Rebbec, Architect of Ascension

Rebbec, Architect of Ascension

Legendary Creature — Human Artificer

Artifacts you control have protection from each converted mana cost among artifacts you control. ((Remember the acronym debt.) This creature can't be damaged, enchanted, equipped, blocked or targeted by anything with a converted mana cost equal to the converted mana cost of an artifact you control. Anything anything with a converted mana cost equal to the converted mana cost of an artifact you control attached to this creature immediately falls off.)

Partner (You can have two commanders if both have partner.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Rebbec, Architect of Ascension Discussion

ZendikariWol on Liesa's L.E.G.S

5 months ago

Thought for sure "LEGS" in these colors would mean Rebbec, Architect of Ascension and Keskit, the Flesh Sculptor. Ya know, because TOO MANY LEGS.

JANKYARD_DOG on Welcome to Machine (Ick Tek & ???)

5 months ago

Megalomania, I was thinking of shaving down the colors to 3 using Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer and X partner. I cannot for the life of me come to a decision on which color to drop because they all have their different bonuses. Before Ichy was spoiled it was suggested to drop green for black. Red has the least presence so that's the direction I was going to go I think. That leaves:

Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer + Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker (Bant) for a go wide golem army w/ a side of keyword soup maybe. Or focus more one +1 counter/proliferate aspect.

Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer + Silas Renn, Seeker Adept Sultai) offers additional GY synergy, perhaps focusing as well on +1 counters/proliferation?

Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer + Vial Smasher the Fierce (Jund. I know, red... ) for sacrificial artifact fodder cannon(?) but still able to amass lots of artifacts for a Hellkite Tyrant win.

Alternatively I have seen a Selesnya build using Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer + Rebbec, Architect of Ascension, but not sure how I feel about less colors. I'm sure there are probably other mono color partners to pair with Ichy but I have yet to explore them, same applies though about the reduction of colors.

saber4734 on If these trees could talk

5 months ago

I'm building Golem tribal with Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer and Rebbec, Architect of Ascension. Not currently up on tappedout because it is under construction.

Krogania on Ich-Tekik, Golem Boi

6 months ago

I agree with the suggestion for Rebbec, Architect of Ascension or at least include her. In no particular order: They are reprinting Three Visits, which is strictly better than rampant growth. Nature's Lore is good too. Cavalier of Dawn can be used on your own artifacts. Guardian Idol is a good ramp card early and doubles as a Golem. Land Tax is rarely going to be worth it in a green land ramping deck. Maul Splicer is expensive, but trample is good evasion for decent sized golems. Sensor Splicer gives vigilance. Vital Splicer gives the ability to regenerate for 1. It's not great, but is another creature you can bounce for more golems. Ichor Wellspring is a great target for both self destruction and recursion, in case of opponents having no artifacts to destroy. Arcbound Reclaimer for ensuring you get a good draw. Ancient Stone Idol for a really big boi. Ancestral Statue can replay splicers or get rid of bad auras. Also you have a lot of stuff like myrsmith, palladium myr, and I think those might be better served by a couple more treasure/clue/food generation cards. Treasure Map  Flip, Prying Blade, or Tireless Tracker, Ulvenwald Mysteries, or Gilded Goose (replacing Avacyns pilgrim). Any decent equipment, but especially a Bloodforged Battle-Axe. Maul of the Skyclaves, Heirloom Blade. Swords are good. And as always: Lightning Greaves Swiftfoot Boots Skullclamp Running a bunch of basics is always cheaper, but if you have a couple of bucks consider the following mostly budget additions. Homeward Path Scattered Groves is cheap and fetchable. Gavony Township for more counters. Gingerbread Cabin for an artifact with your land. Krosan Verge/Myriad Landscapefor mana fixing ramp. Command Tower because it's better than a basic. Path of Ancestry because the splicers are all human. Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse/Fabled Passage Blighted Woodland Sungrass Prairie Opal Palace