variety of targets and can help with Iona, Shield of Emeria shutting you down or other annoying junk, but it also has a high startup cost, and you'll need some sac outlets with other uses like Phyrexia's Core or Trading Post if you want to reuse it.

Karn, Silver Golem can also turn artifacts like the Sword of Feast and Famine into creatures you can Murder or Sever the Bloodline or what have you if necessary; it's an unexpected angle to take. With Gisa he'd also let you sacrifice your other artifacts to her.

If they're using a lot of equipment, Tower of the Magistrate can really screw with them.

nobu_the_bard on Ob Nix EDH

2 weeks ago

Not going to flag any suggestions here, sorry- I tend to spam them too hard.

Dash Hopes is somewhat risky; in practice with all players beginning at 40 life, it doesn't seem likely to me to turn things around too often. Soft counters in general should be avoided; plus there will always be at least one player who wants the spell to resolve and you're counting on him not having at least 6 life.

Drain Life and Exsanguinate can be brutal (and Drain Life gets Classic Kill Style Points in my opinion) but they really want you to be running mana doublers or other massive mana rocks. I saw the two creature ones (they are probably easier on the budget than say Cabal Coffers). I thought I'd mention it if you needed to make cuts, I'd consider Drain Life, and hold onto Exsanguinate a little longer if possible. If you manage to get a couple more serious mana boosters they'll get proportionately more useful though.

Grave Betrayal is potentially fairly risky but I'd probably try using it to get a feel of the meta where you play before considering it for cuts. I just wanted to mention the risk - where I play, there's a risk of ending up with a Phage the Untouchable or Abyssal Persecutor that you get stuck dealing with. I see it on decklists often enough to think this isn't an issue everywhere, though.

Dregs of Sorrow is awesome and not too expensive if you need to murder all of the things. Increasing Ambition is a cool tutor, not too expensive, if you need one you can get more out of. Sever the Bloodline is not to be underestimated for the dollar it costs; it wipes out token armies single-handedly. (I like flashback!)

Commander's Sphere came out recently and is pretty awesome if you want a 3-mana rock that badly; I'd advise against it though in this deck personally but I know some might disagree. You might get more out of a Jet Medallion or something for 2 mana, unless the secondary ability is really incredible or relevant.

Beacon of Unrest provides you the option to also bring back your artifacts, or other people's creatures/artifacts if necessary/awesome (not sure how expensive it is, sorry if it's too much). Actually you might want to replace your 3-mana rock I forgot the name of with Unstable Obelisk to give you a snowball's chance in hell of dealing with something annoying like Mirrari's Wake or such.

Ob might need more stuff to protect him or improve his resilience; or at least discourage removing him. Tutors are popular in EDH and some players are going to prioritize removing him, particularly opponents with tutoring commanders like Captain Sisay or Scion of the Ur-Dragon.

hosshughes on The Thrull Is Gone - Sub $20 Extreme Budget

3 weeks ago

@6tennis: Thanks! I'm a musician so I name all my decks after songs - I Put A Spell On You, Beyond The Sea - $30 Extreme Budget, One and Wheels on the Bus.

@ofcruelties: Thanks for the suggestions! Let's see if I can get all of these...Sever the Bloodline, Tendrils of Corruption, and Silence the Believers are all too mana intensive. Victim of Night, Tragic Slip, Rend Flesh, and Ashes to Ashes are all good but I think I will just take Tragic Slip and sub out Murder. Gatekeeper of Malakir doesn't do quite enough for me. Nyxathid is over budget for this deck. Consume Spirit, Corrupt and Exsanguinate are all good but fit more into a ramp/infinite mana deck. I will revisit these though after more playtesting if I find finishing games to be hard. Hex is out because if I need a board wipe, I want it to be all creatures not just 6 (token decks). I feel like Killing Wave may not work super well (a token player doesn't mind sac'ing because he'll make more next turn and a beefy creature player will gladly take the damage because he'll fly/trample for the kill next turn. I'm very interested by Mind Shatter and will play around with that one. I have Worst Fears in my Jeleva deck but I feel like it's not as good here. I'm leaning no on the equipment but it would be interesting. Burnished Hart is better than Armillary Sphere because I can use the sac creature effect. Crypt Ghast is better than Magus of the Coffers. Nightmare was in an orginal deck version but got cut.

GobboE on James's no pain no gain

1 month ago

hmmm, sorry, but I don't know...I'd have to see this in action perhaps...I feel that your deck does benefit enough from your general (or vice versa, yes...definitely vice versa) Try adding more instants and less sorceries: Doom Blade in and Diabolic Revelation out - I think in your deck it should not matter what card you draw as along as there is that synergy. Also (while I love this card) Plague of Vermin and I would suggest Annihilate (destroy plus extra card) and perhaps even (it would be funny in your deck, in synergy with the 'go to the graveyard' idea) Fatal Blow. Lastly: I think I would remove Doomsday (it seems counter productive) and Sever the Bloodline while adding Syphon Soul or Subversion or Exquisite Blood

Also: where's the Drain Life ? ;)

Virlym on The Wail of Ruin Incarnate

1 month ago

I'd start by swapping Crypt of Agadeem for Thespian's Stage. Crypt of Agadeem will at most, give you 12 mana if every single black creature you have is in your graveyard. However, Thespian's Stage can become another Cabal Coffers to give you more mana, or another land of your choosing for other effects. More Utility and usefulness overall.

I also don't really like Sever the Bloodline and Toxic Deluge. Sever the Bloodline as the same drawbacks as Gild, 4 drop Sorcery that exiles 1 creature (fairly good chance it won't be more), and Toxic Deluge can cost a fair bit of life. I'd probably run Oblivion Stone over Sever the Bloodline, and Black Sun's Zenith over Toxic Deluge.

Color(s) Black
Cost 3B
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.18
Avg. cube pick 8.63


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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