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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Ruthless Sniper Gift of Paradise Edifice of Authority Edifice of Authority Glorybringer Cast Out Crocodile of the Crossing Baleful Ammit
1 - 2 Heart-Piercer Manticore Heaven / Earth Cast Out Magma Spray Canyon Slough Cast Out Mouth / Feed Final Reward
1 - 3 Cartouche of Ambition Tah-Crop Skirmisher Wayward Servant Shimmerscale Drake Splendid Agony Merciless Javelineer Decimator Beetle Magma Spray
1 - 4 Oketra's Monument Aven Initiate Lay Claim Shimmerscale Drake Colossapede Unwavering Initiate Horror of the Broken Lands Fan Bearer
1 - 5 Trueheart Twins Cartouche of Ambition Wasteland Scorpion Fan Bearer Unburden Hapatra's Mark Kefnet's Monument Manticore of the Gauntlet
1 - 6 Essence Scatter Painful Lesson Cartouche of Knowledge Seraph of the Suns Aven Initiate Ahn-Crop Champion Greater Sandwurm Seraph of the Suns
1 - 7 Neheb, the Worthy Nimble-Blade Khenra Binding Mummy Essence Scatter New Perspectives Warfire Javelineer Dissenter's Deliverance Painful Lesson
1 - 8 Naga Oracle Sparring Mummy Woodland Stream Greater Sandwurm Faith of the Devoted Illusory Wrappings Quarry Hauler Floodwaters
1 - 9 Decision Paralysis Cancel Illusory Wrappings Evolving Wilds Painted Bluffs Cradle of the Accursed Initiate's Companion Brute Strength
1 - 10 Desert Cerodon Onward / Victory Seeker of Insight Horror of the Broken Lands Unburden Essence Scatter Wander in Death Floodwaters
1 - 11 Seeker of Insight Woodland Stream Haze of Pollen Those Who Serve Hekma Sentinels Trespasser's Curse Dissenter's Deliverance River Serpent
1 - 12 Giant Spider Kefnet's Monument Anointer Priest Supply Caravan Sacred Excavation Pitiless Vizier Hyena Pack Blazing Volley
1 - 13 Bloodlust Inciter Fling Bloodlust Inciter Fling Scarab Feast Forsake the Worldly Giant Spider Mighty Leap
1 - 14 By Force Supply Caravan Supply Caravan Benefaction of Rhonas Scribe of the Mindful Violent Impact Dispossess Spidery Grasp
2 - 1 Galestrike Violent Impact Combat Celebrant Electrify Oketra the True Archfiend of Ifnir Final Reward Labyrinth Guardian
2 - 2 Glory-Bound Initiate Cartouche of Knowledge Baleful Ammit Angler Drake Lord of the Accursed Censor Mouth / Feed Aven Initiate
2 - 3 Emberhorn Minotaur Cartouche of Ambition Gust Walker Aven Initiate Seeker of Insight Colossapede Ahn-Crop Crasher Compelling Argument
2 - 4 Horror of the Broken Lands Minotaur Sureshot Sparring Mummy Splendid Agony Naga Oracle Cruel Reality Binding Mummy Cast Out
2 - 5 Magma Spray Honed Khopesh Trial of Solidarity Unwavering Initiate Sunscorched Desert Sunscorched Desert Watchful Naga Cartouche of Zeal
2 - 6 Cartouche of Knowledge Cartouche of Solidarity Binding Mummy Illusory Wrappings Painted Bluffs Pouncing Cheetah Colossapede Warfire Javelineer
2 - 7 Hekma Sentinels Supernatural Stamina Fan Bearer Vizer Of Remedies Floodwaters Miasmic Mummy Horror of the Broken Lands Reduce / Rubble
2 - 8 Minotaur Sureshot Nef-Crop Entangler Supply Caravan Minotaur Sureshot Grasping Dunes Manticore of the Gauntlet River Serpent Soul-Scar Mage
2 - 9 Hieroglyphic Illumination Giant Spider In Oketra's Name Blighted Bat Seeker of Insight Greater Sandwurm Blazing Volley Blazing Volley
2 - 10 Blazing Volley Winds of Rebuke Anointed Procession Cradle of the Accursed Seeker of Insight Pathmaker Initiate Hooded Brawler Pursue Glory
2 - 11 Unburden Supply Caravan Doomed Dissenter Destined / Lead Binding Mummy Bontu's Monument Greater Sandwurm Desert Cerodon
2 - 12 Wander in Death Tormenting Voice Sacred Cat Supply Caravan Tormenting Voice Shed Weakness Bontu's Monument Ornery Kudu
2 - 13 Giant Spider Floodwaters Mighty Leap Grasping Dunes Benefaction of Rhonas Supernatural Stamina Hapatra's Mark Gravedigger
2 - 14 Tormenting Voice Protection of the Hekma Haze of Pollen Renewed Faith Hapatra's Mark Djeru's Resolve Those Who Serve Protection of the Hekma
3 - 1 Bloodwater Entity Steadfast Sentinel Neheb, the Eternal Burning-Fist Minotaur Open Fire Champion of Wits The Scorpion God Nimble Obstructionist
3 - 2 Magmaroth Kindled Fury Hour of Promise Puncturing Blow Unquenchable Thirst Unquenchable Thirst Steward of Solidarity Bloodwater Entity
3 - 3 Aerial Guide Desert of the Fervent Sunscourge Champion Devotee of Strength Unquenchable Thirst Desert of the Indomitable Aerial Guide Unquenchable Thirst
3 - 4 Aerial Guide Seer of the Last Tomorrow Torment of Venom Brambleweft Behemoth Consign / Oblivion Devotee of Strength Brambleweft Behemoth Angel of the God-Pharaoh
3 - 5 Desert of the Mindful Defiant Khenra Desert of the Indomitable Rhonas's Stalwart Steward of Solidarity Unraveling Mummy Sandblast Merciless Eternal
3 - 6 Firebrand Archer Traveler's Amulet Khenra Scrapper Reason / Believe Hashep Oasis Rampaging Hippo Gilded Cerodon Oasis Ritualist
3 - 7 Desert of the Mindful Aven Reedstalker Gilded Cerodon Countervailing Winds Desert of the Mindful Aerial Guide Gilded Cerodon Mummy Paramount
3 - 8 Carrion Screecher Granitic Titan Wretched Camel Feral Prowler Seer of the Last Tomorrow Claim / Fame Feral Prowler Traveler's Amulet
3 - 9 Aven of Enduring Hope Strategic Planning Desert of the Fervent Chandra's Defeat Manalith Carrion Screecher Harrier Naga Tragic Lesson
3 - 10 Proven Combatant Seer of the Last Tomorrow Granitic Titan Rampaging Hippo Marauding Boneslasher Swarm Intelligence Chandra's Defeat Wretched Camel
3 - 11 Proven Combatant Appeal / Authority Swarm Intelligence Defiant Khenra Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs Solemnity Imaginary Threats Steadfast Sentinel
3 - 12 Without Weakness Defiant Khenra Manalith Gift of Strength Proven Combatant Angel of the God-Pharaoh Countervailing Winds Granitic Titan
3 - 13 Liliana's Defeat Gideon's Defeat Chandra's Defeat Gilded Cerodon Without Weakness Scrounger of Souls Wretched Camel Crash Through
3 - 14 Grisly Survivor Disposal Mummy Djeru's Renunciation Kindled Fury Moaning Wall Dutiful Servants Grisly Survivor Saving Grace