Decree of Annihilation


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Annihilation (V14) Mythic Rare
Scourge (SCG) Rare

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Decree of Annihilation


Exile all artifacts, creatures, and lands from the battlefield, all cards from from all graveyards and all cards from all hands.

Cycling {5}{R}{R} ({5}{R}{R}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

When you cycle Decree of Annihilation, destroy all lands.

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Decree of Annihilation Discussion

simondiamond2012 on Ruric Thar [Competitive] - Your Heart is a Muscle

4 days ago


I've managed to scrounge around and put this deck together in paper. Here's what I've seen so far in the games I've played...

Planar Chaos is a bit hit and miss. It did counter a commander once and missed on a Farseek. I lost it on my turn at my first upkeep. Worth some more testing but I think it's not going to be good long term for this deck to have it.

Yisan and Great Oak Guardian deserve mention because I was able to combo off through a counter spell heavy cEDH tournament table with just Yisan on the field. I've found it to be a great include to fight through permission decks.

As for Great Oak Guardian specifically, it's worked beautifully. I've worked out the math to have my deck combo off of just Imperial Recruiter. Here's the line:

Imperial Recruiter --> Kiki-Jiki --> play Kiki and copy Recruiter --> Recruiter finds Fierce Empath --> Fierce Empath finds Great Oak Guardian.

The above line has worked wonders.

Also, dropping Xenagos prior to Obliterate or cycling Decree of Annihilation has spelled GG for opponents on more than one occasion. Xenagos helps to recover immensely.

Splinter Twin has also been a nice backup at times to Kiki-Jiki. But another unsung hero has been Genesis. At 3 mana, Genesis has been able to get Ramunap Excavator which has let me get back on my feet rather quickly.

Deadpoo111 on I would like some help ...

2 weeks ago

First, I would add in Goblin Welder esp. because it just got reprinted, so it's cheaper now. Other than that I would suggest more removal and the occasional Decree of Annihilation wins games.

eliakimras on Kaalia Work in Progress

2 weeks ago

Another tip: Lightning Greaves and Mother of Runes provide additional protection for Kaalia, because she is famous by what she can do and smart opponents will try to take her out as soon she is cast. // You can also try massive land destruction once Kaalia hits the battlefield, because you don't really need lands if you can attack with her to put your big creatures on the battlefield for free. It also prevent opponents from casting removal spells on her, giving you enough time to smash their faces. Armageddon, Boom // Bust, Catastrophe and Decree of Annihilation are all options, but beware: some people think their lands are sacred, therefore frown upon massive land destruction (MLD). // Steel Hellkite can help you deal with problematic permanents. Liliana's Contract might be an alternative win condition, and it still draws you a good chunk of cards. Swords to Plowshares is a cheap removal spell that is a staple in EDH. Utter End and Merciless Eviction are also solid, because they can exile anything.

SynergyBuild on Mistform Ultimus Tribal Tribal: The Skeleton Key

3 weeks ago

Chain of Vapor is considered in cEDH to be the most efficient single-target removal spell. One-cmc, instant, unconditional removal for non-land permanents? Count me in. And blue also has one of the top two contenders for best board wipe, being Cyclonic Rift, though whether or not it is better than Toxic Deluge is certainly debatable. On one hand it can be a single target removal spell at a reasonable cost, and hits more permanents, on the other it is undeniably less cost effective, bit is an instant and doesn't cost life. There are arguements to be made either way. I'd say white is still better than Blue or black with them having an abundance of destroy effects for any permanent type, and having access to mass land destruction. Armageddon is hugely powerful, and with Grasp of Fate, Wrath of God, and other similar creature/non-land permanent removal, white is the king of removal.

I'd actually claim black only has creature removal to back itself up. Green, red, white, and blue have artifact removal, land destruction, and with the exception of red, enchantment removal too. Blue and red have mass land destruction in the forms of Sunder and Ruination/Decree of Annihilation, and though white is the king of it, it doesn't particularly help black's case at all. Green can't deal with creatures, but compare that to black that can't deal with anything but creatures and I'd argue for green as a removal color.

Over all here is the colors laid out in the form of removal:

- Can exile or destroy any permanent type at a low cost in mass or by single target.

- Can bounce any permanent type, and can destroy and exile creatures, in mass or by single target, commonly at instant speed.

- Can destroy any number of creatures.

- Can destroy any number of artifacts, lands and most creatures with damage, is mass or by single target.

- Can destroy any non-creature permanent types, though generally single target.

When ranking them, White is first, then Blue or Red, then Black, then Green. I'd say Black is still better than green due to black having some sweepers, and green having effectively none other than weird stuff like Back to Nature or other useless sweepers.

Why blue and red over black? Well, blue has less effective removal than red or black, but can hit more types of permanents, has much cheaper removal, and is generally instant speed. Red can hit many more types than black, and still has good sweepers, so I'd claim red and blue are nearly equal, and black is only the fourth best.

Ares118 on

4 weeks ago

The deck seems rather solid, my friend and I were went along the same line of thought with the mass land destruction. However, I agree with the other two who have posted. Stone rain effects while strong in a single player, lose a lot of strength in a multiplayer scenario. I recommend Decree of Annihilation, Myojin of Infinite Rage, and Obliterate. In addition, Splendid Reclamation and World Shaper are extremely important with the mass land destruction strategy since it allows you to better break the symmetrical effect of those cards in addition to the commander's minus ability. My friend and I have also been toying around with more landfall creatures since Windgrace naturally floods his own board with land. My final piece of advice would be to massively up the land count in the deck to make more efficient use of windgrace's plus ability to draw more cards, thus getting to your win conditions at a more expedient rate.

SynergyBuild on Catlateral Damage

1 month ago

+1! Love the stax build, I'd drop Imp's Mischief for Guttural Response, probably also drop Shattering Spree for By Force, as it works better with your landbase. Decree of Annihilation, Boom // Bust and Ruination deserve a spot, also, I would drop Mox Opal for some dorks or Fellwar Stone or Carpet of Flowers, just because you don't run enough artifacts to consistently get metalcraft.

SynergyBuild on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

With green, your dorks can do the whole five mana thing pretty easily, and it is a Jund draw engine, I mean, yes, green, red, and black ave draw, but in terms of commanders, Xira Arien was the queen until now, with some good application in Adun Oakenshield. Windgrace can at least get some filtering and good card draw.

With red for a lot of Armageddon effects (Decree of Annihilation, Ruination, Boom // Bust, etc.), I can certainly imagine it's rebuilding effect to come in handy.

I still think Shattergang Bros has beat it as it is a great way to shut down artifact and creature based mana, but otherwise I'd still claim Windgrace as the #2 jund stax deck. It could certainly be tier 2.5-3.

SynergyBuild on R/B spiteful weirdness

1 month ago


Do you think Decree of Annihilation could be worth it in the list for the cycling and Armageddon effect? Ruination and Jokulhaups want a spot too!

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