Diregraf Colossus


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Diregraf Colossus

Creature — Zombie Giant

Diregraf Colossus enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each Zombie card in your graveyard.

Whenever you cast a Zombie spell, put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield tapped.

Diregraf Colossus Discussion

Happymaster19 on The Undead Curse [Modern Zombies]

5 days ago

Wouldn’t that be something. That’s been the main thing missing from the deck is that effect. Just dump your Gravecrawler s and Dread Wanderer s over and over. Diregraf Colossus triggers for days. I’d likely reshape the with more Colossi if they do reprint it.

lithiumbrigadebait on RazaBridge Reanimator

3 weeks ago

Bunch of cuts, bunch of additions! Notably, Meteor Golem gives us a not-completely-embarrassing out to Stony Silence/Null Rod effects, which otherwise shut down Phyrexian Altar , treasure tokens from Pitiless Plunderer , and Walking Ballista (in other words, all of our win conditions) as well as Rest in Peace and Leyline of the Void , meaning the stupid Rings/Monolith combo is no longer relevant!

Main theme of many of the changes is maxing out on redundant effects for recursive creatures and interchangeable pieces for the end win condition, as well as the full suite of 'draw cards on death' triggers to go with our recursive dorks.

Recursive dorks: Gravecrawler , Nether Spirit , Bloodghast , Bloodsoaked Champion

Gravecrawler and Nether Spirit are obvious, as the cleanest win conditions. Bloodghast is largely for value, or for a free body to come in alongside a Buried Alive fetching Razaketh. Bloodsoaked Champion is a cheaper alternative to Reassembling Skeleton , which I hate paying the upfront 2 mana for. (It also has the fringe benefit of being a Warrior, which plays nicely with Mindblade Render !)

Draw-on-death triggers: Grim Haruspex , Midnight Reaper , Harvester of Souls

Replaced the one-shot card draw like Night's Whisper with more engines. Particularly nice if you have Walking Ballista + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed with no sac outlet (Ballista can kill itself repeatedly to draw into an unrestricted sac outlet) or Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Altar / Pitiless Plunderer + sac outlet without a source of extra bodies or mana.

Other miscellaneous additions:

Pitiless Plunderer -- Excellent addition, reanimate-able Altar as long as you have a sac outlet on board. Can even stockpile Treasures for burst turns or casting fat.

Diregraf Colossus -- Not super useful on its own, but it does serve fairly cleanly as a castable/reanimate-able Bridge from Below while also being a Zombie for Gravecrawler. Major downside is that it does absolutely nothing with Nether Spirit or any other card combinations, so I'm on the fence but excited to give it a shot.

Priest of Forgotten Gods -- Came in to accompany the greater focus on recursive dorks and death draw triggers. Very, very good with Pawn of Ulamog/Diregraf Colossus tokens.

Stitcher's Supplier -- Little dude does SO MUCH WORK. Liliana -1 to bring him back is a fairly common play, and often very strong. It's even a zombie!

Songs of the Damned -- I was worried this would be dead too often, but it's crazy explosive, and I'm tempted to try Crypt of Agadeem .

As soon as War of the Spark is released, Liliana's Triumph is slotting RIGHT in; card is nuts.

Lanzo493 on Scarab God's Boneyard Fun

1 month ago

I love zombies. Here’s some more budget friendly options for zombie tribal. Diregraf Captain , Diregraf Colossus , Undead Warchief , Lord of the Accursed , Cryptbreaker (great for card draw), Death Baron , and Shepherd of Rot .

As for graveyard interaction, your commander already does really good. So does Gravecrawler with any sacrifice outlet. Ashnod's Altar is great. You also have access to Buried Alive .

Now for draw. The good ones are Rhystic Study and Phyrexian Arena . Other ones include Arcanis the Omnipotent , Cryptbreaker , Concentrate , Brainstorm and the other cantrips.

Noire_Samhain on Sacking zombies

1 month ago

A few zombie cards I love you might want to consider-

Diregraf Colossus , who makes tokens who casting zombies. Open the Graves to make zombie tokens for killing off non-token zombies. Grimoire of the Dead , is a nice win-con if you can get it off. Rise of the Dark Realms on an artifact. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is a nice mean zombie maker, though exiling an opponent's creature might ruin some other plans of yoinking their dead monsters away.

For value from sacking your non-token zombies, try adding a Grim Haruspex . Get some much needed card draw, which you're lacking a bit of.

Also, try Victimize for even more revival. Just kill of a pathetic zombie token to get big boys back.

Jpinkman on Zombie Horde

1 month ago

Where can i start suggesting...well Gravecrawler : can’t miss this. Diregraf Colossus : one of best zombies for swarming. Death Baron : best zombie lord imho. Open the Graves : a nice enchantment for swarming. Liliana, Death's Majesty

thirstythirstin on Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

1 month ago

You have a lot of sorceries. They're not necessarily bad, but they are taking up space where zombies could be. You can get rid of innocent blood (use fleshbag marauder instead), aether snap, twilight's call, life's finale

You don't really need vensor's journal or whispersilk cloak. You don't really have big creatures that do anything on combat damage to a player.

For instants I think tendrils of corruption, grasp of darkness, murder, go for the throat, and doom blade do well in mono black

And you got some jank creatures. What is that vulture? no. No dross hopper, no gangrenous zombies, no zombie brute, gutless ghoul is kind of crap, you have a lot of things with activated abilities and I just don't think you're going to be using them that much.

You also don't have card draw. You have a sign in blood and that's it really. Black has some good pay with life card draw cards.

You have the sanguine bond/exquisite blood combo, but your sanguine bond is completely useless. You don't gain any life except from vensor's journal and you don't have much card draw, so it's not going to do much.

Good zombie cards to add: Fleshbag Marauder (so good with mikaeus) Ghoulcaller Gisa Ghoulraiser Graf Harvest Grave Betrayal Grave Defiler Graveborn Muse Gravecrawler Infernal Caretaker josu vess Liliana's Mastery Lord of the Accursed Maalfeld Twins Necromancer's Stockpile Necromantic Selection Noosegraf Mob Open the Graves Grave Titan Liliana's Reaver Cadaver Imp Corpse Connoisseur Accursed Horde Archdemon of Unx cemetary recruitment Cryptbreaker Diregraf Colossus Doomed Dissenter Empty the Pits (is hilarious) Ever After Overseer of the Damned Plague Belcher Rakshasa Gravecaller Relentless Dead Risen Executioner Rot Hulk Shepherd of Rot Stir the Sands Zombie Infestation

I think I have some of these. You can have them if I do

MediSyntax on RazaBridge Reanimator

1 month ago

I am definitely on board with Diregraf Colossus , it is excellent redundancy for Bridge from Below, which is easily disrupted. The same could be said for Pitiless Plunderer , which is a dupe for Phyrexian Altar when used with a sac outlet. I love the redundancy.

We have already discussed Dark Deal and Mindslicer . I have cut DD and am not so in love with Mindslicer that I wouldn’t cut it. The next juicy piece of tech will probably push it out for me.

Regarding Midnight Reaper , I’d be hesitant to use it because I am concerned that the damage would add up and eat into our life total for Razaketh. Reaper is a zombie and draws for itself which is nice but I’d probably go with Grim Haruspex first.

Liliana, Untouched By Death was a thought experiment and I am pretty comfortable saying the deck is better without it. Unless you REALLY recommend Thornbite Staff to me, I suspect that same could be said of it too.

On a bright note, I am 100% on Mausoleum Secrets and think Culling the Weak will be in the same boat. Let me know how your testing goes!

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Diregraf Colossus occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%