Boros Locket


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Common

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Boros Locket


Gain or .

, , Sacrifice Boros Locket: Draw two cards.

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Boros Locket Discussion

DespairFaction on Aurelia RW Angel Reanimator

1 week ago

Updates: Out Sunblast Angel, in theory it seems but just never does as much as you want it to. Angelic Renewal, often I find I don't even have time to cast it, though its good if theres a lot of spot removal in your meta. Hammer mage ive moved to the maybe/sideboard. Some decks cant win if you cast it, at least until they get rid of it, but its also very slow an mana inefficient. Faithless Looting was just never as good as I wanted it to be.

In: Iona, Shield of Emeria, Angelic Arbiter, Platinum Angel these 3 can shut down a wide range of problems that opponents may try to throw your way. Angelic Arbiter is particularly sweet against decks that try to use Craterhoof Behemoth or other overrun type of effects. Boros Locket will try this out, see if its worth card draw ability.

Suns_Champion on Super Smash Boros | Firesong & Sunspeaker EDH

3 weeks ago

Rabid_Wombat good question! Let the discussion begin!

I've seen them but haven't spent the time to evaluate all of them.

I like Boros Locket as a replacement for one of the diamonds maybe.

Integrity / Intervention gets the same Lightning Helix deal at a worse cost, and has some added flexibility of being a pump spell. My problem is my Sunforger package is already to full and I don't see any obvious replacements.

Chance for Glory is straight awesome but not for this deck. I can see it becoming a wincon in another Sunforger themed deck.

Deafening Clarion is great... if only it was an instant! Might still make the cut. Maybe over Breath of Darigaaz!

I wish Justice Strike did the damage not the creature :(

Risk Factor will certainly fight for a spot! I've said if Browbeat was an instant I'd have it in here, and well, here it is.

Maybe Crush Contraband over Wear & Tear? What do y'all think?

My initial thoughts. I'll have to see how pre-release goes if I want to get any of them. Anyone else who has any thoughts feel free to jump in!

multimedia on Esper Angels

1 month ago

Hey, how much have you playtested? I ask because white is the most important color if you want to play Angels and it has the least amount of sources (12) in the manabase. Needing for Resplendent and Lyra who are together the Angel engine you'll want more than 12 sources of white.

It's difficult to support cards with a playable Esper manabase for Guilds of Ravnica Standard you really need Hallowed Fountain or Godless Shrine, but won't get these lands until Jan 2019. Consider Anticipate? It lets you look at three cards and choose one of them. This gives you more selection to help to find lands. The combination of 4x Opt and 3-4x Anticipate can give you enough library selection to help to find white lands as well as set-up/find the Angel you need. Consider cutting Knight of Grace for Anticipate?

Grace and Malice is a great team, but Grace is mediocre without Malice because the only card that can pump him here is Malice. Malice on the other hand is good because he can be pumped by the Angels. I suggest putting Grace in the sideboard.

Consider Jeskai? Jeskai lets you play the new Aurelia (Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice) another Angel as well as Teferi and Search. A Jeskai manabase can more easily support because you can play 4x Sacred Foundry, 4x Clifftop Retreat and 4x Glacial Fortress and 4x Plains giving you 16 sources of white. It also gives you 8x Shock lands which can turn on all the Check lands making a three color manabase smooth in game play. Shards (Grixis and Naya) and wedges (Jeskai, Sultai, Abzan) can use two different Shock lands in the manabases making these color combinations much better with Check lands. Shards and wedges that can only use one Shock land (Esper, Jund, Bant, Mardu, Temur) are less favorable for upcoming Standard.

An 26 land Jeskai example (16 white, 13 blue, 16 red):

With Jeskai and red you could play Boros Locket as ramp (turn four Lyra/sac it later on in the game to draw cards), Lava Coil as removal that exiles and Deafening Clarion as a three drop board wipe against aggro that can also be a nonLyra way to give Angels lifelink.

Good luck with your deck.