Sever the Bloodline

Sever the Bloodline


Exile target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Sever the Bloodline Discussion

TheMouth on This is the one TheMouth

2 days ago

Instant and sorcs are really powerful. I'd cut Brainstorm for Ponder or Preordain. there aren't loads of ways to shuffle the two cards you put back with brainstorm away in this deck and with out that interaction (just drawing the two less useful cards in the next two drawsteps) I'd rather have some more selective card selection. Silence the Believers is awesome as it exiles and can hit multiple targets late game, I love that card in pretty much any black deck along with Sever the Bloodline which you already have ;) I don't like Recoil It's not very powerful in multiplayer, i'd rather draw a card than have my opp discard so Into the Roil is my prefered choice in that slot although im not sure you need the bounce at all as you should have removal covered out of the black half of your deck. Wraths are good, I like Devastation Tide in decks without a lot of permanents, I know you want to re-buy ETB effects but I think Evacuation might just be better as you want to keep your lovely noncreature permanents in play. I like Damnation if money is no object and Consume the Meek hits none of your guys but lots of annoying green and white utility/ramp guys.

F.R.F on The neverending quest to beat Meren with Nekusar

5 days ago

Have you had a chance to play this since changing it? It looks like you've made a lot of strong card swaps.

You might consider Tolaria West - it's easy to cut a different land for it and it lets you find Academy Ruins or Bojuka Bog. If you have the Ruins already you can also use it to find Tormod's Crypt which is a fun, reusable combo with the Ruins whenever you're about to wheel.

Personally I love Memory Jar, especially in a deck with Academy Ruins and a supporting artifact package.

A card that I play in my red wheeling decks is Recoup since most wheels are sorceries. Added bonus of it not mattering if you have to wheel it away from your hand initially.

I would prefer Sever the Bloodline to Silence the Believers since I value flashback over strive, but that's probably just a personal thing... It is also true Ashes to Ashes is very easy to counter in a deck that likes to sac creatures at instant speed.

I second Blasphemous Act. I don't think I've ever paid more than for it. I would play it before Decree of Pain, though, I've never found either of DoP's modes to be incredibly exciting.

Tormod's Crypt vs. Relic of Progenitus: Both great cards. If you can find room for both then heck, go for it. If you can only run 1 I'd vote for the Crypt since I like to keep my 'yard and you're only ever going to be able to use Relic once per game.

F.R.F on The neverending quest to beat Meren with Nekusar

1 week ago

Since you are playing against a value deck I think you're going to need more control - you just have to live long enough to assemble your death machine.

Crosis's Charm -> Sever the Bloodline: 2/3 of CC's modes aren't very useful here, and the third one probably isn't optimal.

Grixis Charm -> Muddle the Mixture: Same as CC. Muddle the Mixture is a decent counterspell with the added bonus of finding useful things like Torpor Orb and Liliana's Caress.

Extract from Darkness -> Magus of the Wheel: EfD's mill helps Neren more than you, and if you really want to use their graveyard I'd start with Animate Dead or similiar. If you don't want to shell out for Wheel of Fortune the Magus is a decent alternative.

Recoil -> Curse of the Swine: Recoil isn't really hurting Neren. Much better to exile than return to hand.

Gitaxian Probe -> Tormod's Crypt: Probe's a good card if it interacts with your deck in some way, but here it looks like a cantrip Telepathy.

Other good cards to consider:

Dark Petition: Search for Underworld Dreams, play Underworld Dreams. Plus, playing black without tutors just doesn't feel right.

Scrabbling Claws & Relic of Progenitus

Dark Deal: another Wheel of Fortune alternative

Perplex: finds Megrim and other fun toys. Gets better with a Tormod's Crypt sitting on the board.

Leyline of the Void: I see this in your Maybeboard. Should be useful.

I think in general you just need more gravehate, exile, counters & kill spells. A few tutors would probably help as well.

Grain of salt I've never played either of these commanders, but I think I've played enough similar ones to hopefully be useful. Hope at least one of these suggestions proves helpful! I also apologize for the formatting of my post. I haven't figured everything out, yet.

FLATSO99 on Ayli, the Circle of Death

1 week ago

intresting deck, Sever the Bloodline makes a good additon to decleration in stone so you'd be drawing that card basically twice as often. plus it cost no $:) also Shadowborn Demon is a great form of rmoval + large flier + an alternate to Xathrid Demon

Trtl on Meren's Simon Says Sacrifice!

1 month ago

I'd drop Sever the Bloodline for Hero's Downfall. and though the commander's different it is similar to mine Mazirek's Sacrificial Swarm

meecht on Tragic Slip in EDH

2 months ago

If you need to answer indestructible creatures, Ashes to Ashes and Sever the Bloodline are solid.

There's also Oblivion Strike, Duplicant, Cannibalize, Gild, and Silence the Believers.

Ekuryua on Esper Zombies

2 months ago

I Have added the merchant (how could I have overlooked him). I will also add Silence the Believers, Sever the Bloodline and Ruinous Path for spot removal. And Rite of Replication because why not.

Stonewaul on Grave Connections

3 months ago

May I suggest Puppeteer Clique? It has been a power house for me. Also if yo ufind a card you like in someones GY before end of turn just sac their creature instead of letting it exile to get the value of repeated uses. Between Sheoldred, Meren and Puppeteer Clique I was chaining cards like crazy from the GY and more or less had cleared my library of all lands. If you need a slot I see you still running Sever the Bloodline. If it is working for you great. But I find it to often as a single target removal spell for 4 mana and 7 to be recast. Meh.

+1 for Meren! Check out my deck here and feel free to comment as you like as well.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Rare
Commander 2015 Rare
Innistrad Rare

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