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Stangg, Echo Warrior - Double Vision (v1.0)

Commander / EDH* RG (Gruul) Tokens Voltron



Updated - 12/28/22

Another work in progress deck from the Legends Retold cards from Dominaria United, this time featuring the character Stangg, reimagined as Stangg, Echo Warrior. Stangg, Echo Warrior is a really cool card because he makes a Stangg Twin token when he attacks, but that token gets token copies of whatever the original Stangg had on him at the time. Auras with lots of ETB and death triggers are really, really strong here. Fruit of the First Tree, One with the Kami, Rune of Might etc.

Built in paper from stuff I happened to have on hand and a large portion of the Neon Dynasty precon, this deck is split between aura and equipment themes and I'd really like to focus it a bit and would love feedback on how to improve it.

Finally, please do not recommend any Universes Beyond cards. They will not be considered for the deck, no matter how good they may be.

Sadly, there isn't much in the way of backstory for Stangg. He's a human warrior from Dominaria's Time of Legends, which is a centuries long span of time from between the fall of the Thran empire and the birth of Urza. He has the ability to make an echo clone/copy of himself in battle. That's it, really.
Originally printed in the Legends expansion as Stangg and then reprinted with new art (and an official Stangg Twin token!) in Masters 25 (Stangg), Stangg, Echo Warrior is one of Dominaria United's "Legends Retold" cards, where they took the original characters from the Legends set and reinterpreted them for the modern game. Echo Warrior is a massive upgrade for Stangg as he no longer only makes a Stangg Twin token, he makes a Twin AND copies of each aura and equipment attached to him every time he attacks. This means that any auras or equipment that care about entering the battlefield or leaving the battlefield have incredible synergy with this commander. Fruit of the First Tree, Rune of Speed and Rune of Might, Mantle of the Wolf, Warbriar Blessing and other similar cards are all very, very strong when attached to Stangg. Much like any other commander that cares about multiple themes (such as Tetsuo, Imperial Champion or Chishiro, the Shattered Blade), you need to find the proper balance between the themes or to lean into one rather than the other. In the case of this deck, I've opted to go with mainly enchantments but with a few equipment that I thought were too good to pass up.

Another thing to mention about this commander is that the Stangg Twin token that he creates is a LEGENDARY token. This means that any sort of Parallel Lives/Doubling Season effect isn't as strong as it would normally because the second Twin will die when upon ETB. There are ways to get around the legend rule (Mirror Gallery) but I think that's a bit overkill, in my opinion, so I'm not looking to go in that direction with this deck.

Overall, this deck mainly runs like this -

Ramp some Play Stangg, Echo Warrior Enchant him with stuff like Rune of Might, Mantle of the Wolf and Most Wanted Attack and draw a card from the Rune End of turn, the tokens all disappear, leaving you two Wolf tokens from the Mantle and two treasure tokens from Most Wanted Synergize with typical enchantress pieces Repeat until the table is dead

Being a voltron deck, this deck doesn't run a whole lot of creatures.

Sanctum Weaver and Goblin Anarchomancer are for ramp.

Champion of the Flame, Setessan Champion and Valduk, Keeper of the Flame are our alternate voltron targets if Stangg isn't available for whatever reason. Valduk can create a lot of tokens and Setessan Champion is an enchantress type creature that can draw us lots of cards while buffing itself with +1/+1 counters.

Speaking of tokens, Chishiro, the Shattered Blade is another token generator that works really well with Stangg. Because the Stangg Twin token comes in with token copies of auras, any Constellation effects, like Chishiro's (and a bunch of other cards), are really strong in this deck. Nessian Wanderer, Forgeborn Oreads and Eidolon of Blossoms all fall into this same category, only they can help make sure you hit land drops, deal damage and draw cards instead of making tokens.

Eternal Witness is just here to recur some lost aura that hit the graveyard at one point or another. Is there something better for this slot? Possibly, but I'm not sure what at the moment.

Goro-Goro, Disciple of Ryusei is mainly just a cheap way to give creatures haste. He also has the bonus of being able to make some tokens, albeit for a pretty steep cost. A possible cut for later revisions.

The core of this deck. As I mentioned earlier, Stangg works really well with any auras that have enter the battlefield and/or leaves the battlefield/dies triggers. I've also included a handful of the Umbra auras because they double as protection for both Stangg and the Twin. This deck leans heavily into the aura side of things but also has a handful of equipment as well. Could easily be built the other way around, though!

Sticky Fingers, Audacity, Rancor, Giant Spectacle, Madcap Skills and Talons of Wildwood are all auras that are both easy to cast and provide us with relevant keywords for Stangg, the Twin or any of the other voltron targets. Sticky Fingers gets a special mention here as it provides us THREE effects for a single , menace, a card draw death trigger and a treasure token if it connects with damage. This card is great!

