Cruel Reality


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Mythic Rare

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Cruel Reality

Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant player

At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, that player sacrifices a creature or a planeswalker. If the player can't, he or she loses 5 life.

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Cruel Reality Discussion

Natalbee on Arguel's Turbo Smog

6 days ago

TheRedGoat: Thanks, I forgot to update the description.

The original point of the deck was to stall out the early game and try to steal the opponent's bigger creatures in the late game. I don't think my suite of removal is really "extensive", as I only have 6 spot removals and 6 board wipes, with 3 of the spot removals having utility outside of creature removal. I could probably cut down on Bontu's, though.

I'm not limited to my personal inventory (deck isn't built yet), this is just a theoretical list. I probably should've mentioned that in the description... although I did say it in my first comment and probably thought that I put it in the description. Oops.

That being said, Cruel Reality could be included in the list but I personally just don't like that card anywhere, and The Scorpion God works better with the direction I was going with the deck anyways.

TheRedGoat on Arguel's Turbo Smog

6 days ago

First and foremost I'd point out you have an out of date description for your deck at the time of this comment. (no Midnight Oil in sight)

It is my understanding that, if you're wanting to play fog effects, you want to extend into the late game for some big costed creature or to assemble a combo. The prolonging of the game also results in eventual card draw (for both you and your foes), hence why white has so many damage prevention effects and little to no cantrips. And adding your extensive use of board wipes and removal means to me that you want to play a very long game. Your win cons though seem underpowered compared to the level of control you have in your build. I gather you are limited to your personal inventory, but wouldn't Cruel Reality feel better as a win con in your type of "slow game" build than The Scorpion God?

DrukenReaps on Politically Motivated.

1 week ago

I'll be honest I'm not a fan of curses in multiplayer. Play them too soon or on the wrong target and they end up not doing nearly enough. They do have some good potential though.

You could add Queen Marchesa as an alternate commander and more importantly another way to get the monarchy on the table. I find it is a very fun political tool and our lovely queen gives out assassins when you dont have it so you still gain from it.

Maze of Ith- you are running a slower grindy deck so slow grindy pieces are good.

Arcane Lighthouse- you need to be able to target things.

Opal Palace- makes recasts of your commander more worth while. people catch onto the political game and they will target you.

Aura of Silence is great and with all those curses I'm a bit surprised about no Overwhelming Splendor, Cruel Reality, or Torment of Scarabs. Maybe they are too slow?

Sunforger would slide really easily into this deck too.

PeeBee on Mono-black creature burn.

2 weeks ago

I like the deck still, but doesnt having 12, 5CMC+ cards in your deck give you a really hard matchup against ramunap red and fast temur/sultai energy draws?

I feel like being a control deck gives you the time to draw into your wincons, meaning that you wouldnt need 3 Cruel Reality's in your deck, this should also help improve your early game and mulligan amounts.

mhaywood03 on Mono Black Control - Ixalan

2 weeks ago

I'd drop a Harsh Scrutiny as its great early, but late it might as well be a 1mana scry 1, and also drop a Walk the Plank as your 2 drop spot is very solidified with Gifted Aetherborn and Fatal Push + Bone Picker, dont sub dark schemes as they syngerize so well together. Instant speed gearhulk is stupid crazy. If you would like ive made a very similar deck that i've been using in fnm's to win or go at least 3-1, just give it a look anyway i really like your build, its much more tempo orientated where mine is straight up kill everything, play Cruel Reality or another win con and win. Here's the link but overall the deck is nice, giving +1 for it. My deck:

Mono-black creature burn.

Standard* mhaywood03


PeeBee on Mono Black Control - Ixalan

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment mhaywood03, i have both of these cards and played with them both. I felt that Cruel Reality was a little weak, and more of a win harder card, although I am a big fan of the Noxious Gearhulk i was just unsure whether its better in the 6 drop slot than Demon of Dark Schemes.

what would you drop to play the gearhulk/s

NyxDragon on The Prossh Mosh

2 weeks ago

Got to thinking, Sheoldred, the Whispering One and Cruel Reality are got spot sac cards, where the sooner gives you recursion and later makes your opponent lose life if they dont have anything to sac. Wasitora, Nekoru Queen could also be beneficial.

mhaywood03 on Mono Black Control - Ixalan

2 weeks ago

Need another few strong win cons, I ran Cruel Reality and Noxious Gearhulk I recommend you at least consider the gearhulk as it is crazy strong with Liliana

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