Soldiers & Angels


Control the board whilst establishing a token engine before flooding the battlefield with weenie soldier tokens and then pump them to become a significant threat.


All my deck centre around trying to do one or two things well based around a certain theme, they are not intended to be able to defend and cope with everything and anything that comes their way. (Good Card Suggestions vs Deck Dilution)

I am a 'kitchen table' player with a limited budget. As with all my decks advice and suggestions (as well as +1's) are always very welcome but keep in mind anything above the $5 per card mark I'm unlikely to consider.

The more reasoning you can give with any suggestion you make, the more likely I am to consider running it in the deck. This is because I can't always spot the combo or idea you are going for. Letting me know what your thinking gives me a better insight into how you think this deck might be made better by the suggestion.


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