Honor-Worn Shaku


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Uncommon

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Honor-Worn Shaku


Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

Tap an untapped legendary permanent you control: Untap Honor-Worn Shaku.

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Honor-Worn Shaku Discussion

heinrichgraum on Back Alley Brawl

1 week ago

Hey if you need help speeding the deck up, Reki, the History of Kamigawa and Honor-Worn Shaku are pretty incredible cards thanks the all planeswalkers being legendary.

dapartyrooster on Too Many Cooks: Planeswalker Control

3 weeks ago

Have you considered Honor-Worn Shaku? Free mana for each planeswalker, oath, and random this-or-that.

HezTheGod on Waiting for Godo - cEDH primer

3 weeks ago

Have you considered:

Anger of the Gods over Fiery Cannonade


Extraplanar Lens over Honor-Worn Shaku with snow covered mountains

bumcheeks on $1 cards challenge

1 month ago

Honor-Worn Shaku and Thirst for Knowledge are both over 1 dollar

wisegreenbean on Breya Control

1 month ago

Island, Mountain, Swamp, and Plains seem like potentially reasonable additions.

Honor-Worn Shaku is pretty neat with your legend focus. Also Thalia's Lancers. Even Yomiji, Who Bars the Way might be worth consideration. Legendary artifact creatures are also potentially pretty high value, like Memnarch, Silas Renn, Seeker Adept,Bosh, Iron Golem, and Sharuum the Hegemon; you get to meet your artifact synergies and legend synergies all in one go.

insertcleverphrasehere on Waiting for Godo - cEDH primer

1 month ago

Argentum Armor is IMO a better backup plan than Umezawa's Jitte. You can grab it on combo turn with one of the token-godo copies and destroy up to 2 permanents (get the Hammer with the first token, Armour with the second if you don't already have the Hammer). Helps deal with problem permanents that would otherwise wreck our plan, such as Propaganda effects or Glacial Chasm. Both cards are dead draws, and won't be cast if drawn unless the Helm of the Host gets exiled.Both require 2 turns worth of attacks to kill a player (Jitte needs a turn to get enough counters, and Argentum needs at least 3 connections (9+9+9)). While both can remove blockers, Jitte can't do it on the first attack, and has to spend otherwise offensive power to do so (burning counters), Argentum just nukes the blockers before blocker declaration.

Jitte has a couple advantages: is a good mana rock if Honor-Worn Shaku is out, and Argentum also has a higher equip cost, but both are zero if you have the Hammer out anyway.

He_Who_Hungers on lord of the jank :)

2 months ago

Exactly the type of list I'd be planning to make with Mairsil... Mostly here looking for inspiration, and will probably dig into some things from this.

Here's some of my jank for you.- Helldozer because Wizards kind of directly told us they wanted us to play Non-basic land removal with Ixalan.

  • Mirage Mirror because it is always nice to turn into a Mountain when Wrath of God is raging.

  • Deadeye Tracker because Mairsil hates every graveyard that isn't your own. No, wait, even your own. We want things in cages, not in graves.

  • Dark Impostor because getting rid of things is good. Unfortunately it doesn't copy its static ability, which would've been even better.

  • Syndicate Trafficker because, well, you're going to have that artifact in your graveyard in order to exile it with Mairsil anyway. Hey look there's Wrath of God again. Hi, Wrath of God!

  • Captivating Crew because it's always nice to look for some mates.

  • Soul Conduit because we take what we want. Sometimes, what we want is peoples' lives.

  • Grimoire of the Dead because Wizards like to read. Then kill themselves and come back with some friends.

  • Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang because becoming a dragon seems like a thing a wizard would do. Also if you don't want to become a dragon, you can stab people with it.

  • Hisoka, Minamo Sensei because you might as well throw those expensive card into your 'yard before you put them in a cage. And if you get to counter something with it, so much the better.

  • Xathrid Slyblade because we are fine with losing hexproof if we don't have hexproof. Be careful when using it with Swiftfoot Boots though.

  • Honor-Worn Shaku I have not quite found a use for yet. But if you find something which gets a kick out of Mairsil tapping or untapping, this will be your combopiece. Thought I'd throw it in.

You can hopefully tell Mairsil makes me very happy.

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