Child of Alara


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Annihilation (V14) Mythic Rare
Conflux (CON) Mythic Rare

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Child of Alara

Legendary Creature — Avatar


When Child of Alara dies, destroy all nonland permanents. They can't be regenerated.

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Child of Alara Discussion

Inferno323 on God Tribal

1 week ago

Out of the new gods, The Scarab God has a lot of usefulness in here. He can be used to raid an opponent's grave for the useful stuff you kill, and also is able to pull Child of Alara back from the grave to the command zone on top of giving you a token of him to get killed. The Locust God is the other one that finds the most use in here, especially when you have Ephara, God of the Polis out. Hazoret the Fervent was the one new god that I couldn't find any excuse to run in here. She unfortunately just isn't that good in commander unless you're trying to do something more specific. Glad you liked the deck!

PickleNutz on Door To Nothingness Funtimes

2 weeks ago

If you make it a casual table top deck it opens the door to a lot of oldschool cards that can realllllly make it dangerous, it's just unfortunate that it's not modern legal, it really is interesting. You could use the Urza lands, Expedition Map, and basically Tron Ramos.

Urza's Power Plant

Urza's Mine

Urza's Tower

Expedition Map

Those will let you get Ramos out pretty quickly, you could also throw a Ugin or Karn Liberated in there for some extreme power. Child of Alara, Progenitus, Blightsteel Colossus and other big swingers work too.

girlyvader on The Roil: Chaos in 5C

3 weeks ago

MagicalHacker This is my public brew, however I do have a more updated private brew I may upload and share with you. To point out some things that I found to be ineffective in this variant and were replaced: Infernal Genesis, Cruel Entertainment (I actually swapped Eye of the Storm in for this one; I loaded up a bunch of blue's most broken draw spells, and control tends to leave the Eye alone for a while if they can abuse it for free cards), Child of Alara became my commander because the mana base combined with Child sends "Damnit, that has to be Boonweaver" through the heads of most serious players online during the opening stage of play, which allows me to get a few free chaos plays through while they try to figure out what line of play I could possibly be pursuing. I won't go into detail here for the other swaps, but suffice to say the next variant included far more draw and blue wheels (Chaos, as I play it, wants players to have options; I won't intentionally prevent the game from ending, but I'm definitely trying to make it long and... eventful, plus the blue draw I included was largely intended to allow me to further optimize my deck, swapping tutors for less effective cards).

MRDOOM3 on EDH Progenetus/mrk1

3 weeks ago

First off, Yawgmoth's Bargain is not EDH legal. For a substitute, you can put in Phyrexian Arena.

Fist of Suns is great mainly because it slashes Progenitus's cost in half. Dream Halls is a nice way to cast him for free, although you should beware of grouphug effects.

Door to Nothingness, Legacy Weapon, Maelstrom Archangel, Cascading Cataracts, Conflux, Maelstrom Nexus, Ramos, Dragon Engine, and maybe, just maybe, Child of Alara are all really nice in a rainbow EDH deck.

Karzalar on Ramos the Voltron Spellslinger

3 weeks ago

There's already a lot of good suggestions here... maybe some more five colors spells?

Fusion Elemental, Child of Alara

Or mana fixing?

Prismatic Omen

Or just about anything, really.

Sterling Grove for protection/tutor, Enchanted Evening for maximum laughs with Sphere of Safety, Progenitus because your commander makes it castable easily, Doubling Cube has great potential here...

Never made a five-color deck, so i've got limited knowledge on them, but i hope these suggestions can help!


lilgiantrobot on

1 month ago

Besides High Market there's lots of ways to sac Child of Alara. Devour Flesh, Momentous Fall, Worthy Cause, and all sorts of other stuff.

Artifact.frizzles on Erebos Board Hate

1 month ago

Mono black commander decks that focus only on removal and board wipes aren't very good. If you want real board hate, make a Child of Alara commander deck. Then you can add so much more removal since it will be a five color deck.

eLLIPSIS666 on I'm the reason people hate Child of Alara

1 month ago

Kiyomeii I agree with you somewhat on the efficiency of the reanimation spells that I have chosen for the deck, and your comment on my land choices. I'll take a second to try and explain what I've tried to accomplish.

Dance of the Dead, Animate Dead, and Necromancy are pretty hard to use multiple times because the theme with my deck, and one of the best things it can do for itself is to sacrifice my commander, Child of Alara, to wipe away the board. So these cards once they are in the graveyard can be rather tricky to efficiently return in order to continually benefit off of child. There are some incredible enchantment recursion cards out there, but some of them in my current list would require me to cast Argivian Find targeting necromancy or the like. Then casting the animation spell, which works entirely, but then if I want to do it again because I decided to cast Abjure, sacrificing child, to counter something like a Blightsteel Colossus, I'd have to go the route of casting a Noxious Revival or something else to try and do the same thing again. Plus cards like Animate Dead and Dance of the Dead have drawbacks to them. They are often susceptible to cheaper removal, thus getting rid of child in the process. It feels way more comfortable to Breath of Life child into play with no strings attached. Then my Archaeomancer just targets that and I'm off to the races. No middle man shenanigans.

Now, the reason all this is important, and why I assume that I'm going to have to do this multiple times is because child is a 6/6 and everyone at the table has 40 life (they also hate child). You only need 21 damage to win which is 4 unblocked swings with child but that all together is swinging 12 times in a row completely unblocked. That is not going to happen. The easiest way to control the board state with child is to purposefully sacrifice it. And if you have spells or abilities that sacrifice as a part of the cost, the trigger for child's death goes on the stack before I pass priority to the next player. It's why Perilous Research is probably going to be coming out, because it sacrifices on resolution. So if the spell gets countered I don't get my cards or a child trigger on the stack.

The reason Necromancy is in the deck is because there are creatures out there that have haste. Some of them are whatever like Glitterfang, but there are other creatures like Maelstrom Wanderer that are often the commander of a deck. So that player always has access to them, And it sucks when an 8 cmc, 7/5 haste, gives other creatures haste, cascade cascade creature drops in 2 big threats or a Protean Hulk and tries to kill me or the board. Necromancy can be played at instant speed, and I sacrifice at the end of turn, but I would probably do that anyways. I like to think of Necromancy as a combat trick more than anything. Maelstrom Wanderer is part of the reason I'm considering adding Comeuppance to the deck.

The other thing this deck has going for it is Maze's End and I've spent some time explaining how efficient that can be if you have the right cards in hand. Plus it's a combo that is available to 5 colors, and doesn't go away when I sacrifice child. A turn 4 Maze's End could mean I'm color fixed for the rest of the game.

I run a lot of basics because they're easier to ramp out into play. A lot of competitive land destruction targets nonbasic lands too, if that counts for anything. And there's plenty of reasons why I don't want to run a Hermit Druid 0% basic land combo deck with a hyper efficient fetches and shocks mana base.

If I ever get around to making a recording of the deck working well in a multiplayer pod, I will definitely upload it to this page to help provide insight on how I play the deck. And how I react in most situations with my experience in commander while running my list.

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