Obzedat's Aid


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Rare

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Obzedat's Aid


Return target permanent card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Obzedat's Aid Discussion

NunnoWine on A Spark Awakens

2 weeks ago

That's what I thought. I asked because I play in a pretty competitive edh group. One of the guys has a strong mono black deck and the other has a strong mono blue deck. I worry about their strong cards like Omniscience, so I was curious if you wait till you have Doubling Season in your hand before you use it or how you try to set that card up?

I know that you play Obzedat's Aid and its powerful because of the variety of options it gives you but with the amount of enchantments, why isn't Replenish in the line up?

Flumox on The Professor's "In Debth to Teysa" Deck

3 weeks ago

As stated in the video Obzedat's Aid is only being used because he did not have a Yawgmoth's Will. Now with commander 2016 you could also replace it with a Magus of the Will as a cheaper but slower version.

Geralf_Cecani on Take What You Can, and Give Nothing Back!

3 weeks ago

DISCLAIMER: The commander in question does not have trample. Thus the following comment does take trample into account. It's also almost unblockable, so... yeah.

In EDH voltron, remember you're trying to get to the almighty 21. This is where the maths comes in, because, with a commander with 5 power, you have to hit them 21 divided by 5 times, which is equal to 5 when rounded up. If you give it just +1/+0, it becomes 4 times. +2/+0 then brings it down to 3, almost half of the original amount of times you had to swing.

However, to bring it down just 2 swings to kill a player requires 11 power, 4 more than the required power to execute with just 3 (I had stuff like Tenza, Godo's Maul cos I only had to reach 10 with Skittles). Thus, unless you are sure you can reach the +6/+0 necessary (which is why Argentum Armor is so great), adding power above the +2/+0 isn't all that useful. Double strike a similar effect: if you have +1/+0, you can kill them in 2 swings, if you have +6/+0, you can kill them in one.

Necromantic Summons would be amazing as it alone would give it the extra +2 power mentioned earlier. Other than some occasional extrodinary spells, such as Dance of the Dead and Animate Dead; most onto the battlefield recursion is around 5 mana (some examples (not suggestions) include Rise from the Grave, Fearsome Awakening, Obzedat's Aid, etc.), so don't expect to pay less then that most of the time, especially in budget. I wouldn't use from graveyard to hand effects such as Disentomb, as your commander is more than 5 CMC anyway.

An equipment I should have mentioned is Ring of Evos Isle, the blue counterpart to the Ring of Xathrid. Also a budget counterpart to Phyrexian Arena is Underworld Connections. You have to sac a land (sort of) to get the same effect, but if you're low on life you can choose not to. Yay!

Hero's Blade is a great option if you can get the additional +2 power (for reasons mentioned earlier). Otherwise it's just a glorified Sword of the Chosen.

ive-been-degaussed on Daxos and Elspeth Together Again!

3 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

GuardGamer on Aristocrats Commander

1 month ago

Godless Shrine is a good land for fetch lands. I wouldn't keep Meteorite, IMO it isn't worth it's effects. Trade it for Thran Dynamo or similar cards.

Planar Cleansing is good and more thorough, but having an Armageddon and/or Wrath of God would have faster wipes, but they are more specific. That's your call.

It sucks, but Obzedat's Aid is no longer legal in EDH. Don't really have a good suggestion besides Oversold Cemetery which isn't really a good option for how this deck runs.

All in all I love this deck and super jealous it isn't mine haha

SocialConstruct on Kaalia of the Tutor

1 month ago

Yo, Ghirapur Orrery is a new card that refills your hand when it's empty.

Also, Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion help sculpt your hand and graveyard. Same with any of the Wheel of Fortune effects like Reforge the Soul.

I'd probably remove Obzedat's Aid. It's awesome but it's a tad expensive. Akroma, Angel of Fury is 1000 flavor points, but ultimately just a beatstick, unless cast from hand to take advantage of the can't be countered clause. Or if cast from Morph. I'd replace both of these cards with draw spells

JaysomeDecks on Keeper of the Six Keys

1 month ago

PookandPie, that is extraordinarily helpful. Thank you for providing cut suggestions as well.

I love the idea of Devoted Druid, and Explosive Vegetation may very well be what comes out for him. (I too have never been a very big fan of Font of Fertility, but I usually include a lot of ramp, and for this deck I decided against using many mana-rocks, in favor of more permanent acceleration. It turns out low-cmc options for this are actually limited, hence my inclusion of Into the North as well. This is very different than I'm used to, and may all be adjusted after further experimentation)

Karmic Guide and Reveillark, I have mixed feelings on. Having both together is fantastic, individually they are useful, and because of their ability to recur the other you don't have to wait for both pieces to use one of them. My hesitation is that their combo potential requires both of them, a sac outlet other than my commander, (of which I run few), and a 4th piece, though there are many that would fit that slot. As far as your substitution suggestions, I could see removing the Butcher. I am partial to Obzedat's Aid, however, as it can recur any combo piece, be it artifact, enchantment, or creature. That said, I may slot those two out and try Reveillark and Karmic Guide for a few games, and see their effectiveness.

I don't know why I didn't include Illusionist's Bracers. I must find a spot.

Again, thank you. I'll test these cards before making any changes here, but it is all much appreciated.

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