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The Ur-Dragon, quest for 100%

Commander / EDH* Dragons Flying


This is my Dragon Tribal deck with The Ur-Dragon as my commander. I'm trying to get this list as strong as possible as long as my wallet supports it. Because of this I'm not playing true duals yet.

The goal of this list is to play expensive dragons early and win the game through combat as that is what Dragons do best.

I'm also letting some alters made and if you want to check em out here is a link


This list will always be a work in progress so if you have any feedback let me know

The General strategy of this deck is to ramp and set up for the first 1-3 turns and start playing dragons after that point

I usually don't mulligan often as there are a lot of good hands to keep. In a hand I want at least 1 ramp card, 2-3 lands and something else I can do around turn 4

I really enjoy cards that "cheat" cards in for me.

card:the ur-dragon(sld)'s ability makes it that we can put a free permanent down which is great.

The World Tree finds Morophon, the Boundless, Tiamat, Purphoros, God of the Forge and Esika, God of the Tree  

Defense of the Heart I usually grab Hellkite Courser and Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm so I can draw 4 cards, drop 2 permanents and the turn after cast my commander again to have 3 ur dragons on field

Hellkite Courser is possibly the best card in this list as it gives us our commander in to play with haste so we can draw atleast one card and put a permanent down for free.

Kaalia of the Vast this human lets us put some really scary stuff on the battlefield early.

The Prismatic Bridge   getting a free creature once per turn? Sign me up. The only downside is if you flip Dockside Extortionist when there are few artifacts or enchantments out. Or if you flip Hellkite Courser if your commander is already out

Selvala's Stampede I usually vote to flip as my playgroup thinks its best to let me put the permanents out of my hand. The only thing they don't know is that there are plenty of permanents I'd rather put down out of my hand like Lurking Predators, Kindred Discovery and The Great Henge. In the case I have 4 amazing permanents I do tend to vote to put a permanent out of my hand down

Three Visits and Nature's Lore are currently my only land ramp cards I might end up playing Farseek but I don't like that it enters tapped.

The Great Henge This guy is a monster. Essentially for 2 mana I get: 2 green mana and 2 life per turn, draw and counters.

Sol Ring and Mana Crypt some extra colourless mana is always great

Fellwar Stone and Arcane Signet are both rainbow rocks

Dragon's Hoard a rainbow rock and multiple draws? Sign me up

Smothering Tithe "Would you like to pay the 2?"

Ganax, Astral Hunter creating treasures on dragon etb? Not even nontoken just dragon etb's is insane

Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient pretty fun card which gives at least 4 mana on the turn that it’s cast

Ancient Copper Dragon getting on average 10.5 treasures seems pretty good

Dockside Extortionist this guy has made me win on multiple occasions where I should have lost

Goldspan Dragon he only cost 4 mana, creates a treasure "instantly" and has synergy with Old Gnawbone and Smothering Tithe

Old Gnawbone this is my favorite card to drop with The Ur-Dragon's ability as you get such a boost in mana

Ramos, Dragon Engine this list plays a lot of gold spells so its quitte easy to get the 5 counters on here. And who doesn't love to be rewarded with 10 mana for just casting spells

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds as dragons are big bois we get draw and a lot of mana

Ancient Tomb getting 2 mana for your 1 land drop?

Esika, God of the Tree   is technically a ramp piece but I have never cast it on this side before

When I think about The Ur-Dragon I imagine his deck to be like a stream train. Once it gets going it doesn't stop and doesn't really care about removal. Because of this most of my draw cards have synergy with my creatures as I want to cast them instead of paying mana for a few cards. I have also chosen for draw pieces that buff my creatures to have even more synergy

The Ur-Dragon once this guy is out we don't really need other draw pieces

Ancient Silver Dragon wat the actual f*ck

Elemental Bond has huge synergy with the rest of my deck

Garruk's Uprising drawing cards and getting trample

Kindred Discovery drawing cards for getting dragon etb's and attacks? Those are the 2 things we want to happen

Esper Sentinel “Would you like to pay the 1?

Rhystic Study "Would you like to pay the 1?"

