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Queen's Mighty Servants (Superfriends, primer)

Commander / EDH Combo Control Five Color Multiplayer Primer Superfriends




Status: Update on the description to be applied soon

Welcome to yet another deck from my deck lab. This time we will take a look at my multiplayer EDH deck that I have had a lot of success with within the past few months. Be advised that this deck is not meant for a tournament play, its primary purpose is to have fun with my friends at the kitchen table, and therefore many cards are left out as they would be a little bit too oppressive.

What you are looking at is a five-colour superfriends control-ish deck.

Many months ago I decided to build a superfriends deck. As my idea kept evolving, I knew I would like to have my walkers as the primary win condition which very much derived the rest of the deck.

In EDH the worst threats of all to walkers are creatures rather than anything else. Sure, there is some targeted removal that can take care of walkers present in most of the decks, but it is run in such insignificant amount of copies that it is irrelevant. Other than that, walkers suffer from hate cards such as Suppression Field or Pithing Needle, but these cards see next to no play in multiplayer EDH.

So, with that in mind I built a shell revolving around the powerful wizards and magicians that would make as much profit of them as possible and at the same time would be able to adequately protect them from anything that might be threatening to kill them.

Without any further talking, lets jump right into it!

The Primer


Some Other Decks I Made


If you guys have any idea how to improve this deck, definitely let me know. I am open to any constructive criticism and suggestions. If you like this deck, do not forget to give it +1! Thanks in advance!


Updates Add

Took me a few hours, but now this deck has a new, more appropriate description and I hope it is detailed enough so that you can fully understantd how the deck works and why some cards are included and why some aren't.

Hope you like it!

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