Sever the Bloodline

Sever the Bloodline


Exile target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature.

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Sever the Bloodline Discussion

GobboE on James's no pain no gain

3 weeks ago

hmmm, sorry, but I don't know...I'd have to see this in action perhaps...I feel that your deck does benefit enough from your general (or vice versa, yes...definitely vice versa) Try adding more instants and less sorceries: Doom Blade in and Diabolic Revelation out - I think in your deck it should not matter what card you draw as along as there is that synergy. Also (while I love this card) Plague of Vermin and I would suggest Annihilate (destroy plus extra card) and perhaps even (it would be funny in your deck, in synergy with the 'go to the graveyard' idea) Fatal Blow. Lastly: I think I would remove Doomsday (it seems counter productive) and Sever the Bloodline while adding Syphon Soul or Subversion or Exquisite Blood

Also: where's the Drain Life ? ;)

Virlym on 2015-02-02 update of The Wail ...

1 month ago

I'd start by swapping Crypt of Agadeem for Thespian's Stage. Crypt of Agadeem will at most, give you 12 mana if every single black creature you have is in your graveyard. However, Thespian's Stage can become another Cabal Coffers to give you more mana, or another land of your choosing for other effects. More Utility and usefulness overall.

I also don't really like Sever the Bloodline and Toxic Deluge. Sever the Bloodline as the same drawbacks as Gild, 4 drop Sorcery that exiles 1 creature (fairly good chance it won't be more), and Toxic Deluge can cost a fair bit of life. I'd probably run Oblivion Stone over Sever the Bloodline, and Black Sun's Zenith over Toxic Deluge.

shermanido37 on Shadowbond

1 month ago

I can see how most of your points are valid. And yes, I meant that Maelstrom Pulse and Sever the Bloodline would be deadly when used against your apostles. To include in that list are also other cards that are less likely to be played in EDH, such as Extirpate and Surgical Extraction.

However, Nantuko Shrine can be hilarious in your deck. And Wild Pair may also be useful on other creatures, for example you can cast Elves of Deep Shadow to find another apostle, or maybe even hardcast a demon to find another one that has similar P/T. Although I do agree that it's really high up on the curve for you.

BTW, if you want Bloodbond March to work faster, you can work in Survival of the Fittest or Fauna Shaman to throw all your apostles to the graveyard and take out all the ones in your deck.

Cryptic Gateway can be pretty good when it comes to getting the apostles from your hand onto the battlefield if that's a trouble for you.

Descendants' Path? Possible.

Another thing, personally I think that Door of Destinies is better for you than Coat of Arms, though you can include them both if you like. Door of Destinies can include all the apostles you cast from your hand or from your Thrumming Stone. Although Coat of Arms buffs both apostles and demons simultaneously. Also, you'll be able to cast Obelisk of Urd pretty easily and keep in mind you'll still be able to sac your apostles for their ability.

Mark of the Oni for demon tribal? Urza's Incubator can also help cast those pesky demons that got into your hand.

Harsh Mercy can hurt your opponents if they aren't playing a tribal deck.

Patriarch's Bidding. Also useful on demons. OW


Well, looks I really got rolling with that comment. I hope it's helpful!

twospires on Shadowbond

1 month ago

I think he's saying that Maelstrom Pulse and Sever the Bloodline will take your deck apart....

Did I just hear you say "Thrumming Stone may be good"... in a deck that is 45% ONE CARD? Um, Thrumming Stone is so broken here. You should play four of them.

I agree with what he said about Harsh Sustenance and Abzan Ascendancy. I still think you should put Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker back in. He's fantastic. And I think Demon of Death's Gate should go in too. He's going to knock down some major life total early game. Getting out a 9/9 flying trample on turn 2 seems pretty bonkers.

Note that you can target one of your demons with Fell the Mighty if you like, and you don't have to cast it at all if you're already winning... I'd put one in because it's amazing when your face is getting pounded.

Also, you apostrophized Shadowborn Apostle's... I'm disappointed.

SolelyUbiquitous on Shadowbond

1 month ago

Thrumming Stone may be good; I'll have to test it out. I personally don't like Wild Pair for this deck because it only triggers whenever I cast a creature; it does not get me as many Apostles for the same amount of mana as Bloodbond March or Remembrance. It also costs six mana, which this deck sometimes has a hard time working up to.

The reason I have Harsh Sustenance in this deck is because it can target players. It gets around cards like Fog, blockers, and No Mercy. I don't have to beat an opponent down with a small army of demons, which allows me to focus on different players. Another benefit is that it gives me incredible amounts of life.

Bitter Ordeal would be really fun in this deck. I don't know how effective it would be compared to my other cards, but it would definitely be worth trying.

Abzan Ascendancy is only in the deck for the second ability, which is actually pretty powerful with the right cards in play. Even if I only have six Apostles, I can pretty much give them all flying, put six creatures into my graveyard, and find a Demon -- for one mana. This triggers every time I sac the Apostles, so I can build up a Spirit army to bolster my Demon army.

I'm not sure how Maelstrom Pulse and Sever the Bloodline would work in a commander game, where there are only singles of every card (except for my own Shadowborn Apostle's).

Fell the Mighty would be amazing if I was only dealing with my Shadowborn Apostles, but it would also force me to destroy all of my Demons, Oozes, and any other large creatures that I might get.

Zer0w on Shadowbond

1 month ago

shermanido37 seems to know what he is talking about...

Thrumming Stone might not pan out every time... on the other hand it might really pay off with a bit of luck. I mean almost half of your deck is apostles so you should be able to find 1 out of 4 and again and again and again. I donno about Maelstrom Pulse and Sever the Bloodline seems ok but not super great. but everything else he said sound super good.

shermanido37 on Shadowbond

1 month ago

Let me stop you all right there. There is only ONE way to break this deck.

Thrumming Stone. So you cast an apostle? You cast ALL THE APOSTLES!!!

If not, Wild Pair since you're running green.

Harsh Sustenance is underwhelming, I'd play Tragic Slip instead because you sack all the apostles. Also, speaking of saccing all the apostles, try Bitter Ordeal. It might not end the game right away but it will get rid of many of the opponents' threats.

Abzan Ascendancy is underwhelming as well in my opinion. Also, I'd like to note that both Maelstrom Pulse and Sever the Bloodline, mostly the latter, can really put a damp on things early game, depending on your board state.

Fell the Mighty looks to have potential here. You can cast it on an apostle to remove pretty much everything that isn't small tokens.

Shathief on Malfegor Multiplayer EDH

1 month ago

does Sever the Bloodline do much for you in edh? I can see it working as a token sweeper but I'm not sure it is the best sweeper out there

Color(s) Black
Cost 3B
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.17
Avg. cube pick 8.63


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Innistrad Rare

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