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The Kobolds of Kher Keep worship the great dragon Prossh as if he were a god. They believe that their destiny is to pillage, burn, and spread terror to be reborn as a dragon.

Rosnakht, Heir of Rohgahh is a lean, mean, red machine that swarms the battlefield with Kobolds in this low mana cost Heroic deck. Then Transmogrify spells transform Kobolds into dragons to finish off opponents at turbo speed!

  • 37 Heroic spells.
  • 10 dragons.
  • 9 Transmogrify spells.
  • Budget: $100.

  1. Play Rosnakht, Heir of Rohgahh on turn 1!
  2. Target Rosnakht, Heir of Rohgahh with cheap spells like Reckless Charge to create Kobolds.
  3. Attack!
  4. Transmogrify Kobold tokens and cheat massive dragons into play.

  1. Combat damage.
  2. Direct damage as from Dragon Tempest, Terror of the Peaks and Drakuseth, Maw of Flames.

  • Speed. Low cost spells make Kobolds quickly and finisher dragons are cheated into play faster than their mana cost.
  • Rarity. This is an uncommon deck. It resembles goblin tribal but won't attract focus like Krenko and the dragons are harder to stop.
  • Resilience. as the commander cost allows us to skip protection spells and just recast Rosnakht when she dies.
  • Versatility. Change 5 cards and this becomes a go-wide aggro deck (Roar of Resistance, Shared Animosity, Coat of Arms) or a big bomb combo deck (current build). Many cards can overlap multiple builds like Draconic Destiny and Weapon Surge.

  • Interactivity. This deck wants to start a board imbalance on turn 1 and commits nearly the entire deck to acting like a laser cannon of Heroic effects leaving little room for removal or other utility.
  • Removal. Persistent removal and board wipes will slow the deck down. It is fast enough to rebuild multiple times but too many speed bumps can be a challenge. Pace yourself. Don't dump your hand onto the battlefield. 2 kobolds is enough to put sustained pressure on the control player.

  • You like having 2 dragons on the battlefield by turn 4 or 10+ dragons by turn 10.
  • You enjoy transforming humble Kobolds into fierce dragons.
  • You want to play an uncommon deck that is fun and has serious winning chances.

  • You prefer playing creatures in traditional go-wide aggro tribal or you like all-in voltron (such as Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh).
  • You don't want to play your commander in every game.
  • You want ramp or card advantage in the command zone.
  • You dislike tokens.

Demonic Ruckus is a placeholder for Might of the Meek releasing 8/2/24.


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