Trespasser's Curse


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Trespasser's Curse

Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant playerWhenever a creature enters the battlefield under enchanted player's control, that player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

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Trespasser's Curse Discussion

Nethereon on Trespassing Phantasm

46 minutes ago

If you're playing a deck like this, I highly recommend Dowsing Dagger and Panharmonicon. Pan is worth the 4 mana because not only will it double your Hunted Phantasm trigger but the Trespasser's Curse triggers are doubled per creature. Later, you can equip your Phantasm and get a Lost Vale to cast a massive X spell (I like Torment of Hailfire or Exsanguinate as my go to fireball).

If you're worried about getting overrun, I run Leyline of Singularity as a hedge. The legendary clause will slow you down a bit, but it stops Lingering Souls tokens, multiple D-Shadows, Tarmoturds, etc. You will still gain the benefits of the Curse triggers, but they won't maintain the benefit of imposed "downside" of the hunted creatures before they legend rule themselves.

I've had some fun with the deck; still needs some work though. I hope these suggestions inspire some successful improvements. Best regards.

Argy on UB control - a cheap one

23 hours ago

Trespasser's Curse isn't effective against some decks.

It got my Worthy Minotaurs deck down to 11, but by that time I was hitting for 13 each go, so I didn't care.

I would replace it with a good, old fashioned, Cancel.

Nowhere near as good as Disallow, but a thousand times cheaper/easier to grab.

Fetid Pools would be an excellent add, unless you are aiming for most of your lands to enter untapped. 3 or 4 would be ideal.

It does help Drowned Catacomb to enter untapped (as it is an Island and a Swamp), and the draw it allows in the mid to late game is not to be underestimated.

I would swap a Select for Inspection for another Walk the Plank. It's good to return a Creature to hand, but better to outright get rid of it.

You struggle against Creature-heavy decks. Returning Creatures to hand only stalls for so long. You need to include some more Win Conditions (win cons).

Dreamcaller Siren might be worth looking at. It fits your disruption theme and gives you another flier. Siren Stormtamer helps to trigger its tap effect.

Oh, and your Sideboard obviously needs to be whittled down to 15 cards.

ticked-off-squirrel on Special Lil Guy's First Commander Deck

1 day ago

i suggest going for Fretwork Colony. with enough life gain you will have enough life to get him really really big. downside to him is he can't block. Blood Seeker + Polluted Bonds go hand in hand. (can substitute Blood Seeker with Trespasser's Curse if you want the life gain from it) Greed is a great card ramper with enough life. Pestilence is an excellent board wiper if you got enough life to spare. or it can finish off an opponent who is lasting out.

Flickstro on My Budget Modern Black Discard Deck

2 days ago

Nice! This gives me some ideas for my own discard deck. I had included Harsh Scrutiny in mine, along with Duress in order to clean out anything that wasn't land. I also like Trespasser's Curse and Torment of Scarabs for some additional arm twisting.

aholder7 on Give Your Opponents Tokens

4 days ago

The priest is all fine and good but you have the option of having Trespasser's Curse and that card is great.

Smalls2004 on B/W Lifegain

2 weeks ago

phatbuds, thanks for the suggestion. Originally I was running Authority of the Consuls and Trespasser's Curse, but I found that they didn't really affect the board enough to be included in the deck. I might put them on the sideboard though for token decks.

razelfark on Torment of Raidors'

2 weeks ago

Not entirely sure what thee goal of your deck is. Only thing I can see is that Panharmonicon doesn't really do much for this deck build. Only card it effects is the Trespasser's Curse. I would personally cut the Panharmonicon from deck entirely and possibly put Trespasser's Curse in side if not remove it as well.

You are probably going to want to run a board wipe spells or direct control cards with this deck type. I would suggest Fumigate as it will clear the board and recover you some life.

I would avoid using Sword-Point Diplomacy as you give your opponent the chance to get rid of your key cards. Since you don't do anything directly aggressive in this deck, your opponent would have no problem paying 3 life to get rid of Torment of Hailfire if it were one of the options. My suggestion if you want to use a draw spell then use Arguel's Blood Fast or Painful Lesson.

djnewellmit on UG Pummeler

2 weeks ago

Wgpfly: Glorybringer is a good target. Another troublesome flyer is Angel of Invention in the God-Pharaoh's Gift decks.

However, probably more relevant than flyers is the fact that Crushing Canopy provides one of the few means of enchantment removal in Standard. Most importantly it answers the white denial enchantments of Ixalan's Binding and Solemnity (with an occasional Cast Out). I played a Temur Pummeler at this week's FNM and almost all of my opponents brought in Ixalan's Binding against the Pummeler. It also hits the Ixalan legendary enchantment cycle, ie- Search for Azcanta  Flip, and curses like Trespasser's Curse.

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