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This is my Union Tactics deck, a build based around mimicking the often fun strategies that labour unions use to exert leverage. Stax effects represent workers going on strike, both your creatures and your opponents are on the same side in this, they just want to hang out, have a beer and stay tapped down. This includes the nobodies that actually farm Mana on various lands, they're part of the workers' fight. Meanwhile, the Fat Cat players get caught in endless 'negotiations', which is the Discard/Payoff part, representing them hemorrhaging money while crying tears of blood. It's loads of fun for everyone (not crying said tears of blood)!

This deck threatens wins mostly via a combination of discard payoffs and small amounts of creature damage. On the plus side, I have some redundancy in my discard effects, but my creature selection is not going to be hurting people very badly, even if I've got a lot of them out. The idea is to get Sygg out, hope desperately that you aren't in a creature heavy pod (you have awful blockers) or aren't the main threat, and just draw tons of cards, drawing into both ways to discard and ways to ensure more card draws. Still, I feel like with threat of early discard I might do okay, force people to discard things like bigger creatures I can't deal with. I'd like to think of some defensive solutions for this deck, maybe more tokens or reanimation stuff. I'm not sure if I have enough Counterspells in here, but I think with the theoretically high level of card draw, it will feel like I'm running more.

Would love to have some suggestions for some defensive solutions, I guess Propaganda is pretty obvious. Is the mana base playable enough? I feel like with all those rocks, I'm pretty likely to end up with enough fixing to get by, since it's just a 2 color deck, and it's not an especially 'devoted' one.


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Finally got around to upgrading this a bit more, I think it should be more consistent with the influx of 'good cards', which displaced many much worse cards. Adding Ensnaring Bridge, Tinybones, Trinket Thief, Waste Not, Oppression, card:painful quandry, Counterbalance, as well as a few art upgrades.

I'm still wondering if I should toss in a Syr Konrad, the Grim, he's an interesting discard outlet that can block stuff, but these changes should really rejuvenate the list!


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