Rune of Might, Rune of Speed, Setessan Training, and Fruit of the First Tree are the card draw effects. The Runes and Training are all great but Fruit of the First Tree is an absolute all-star in a Stangg deck. It can dissuade opponents from using removal on Stangg because of massive card draw effect and can draw us four plus cards whenever the Twin dies. Fruit is easily one of the best cards you can include in this deck.

Warbriar Blessing and Cartouche of Strength are both aura-based removal. Is incredibly good at removal chump blockers when used on Stangg since the Twin will enter with a copy of it and then fight something else. A really cheap and easy 2-for-1.

Ancestral Mask, Colossification and Wurmweaver Coil are all BIG damage buffs. Toss any of these on Stangg as he's enchanted with Fruit of the First Tree and let the table recoil in fear as you draw half your deck!

Most Wanted is a great death trigger ramp aura. Pattern of Rebirth, too.

Snake Umbra and Bear Umbra are three Umbra auras that fit in really well here. They help to protect Stangg, (and the Twin as well) and have relevant effects on top of that.

Mantle of the Wolf and One with the Kami are both great at making tokens, which wasn't initially going to be a main theme for the deck, but cards like these make it a nice bonus. Like Fruit of the First Tree, One With the Kami is easily one of the best cards Stangg can have.

As for equipment, this deck currently runs six. Commander's Plate is one of the strongest cards from Commander Legends and something that fits in perfectly here as it both protects Stangg and the Twin from white, blue and black, three colors that excel in removal. Helm of the Gods fills a similar role to Ancestral Mask as it pumps up the creature it's equipped to by a LOT depending on your board state. Thran Power Suit does the same and also offers some protection as well. Swiftfoot Boots is an obvious inclusion because hexproof and haste are always relevant (Lightning Greaves is not something in consideration for the deck as it provides shroud instead of hexproof). Trailblazer's Boots basically makes the equipped creature unblockable. Scepter of Celebration can make a lot of tokens very quickly. Throw this on Stangg and make DOUBLE the tokens!

Evolutionary Leap and Greater Good are great ways to get additional use out of a Stangg Twin token before it dies. Whether it be helping you find more creatures (which this deck doesn't have a whole lot of) or by drawing cards, and sort of instant speed sacrifice effect is really strong here.

Season of Growth, Elemental Bond, Enchantress's Presence and Garruk's Uprising are more ways to draw cards. Pretty straightforward.

Invigorating Hot Spring and Rhythm of the Wild both help give our stuff haste. Since Stangg's trigger is an attack trigger, the more ways we have to give him haste the better.

Not really much to say here. Lots of removal and some ramp. Pretty self explanatory. Special mention goes to Silkguard as it can be cast for just and sort of acts like a budget Heroic Intervention, in a way. (Why is that card so expensive?!)

Rishkar's Expertise is something that I might cut later. Sure, Stangg gets decently big with all the auras we throw on him, but I think the steady card draw effects from our enchantments make this... a bit overkill?

Just some stuff for ramp. Not a whole lot, though, because our average MV comes in under 3.0.

Altar of Dementia is another card like Evolutionary Leap and Greater Good. Another great way to get the most out of the Stangg Twin tokens.

Nothing crazy here. Most all of the usual lands are here. Kessig Wolf Run, Rogue's Passage and Skarrg, the Rage Pits offer up some additional utility that works great with Voltron strategies.

On a side note, really happy with the basic land art for this deck. This Forest is one of my favorites and the single basic Mountain might actually be my new favorite. It's so beautiful!

While Stangg offers himself up to plenty of ways to build him, finding the right balance between auras and equipment may be a bit tough. I definitely think he needs to lean more towards one way or the other and not try to do both at the same time. Either way, here are some cards that I think should be staples in any Stangg, Echo Warrior deck:

Nothing quite yet! Will be updated once it sees play.
Proxies - \\\

Sleeves - Dragon Shield Matte (Emerald)

Deck Box - Ultimate Pro 150+ 2-Piece (Clear)

Playmat - Ultra Pro - Double Masters: Exploration (Alternate Art)

Jedit Ojanen, Mercenary - Camaraderie (v0.1)

Commander / EDH* KBK7101


Also kind of debating Sivitri, Dragon Master and Tetsuo, Imperial Champion to round out this cycle of legends retold decks.

And with that, this primer is complete! Please leave any recommendations below!



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Finally finished the primer for this deck. Gonna go ahead and say that this is now v1.0. The first revision may come at some point after the new year. Definitely would like to try and find spots for Bequeathal, Alpha Authority, Storm Herald and Nettlecyst somehow. Anyone have any suggestions on cuts?


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-1 Audacity maybe
-1 Bushwhack maybe
+1 Nettlecyst maybe
-1 Pattern of Rebirth maybe
-1 Rune of Speed maybe
-1 Thran Power Suit maybe
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