Destructive Force


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set (M11) Rare

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Destructive Force


Each player sacrifices five lands. Destructive Force deals 5 damage to each creature.

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Destructive Force Discussion

SteelSentry on How mean is "too mean" ...

1 month ago

How do effects that only blow up most of your lands factor into this? How "mean" is it to play Destructive Force or Keldon Firebombers?

Frank_Glascock on Maelstrom Wanderer - No-scope

1 month ago

We both are not playing Spelljack. One of the reasons I cut it was it is dead outside of cascade. I feel the same about Destructive Force. It kills Maelstrom Wanderer which precludes us from either casting it from hand with Wanderer on the field or casting it with Wanderer in command zone. The latter scenario has the potential to prevent casting Maelstrom Wanderer even on our next turn with the loss of lands.

Zujiry on Ain't No Mountain High Enough

1 month ago

Few ideas:

hoardofnotions on Radha, Butcher of Keld

3 months ago


I was thinking the same thing about Petradon, so I'm going to keep in Silvos, Rogue Elemental for now.

I think adding Keldon Firebombers would necessitate a total rework of the deck, so it'll probably be kept on the sidelines.

Thanks for explaining your thoughts and the upvote!


Some deckbuilding guild lines I set out for myself are very little artifacts or enchantments and creatures with toughness 5 and preferably 6 or more to survive Wildfire and Destructive Force so adding Sakiko, Mother of Summer or Wort, the Raidmother would be suspect. Though they are really good cards and I should probably try to fit in sakiko anyway.

I'm also running this on a strict total budget of $50. My buddy and I are trying to flex our deck building skills not our wallets lol. So I don't think i can fit in Neheb, the Eternal even though it's super good as well.

I'm going to swap Conjurer's Closet with Selvala's Stampede though! That's a super cool card and i think it'll be great!

Do you think I should run Hunter's Insight over Soul's Majesty?

If you like the deck an upvote would go a long way, Thanks!

Ziembski on Bully Tahngarth, Master of the Arena

4 months ago

EternalBrewmaster thanks for upvote, comment and suggestions!

Wildfire and Destructive Force both are not bad, however I don't really like losing my own lands. And another thing is my actuall local meta with Omnath, Locus of Mana, The Gitrog Monster and Ezuri, Claw of Progress. Those cards would really hurt me while not really hurting them. I prefer to keep single-land destruction to get rid of their essencial non-basics (like Urborg+Cabal for Gitrog).

Neheb, the Eternal is put into maybeboard for sure. I've always seen him as being too OP for Commander, but might be fine as part of 99. However, what should I cut for him? I'm actually a little bit afraid that without many burn spells and so few creatures, he won't really be that great or even worth cutting.

In terms of card draw, I'm already working on it. Just added stuff like Staff of Nin and Sunset Pyramid and others (I find Pyramid actually not so bad). Mind's Eye is quite pricey but I was planning on adding it, will include it when I get one.

Problem with wheels is that they are also very pricey. I got copy of Reforge the Soul and might add it but orginal one and other are quite out of my reach, at least at this moment. What would You suggest to replace for Reforge the Soul?

Oh, and I will send accordion code in PM.

EternalBrewmaster on Bully Tahngarth, Master of the Arena

4 months ago

First of all, this deck is sick and your deck page is beautiful. I'd love to get the code for the accordion panels with the pictures. As far as suggestions go: Wildfire, Destructive Force, Neheb, the Eternal all seem good for this deck. I'm a little concerned by the lack of card draw, so I'd also suggest Mind's Eye, Wheel of Fortune, Reforge the Soul, and so on.

Starsky2814 on A Michael Bay Film, Omnath: Age of Explosions! v3

4 months ago

RingoDingo92, thanks for the suggestion! Realms Uncharted added.

TehMagicPrimordial, thank you for your suggestion as well! Coat of Arms added.

realBorborygmos, thank you for the +1. We are so close to hitting the 100 upvote milestone. Very exciting! Go team Gruul!

Bassmaster, I've always looked at Rite of the Raging Storm as an addition to Omnath, but always overlooked it for something else. I guess all it took was for your recommendation to really push for the addition. Thanks! As for the suggested protection cards, I'll keep them on the back burner for now. Great suggestions, nonetheless.

Vayder84, I had Nissa, Vital Force in a previous version and decided to replace her for Nissa, Worldwaker. I like them both very much for this deck, but I've enjoyed very much so turning my fetchlands into 4/4 elementals and then sacrificing them to bolt an opponent or creature.

Sgtpopnfreash, it's a done deal! Lotus Cobra is back in the mix. I'm still on the fence on including Elemental Mastery again. I'll keep it in mind for the meantime, as well as Spitebellows, Life's Legacy and your shared suggestion with DrValium for Impact Tremors. Thank you both for your suggestions!

benjameenbear7, I am actually in the process of putting together a prototype version of another Omnath build that includes land destruction and will also feature such cards as Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon. As for Wildfire and Destructive Force they could really add some spice to that build. As for this build, I am considering on adding both Mana Crypt and/or Mana Vault at some point in the near future.

Jitsrotu, I was sitting on Life from the Loam in the past. Especially anytime I would have Crucible of Worlds in play. Now I have Ramunap Excavator included, I don't find it too necessary to have as of now. As for Boundless Realms it usually does good work in this deck. Though I'm not going to lie, I have had thoughts on replacing it for Genesis Wave but for now it remains.

benjameenbear7 on A Michael Bay Film, Omnath: Age of Explosions! v3

4 months ago

While I don't particularly care for the Gruul color combination (Dimir Forever!), I'm intrigued by your deck and the name, haha. I think if you wanted to increase the competitiveness of your deck, I think you're deck is very well-positioned to take advantage of some mana denial. I don't know if that will fly in your playgroup, but based on the list of commanders you play against regularly, I think LD is justified.

I would add Magus of the Moon and Blood Moon because you can run a very clean mana base being dual-colored while your opponents could be seriously mana-screwed. I would also suggest perhaps adding Wildfire or Destructive Force so that you kill all the lands, clear the board, and either leave a substantial Elemental army or deal a ridiculous amount of damage. Combined with Crucible of Worlds, Splendid Reclamation, and some additional artifact mana, I think you could easily play around LD effects to kill your opponents quickly and efficiently. Hall of Gemstone is a wacky card that can interestingly color-screw your opponents and limit the number of spells they can cast per turn. It does hinder your own game-plan a bit, but I think you can play around it better than your opponents in the Gruul colors.

My last suggestion would be to add some more "fast" mana sources. I don't know if your budget allows it, but Grim Monolith, Mana Crypt, and Mana Vault aren't terrible here since you're trying to ramp into a very expensive general and abuse his heavy-hitter token ability. Combined with the LD effects that make Red strong in EDH, mana rocks will help you pull ahead of your opponents and bring on the explosions.

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