Temur Ascendancy giving haste and being able to draw cards is so good

Dragon's Hoard a mana rock that also draws cards

Hellkite Courser it might look weird to see this card also under the draw section but I count it as a draw piece as you cast it and get to draw at least 1 card and more if you have more dragons on the board

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds our dragons are big bois

Tiamat getting 5 dragons is so good

Even tho we are a steam train I do need some protection but not from teferi...

Cavern of Souls making sure your dragon's don't get countered is pretty nice while also being a rainbow land for them

Steely Resolve hexproof is pretty strong

Lightning Greaves haste and hexproof

Dragonlord Dromoka this guy protects our board pretty good when we go of

Scion of Draco this card costs 1 mana most games and gives so many keywords

Getting some pieces back or entire boards is pretty fun and good if you ask me

Haven of the Spirit Dragon getting a dragon back to your hand is so good, late game it doesn't really matter you lose a land

Bladewing the Risen A card that makes your dragons stronger and brings one back from the death has helped me win a lot of games. The 1/1 can help you to one shot people with your commander if you give him double strike. Or 2 shot ofcourse

Patriarch's Bidding this card can make you win games only through all the etb effects

Living Death same as the card above

We actually have many different ways to win the game

We can win through combat damage, commander damage or ping damage

Combat damage is pretty self explanatory as we have some pretty big strong bois

Commander damage is a bit more complicated as The Ur-Dragon is a 10/10. To one shot someone we need double strike and a way to give him +1/+1

For double strike we Sylvia Brightspear. You can drop her with the ur'dragons ability and still do double damage which is amazing. We also have Atarka, World Render which doesn't give double strike if dropped with our commander but is still great.

And in some way Scourge of the Throne as you get to hit one more time.

For the +1+1 we have The Great Henge, Rhythm of the Wild, Bladewing the Risen, Lathliss, Dragon Queen, Purphoros, God of the Forge and Morophon, the Boundless

Our last wincon is ping and this is the way I win most of my games

It uses Dragon Tempest, Scourge of Valkas, Purphoros, God of the Forge and Terror of the Peaks

I'm not playing card: sarkan's unsealing curently as its a cast trigger and not etb and etb effects are in my oppinion a lot stronger

Dragon Tempest is arguably one of the best cards in the entire deck as your flying creatures aka all your dragons and Kaalia of the Vast get haste AND it has scaling damage. We have multiple ways to get a lot of dragons on our board really fast. This card scales out of control so fast. The haste part also helps a lot as you get your combat damage in a turn quicker

Scourge of Valkas only has the scaling damage but is a dragon which is neat

Purphoros, God of the Forge is a pretty nice package as it gives the pingcon and extra combat power

Terror of the Peaks is our weakest one as we will have get a lot of dragons on board



Manaform Hellkite this card has been underperforming for me so it has to go

Beledros Witherbloom paying 10 life to untap all lands sounds good but at a 6 drop it tends to be very expensive and I end up rarely using the untap ability

Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury for this card to be good you need a lot of dragons, and at that point you have lethal most of the times


Ancient Brass Dragon and Ancient Bronze Dragon I really enjoy the rng factor and they all have pretty unique abilities

Atarka, World Render with all the ancient dragons I enjoy the extra double strike as it gives them 2 rolls, also double strike is just good for my big boys



Mystic Remora this card has been underperforming for me and I’d rather get some more consistent draw in the list

Path to Exile while I need some instant speed removal I need card draw more


Elemental Bond MEINEID recommended this swap and I agree with him. It fits the deck more and helps with the Steam train image

Esper Sentinel is such a strong card that I don’t mind the downside of flipping in to it with my cheat spells


Removed 1x Fist of Suns paying 3 mana to pay 5 feels very bad as I have better effects. If you get this guy out with morophon its very fun but otherwise its very slow

Added 1x Path to Exile I want to play a bit more removal, I'm also looking to add swords in the list

Cards that haven't made the list but are still really good

Strionic Resonator we play so many triggered ability's and being able to use them one more time can be so good.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite I don't play this card as its not dragon tribal but its so good, it controls the board and buffs your already big bois


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