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- - - Version 1.4 - - - 6/26/19

Pulled a promo Vona. Seems like a fun commander. Don't really want to make a vampire tribal but plenty of lifegain cards are vamps. Going for a midrange-y pseudo-voltron/control/group-slug deck.

It's a bit of a pile but is kinda works.

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Audited 7/16/18

Cards with an SL are cards I own. Cards with MP are on the chopping block.


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A friend gifted me his Exquisite Blood . Had to go in. Took out Aerial Responder . Also swapped Blackblade Reforged for Cradle of Vitality . Cradle seems good and seems to have a higher ceiling but the Blade has a higher floor. Both are non-auras so both are somewhat reliable but the equipment seems slightly more reliable. I never got a chance to test Cradle of Vitality so maybe it owns. Oh well. Maybe it can rejoin the deck one day.


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