Sentinel Totem


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Sentinel Totem


When Sentinel Totem enters the battlefield, scry 1.

Exile Sentinel Totem: Exile all cards from all graveyards.

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Sentinel Totem Discussion

Kalavas on Derevi's evasive manouvers remodeled

4 days ago

Evasive Maneuvers is the first commander deck I ever bought. I have altered my copy of it a lot and tuned it to make bounce, blink and flicker really work. I looked over this deck and I like the direction you took. Try upping the number of lands you have to 37-38 and if you want graveyard hate try out Sentinel Totem or Rest in Peace. Check out my deck and tell me what you think: Bant Blink and Flicker

kamelyan on Bloodsuckers

1 week ago

That Oversold Cemetery is nice; I need to get me one of those. But it won't do any good if there are less than four creatures in the grave, or if someone pops a Relic of Progenitus or Sentinel Totem.

Argy on Aggro Brawl

1 week ago

Well naturally!

tiagompm I told you - I solved Brawl with this.

I was considering Sentinel Totem to help against The Scarab God. Which card did you take out for it?

My preference will always be for Foundry Inspector over Quicksmith Rebel. I'd rather have my stuff hit the field earlier, than what Rebel offers.

I don't understand how Hostile Desert can be considered consistent enough, when there are only three lands that you can put into your Graveyard.

Glad you had fun with the deck.

tiagompm on Aggro Brawl

2 weeks ago

Argy I've already done brawl combats with the deck based on the one you present and it's consistent! I put the Quicksmith Rebel for Foundry Inspector(and even got it right!) and the Hostile Desert also worked because as the deck is aggressive, putting a terrain card in the cemetery strategically can be very good ... I did not put the Key to the City but put Sentinel Totem because they are playing very The Scarab God comander in Brawl...

In short, it's strong!

gcaster on Hazoret Aggro - Revamped

2 weeks ago

Really struggled against WB vampires at last night's FNM, 3x Blazing Volley going into the sideboard in place of 1x Chandra's Defeat and 2x Sentinel Totem. Managed to pick up 2x Scavenger Grounds so these have gone into the main board.

ErcMan013 on Fall of the Dead

3 weeks ago

Silent Gravestone or Sentinel Totem would help graveyard control.

BeardBlade on No cards for you! -- budget hand disruption

4 weeks ago

Just curious, but why do you pick Crook of Condemnation over Sentinel Totem?

Minihorror227 on U/B Control

1 month ago


ya thats true, thats a good enough reason for me to switch it out. also, since we have a U/W cycling deck in my meta i've also added 2x Sentinel Totem to the sideboard to stop him from casting stuff from his graveyard with Abandoned Sarcophagus

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