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Tajic, Legion's Edgelord [Boardwipe Aggro, Primer]

Commander / EDH Aggro Primer RW (Boros) Soldiers Weenie



Intro ::

Sometimes, we just need the game to end quickly. Like when it's 2 a.m. and everyone just agreed to another four-player game. You don't know why you said yes, you have to work tomorrow! Or is that today? Whatever, the last thing you want is the control player stretching the game out for hours. Time to punch them in the face with Boros!

This take on Tajic is essentially a Soldier-tribal beatdown. Many decks in the middling power tiers of Commander take a few turns to get going, and this one can start threatening with commander damage on Turn 3. You dominate a four-player game by turning the aggro up to 11, as early as you can. Use commander damage as a way to control politics at the table - it's amazing how quickly someone becomes your friend when you put them to 18 Tajic damage. While you focus one player with commander damage, you can throw your Soldier army at the other players to get them within midgame kill range.

The strategy is overcentralized around creature offense at the moment, without a lot of artifact and enchantment removal or vegetables to back them up. This is done intentionally, to help overwhelm the boardstate and swing in for kill damage on Turn 6. The deck doesn't necessarily need to ramp up to being able to cast two game-winning synergies in a turn, it just needs the creatures out first to generate damage, and a boardwipe to clear the way.

It seems cliche to give a commendation to the commander, but Tajic, Legion's Edge really deserves one. He is crucial to the deck's strategy in three ways: First, he comes out early and starts threatening a player with commander damage Turn 3. Second, he is a Soldier who comes out with Haste, and can generate plenty of regular damage on his own. And third, he gives our creatures that key noncombat damage immunity, which we exploit through cards like Earthquake and Repercussion .

Flickering Ward is a great way to give Tajic protection from our red damage sources, allow him to swing in past big blockers to keep the commander damage up, give him immunity to Murder, etc. Plus, we can return it to hand when/if we need to.

My next card needs no commendation, Blasphemous Act . With Tajic on the field, it usually wipes out all the opponents' creatures with R, leaving you free to spend your mana on something else. Unless you already spent that mana to play Repercussion , that will probably end the game in most cases. It's a good card for the deck because it can be cast for so little mana and has a huge damage return.

Bounty Agent is also an incredible Turn 2 play, you can have her swinging as a 3/3 Vigilance on Turn 3 after Tajic Mentors her, and still have her available to kill a commander before they can put on their Boots/Greaves. She and Intrepid Hero help us fill a lot of removal gaps that our X spells might have trouble killing. Same goes for Catapult Master and Devout Chaplain , but the Agent is the superior play for a fast deck that centers on making people sweat.

It's fun to play with Daru Mender and Frontline Strategist together. Most people in our pod know that I run two morph creatures in the deck by now, but they do such different things that it keeps people nervous and guessing. Does he have a Fog? A Regenerate for Tajic? Hmmm... Plus, they can be Mentored up before they flip.

Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion also gets a commendation. It is incredibly hard for people to remove, and the ability to give Tajic double strike at instant speed gives you a very lethal threat. It's a good surprise tactic to save for when someone thinks they're out of Tajic range and tries messing with you. When Tajic's sword is pressed to their neck on your next turn, others will think twice about messing with the Legion... Boros Charm can do the same thing for less mana, but it is much easier to counter than a land's activated ability, isn't repeatible, and can't be used on Tajic if he has protection from red.

Preeminent Captain lets us play a ton of stuff from our hand for free. Sometimes it's worth waiting to play him until you can get some form of protection on the same turn, but on the other hand he can really help the deck accelerate hard, so don't be overcautious in waiting to play him. A fool knows no fear, a hero shows no fear. Daru Warchief is also great for buffing (almost) our whole board, and reducing the recast cost of Tajic.

Elspeth, Knight-Errant is another great Turn 4 play that can make Tajic very lethal. Giving him +3/+3 and flying makes him even harder to block, and costs no mana to activate on successive turns. Then there is her ult of course, which I have activated a surprising number of times with this deck.

Spirit Mantle is a great way to get that Tajic damage through the defensive lines, and ups his power for more Mentoring targets.

A lot of the damage combos involving Tajic are pretty obvious, so I'll skip those and focus on other synergies.

Odric, Lunarch Marshal + Swiftblade Vindicator :: Gives our whole field double strike, trample, and vigilance during each combat.

Palisade Giant + Inviolability :: All damage dealt to us and all permanents we control is prevented. Not bad...

Legion's Initiative + Aurelia, the Warleader :: Get three combats in a single turn. Only costs you 2 mana if you already have the permanents out, or 10 mana to play the whole combo from hand.

Impact Tremors + Assemble the Legion :: Slow but steady deathclock.


Updates Add

After playing with the deck a couple dozen times, it functions very well aggressively. Adding broader protection for Tajic and the whole board, as well as bigger and faster offensive options. Adding a bit more land, too.

Militia's Pride -> Preeminent Captain, Everdawn Champion -> Seraph of the Sword, Mask of Law and Grace -> Inviolability, Gleam of Battle -> Aurelia, the Warleader, Crown of Awe -> Legion's Initiative, Chandra's Ignition -> Earthquake, Vigilant Martyr -> Bastion Protector, Deploy to the Front -> Palisade Giant, Aegis Angel -> Protector of the Crown, Ogre Battledriver -> Fire Servant, Fanatical Devotion -> Light of Sanction, First Response -> Repercussion, Dawn of Hope -> Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Pyrohemia -> Firesong and Sunspeaker, Evolving Wilds -> Ancient Amphitheater, Terramorphic Expanse -> Needle Spires, Dawn Charm -> Plains, Response / Resurgence -> Mountain, Spirit Bonds -> Plains,

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