Baleful Mastery


You may pay rather than pay this spell's mana cost.

If the cost was paid, an opponent draws a card.

Exile target creature or planeswalker.

AscendedLandfalls on Lathril Mass-Acres

1 month ago

A few cards I would suggest: Heroic Intervention, Alpha Authority, Circle of Dreams Druid, Assassin's Trophy, Beast Within, Marwyn, the Nurturer, Baleful Mastery, Beast Whisperer

I have other suggestions but not sure about your budget.

LunchBox1211 on dragon tribal is glorious

1 month ago

Some more cards to consider (as per your request): Old Gnawbone. Read the card. That's a lot of treasure when all your creatures have a ton of power. | Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund. Gives your dragons haste, untaps them, and (in the odd case you are playing a Dragon ditto), steals your opponent's dragons. Forever. | Dragon's Hoard, if you want another mana rock that works well with dragons. I also like Component Pouch, especially in a deck where your commander in all 5 colours, but that's mostly just me. | Rishkar's Expertise. Refill your hand, cast something for free. Genesis Ultimatum allows you to cheat in more stuff, but doesn't allow you to refill your hand, and it costs more to cast. | Farseek, especially if you decide to run the Tri-cycle lands (which I recommend). I'm going to avoid talking about lands, but cards like Spara's Headquarters and Raugrin Triome are really nice, especially for 5-colour decks. And, yes, Farseek can find Spara's Headquarters. Headquarters is both a plains, and an island. Rampant Growth and Nature's Lore can also fill this "2-mana sorcery that ramps" slot, depending on what you can find (if this is paper). Three Visits is just Nature's Lore, but Lore's name communicates the mechanics of the card better. | Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile. Exile a creature, for 1 mana, at instant speed. I like Swords better for commander because I find that life is less of an advantage than an extra land. Other removal options include - and are not limited to - (and I may have mentioned some of these already, so sorry if I did) Beast Within, Generous Gift, Anguished Unmaking, Assassin's Trophy, Despark, Chaos Warp, Wear / Tear, Hide / Seek, Bedevil, Vindicate, Baleful Mastery, and Vanishing Verse. | Patriarch's Bidding, if you want some mass reanimation. | I didn't see very many board wipes. Granted, you want more pin-point removal than board wipes, but you still might want a few. I'll recommend Farewell (6 mana to get around indestructible, and nuke many different target, AND act as graveyard hate), Merciless Eviction (for planeswalkers), Cleansing Nova (cheaper than Farewll, and probably easier to find, but less flexible), Cyclonic Rift (7 mana to get all of your opponents permanents off the board, and set them back a few turns as they reset), Supreme Verdict (only hits creatures, but uncounterable, and cheap to cast) and/or Vanquish the Horde (for token decks). You do have Ruinous Ultimatum and Descent of the Dragons (or Crux of Fate, if you happen to get it), and I like to run 3-4 total, so choose the ones that most effectively clear the table in your playgroup. Although I have seen and heard some people run as low as 2.

For both the removal and board wipe sections, choose whatever quantities and options are working best at removing the threats you frequently go up against. If you are building this in paper (specially if the deck is sleeved), I'd recommend asking your playgroup if it is OK for you to print out proxy copies of cards for playtesting, then (once you have decided what options you like) buying those cards. Ask your friends first, though, I know not everyone is OK with proxies.

These are all just suggestions to get your mind thinking. You don't have to run all of these, but they are here if you need inspiration or help.

If you want, I can link some of the dragon/tribal decks I've made on tappedout, just as a reference point for what I like.

DawnsRayofLight on Isshin, Two Heavens as One

2 months ago

I might drop some of the Samurai like these:

1x Nezumi Bladeblesser

1x Norika Yamazaki, the Poet

1x Peerless Samurai

1x Heiko Yamazaki, the General


Hero of Bladehold (she is rediculous with Isshin, 4 tokens out with +2/0)

Boros Charm: protection

Fireflux Squad: pretty good with the tokens

Aerial Surveyor: Can help with ramp

Some other adds:

Sword of the Animist: ramp

Rakdos Signet, Orzhov Signet: Ramp

Phyrexian Arena: try to get this while it is a bit low for now thanks to a recent reprint

Some suggested drops:

1x The Shattered States Era: There are better cards

1x Touch the Spirit Realm: pretty good, but there are better

1x Wanderer's Intervention: both this and the below have better cards you can use: Infernal Grasp, Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Despark, Anguished Unmaking, Bedevil, Baleful Mastery, Hero's Downfall, Dreadbore, Damn, Winds of Abandon

1x You Are Already Dead

1x Debt to the Kami

1x Deflecting Palm

1x Disenchant

1x Sword of Hours: there are better cards

1 Ecologist's Terrarium: there are better cards

It is looking good!!

Crow-Umbra on Musashi's Mosh Pit [Primer]

3 months ago

Thanks for the additional suggestions Rolska! Here are my quick thoughts:

  • I like Baleful Mastery, and don't necessarily see the reduced cost as a drawback. In the times I've used it, I usually give the draw to one my opponents that's either in last place, or someone that can also dig for answers/removal to threats on the table. I try to make that aspect of Baleful Mastery "collaborative" if possible. Dire Tactics is cool, and if it did replace another piece of removal, maybe Infernal Grasp instead? I prefer to have Exile removal when possible to hose Grave Yard strats and indestructible creatures. We don't have many planeswalkers in my meta, but people rarely run planeswalker hate because of that. After a quick look, 10 of the 24 creatures in my deck are Human (Isshin included), with possibility of making Human tokens.

  • Unquenchable Fury is great, and something I'll likely slot in on my first round of upgrades after I've played the deck IRL a few times. I have the deck in my Considering List in the Moxfield version of my deck list. I have a hard time letting my TappedOut profile go, and Moxfield doesn't have a deck-cycling feature lol

I'll take a look at your deck and see what you're cooking up. Thank you again for your suggestions and input.

Rolska on Musashi's Mosh Pit [Primer]

3 months ago

I've got a few more suggestions for you.

  • Instead of, or in addition to, Baleful Mastery have you considered Dire Tactics ? Most of the viable attack triggers we run in your deck and in my budget version (shameless self advertisement) are humans, including the man himself. This means that, besides the mana cost being slightly more restrictive, Dire Tactics's downside is almost a non-issue. Assuming both Baleful Mastery and Dire Tactics are in their optimal and worst case scenarios, it seems like Dire Tactics has it. Unless of course you don't have the specific combination of mana. Baleful does hit planeswalkers though, so that might just be up to a local meta thing.

  • Unquenchable Fury was leaked a while ago, but not put into the database here on Tappedout so I didn't suggest it. However, this hits Reliquary Tower users and Blue decks really hard upon the declaration of attack. It also recurs itself to your hand. With as close to colorless manacost as possible. Awesome card.

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