Cartouche of Zeal


Not legal in any format

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Cartouche of Zeal

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control

When Cartouche of Zeal enters the battlefield, target creature can't block this turn.

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has haste.

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Cartouche of Zeal Discussion

OwnedbyCow on Unblockable Glass Jaw

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the reply Immortalrock. I had also thought that equipment would be better as I could continue to use it. I would lose a bit of speed but gain more survivability (I don't know if that's a word lol) using the equipment cards. Would there be any other equipment that you would suggest?

How do you feel about Shield of the Realm? That would protect them from burn cards most of the time.

Consuming Fervor feels like the weakest out of the auras that I am using. If I have multiple in hand, then it works wonders, but I usually find myself wishing I had any of Arcane Flight, Cartouche of Zeal, or Curious Obsession for the extra abilities they contain.

-Arcanity- on Wielders of the Blackblade

2 weeks ago

this is great use of the blackblade since u have many legendaries to put it on. One thing I realized is that a deck like this really needs some removal and also anti-removal spells. For removal Seal Away and Abrade are the best options, and the only good anti-removal there is for white is Sheltering Light. Also Jousting Lance is kinda a bad card. you can sub it with 1 On Serra's Wings and 2 Cartouche of Zeals.

xaviermp on Standard Goblins Meme

1 month ago

I actually cut Wily for the 2 Built to Smash in the main. I was running it at FNM for the first time and the Wily Goblins honestly just get in the way and slow it down. I feel like getting your second Mimic out, dropping Cartouche of Zeal on it, and swinging for 4 already just to pump it 3 and give it trample is a little better than the Wily guys. At least in meta. It may be quite different in yours. Plus, worst case scenario, you only get to pump a Fanatical Firebreand to 4 on turn 2.

multimedia on LOCK-N-LOAD

1 month ago

Hey, great ideas, nice concept!

Consider Dauntless Bodyguard? It's a way to protect the creature you want to equip all the equipment too such as Champion or Valduk. She's also a creature which helps with the plan of needing creatures to equip too.

Squee seems good with the strategy here, but better as a sideboard card for control matchups. There's 10x three drops main deck this is a lot for only having 19 lands. Both Valduk and Danitha are core cards for the strategy I think you can move Squee to the sideboard to reduce the number of three drops main deck.

Consider Cartouche of Zeal? It's not an equipment, but it works with Valduk, Champion and Sram and best of all it gives the creature enchanted by it haste. It also clears away a blocker for the turn as well as giving +1/+1. It does a lot for one mana. I think it can have much more impact main deck than Tormenting Voice or even Seal Away. Seal is a great card, but for you're strategy better as a sideboard card. You want to clear away blockers before you attack. Seal is not good at doing this. To use Seal to clear away a blocker your opponent's creature has to attack first, this is problematic.

Consider Invigorated Rampage? It's two mana instant and versatile giving trample to one creature or two, +4/0 and trample is powerful. Trample is nice when you're loading up equipment on a creature giving it a lot of power.

Good luck with your deck.

Poaralion on R/W Equip & Auras

1 month ago

Hey, really like the deck, Champion of the Flame is such a fun card.

Valduk, Keeper of the Flame is a nice target for aura and equipement. I think you're missing Cartouche of Zeal and Cartouche of Solidarity, two awesome cheap aura. Maybe some Sheltering Light in order to help protect your things and smooth your draws ?

Arkh0n on Flame Caller Enchant

1 month ago

OOO Also what are your thoughts on On Serra's Wings I have been thinking it is not worth to keep in maybe add atleast one Cartouche of Zeal if not two. Second thing is what are your guys thoughts on adding in Renegade Wheelsmith I feel like it gives utility to the deck and helps you by pass anything that would get in your way Not that trample wont but could just be the extra utility to just end the game if need be.

Purple_Mage on Flame Caller Enchant

1 month ago

Hi, I like the concept of this deck and I'm wanting to create either a Boros or a Azorius version myself. I have a number of ideas of how to alter this deck so bare with me, I'll try not to make it a stream of thought.

  1. The idea of your deck is to win as quickly as possible smashing face with pumped creatures. Therefore Artifacts in general are going to be too slow. I'd cut them completely and focus just on Aura' s.

  2. As you no longer have a 'reoccurring' source of buffing your creatures through Artifacts that can be re-equipped if creatures die I would then increase your number of Dauntless Body Guard's to 4 in order to protect your late game threats.

  3. Your creature count overall wants to be lower, these sorts of Decks tend to play a select few good creatures and then the remainder being Auras with very little removal. I'd suggest something like:

4x Sram, Senior Edificer

4x Champion of the Flame

4x Dauntless Bodyguard

4x Valduk, Keeper of the Flame

Maybe keep one Shalai?? If your opponent can't answer it then your pumped guys are protected.Sram is a must have in this sort of deck as it'll really help you keep the ball rolling as all your auras will draw you cards enabling you to play more auras :).

I'd recommend atleast removing some of your other creatures if you don't want to run the above set. These include:

Baird - he just seems very expensive and against your game plan. You don't care about your opponents being able to attack you because you're going to be smashing face so much and winning quick.Danitha - on the face she seems good, but there's other things to do on turn 3 and some Enchantments that I'm going to suggest are cheap enough as it is.Teshar - you aren't really playing enough Artifacts/legends to make this 4 mana 2/2 worthwhile.Skirk Prospector - this more needs to go in a goblin deck. I can see the upside of being able to ramp a little, but I'm not sure on this little dude.

In terms of Enchantments there's quite a few available to you in the RW colour wheel, these include:

Cartouche of Solidarity - this is a 2-4-1 leaving behind a 1/1 even if your guy gets killed. The +1/+1 and first strike is nothing to sniff at either making blocking your dude difficult.

Cartouche of Zeal - haste +1/+1 and a creature can't block this turn is great for a big blow out with either of your big aura fatties.

You've already included Frenzied Rage which seems good and makes your guys even harder to block :D.

Consuming Fervor seems like a good choice as well, you'll have got in for so much damage that the fact that you have to sacrifice your creature seems like a pay off you'd be willing to pay. Plus you have 8 legendary cards so you may have redundancy in your hand.

Other stuff. These can include Legion's Landing a life link dude and the potential to make even more. Lightning Strike, Seal Away andBaffling End as premium removal, but You don't want too much as it'll take away from your game plan.

Sorry about the splurge of ideas. Feel free to take or leave as much of it as you want :).

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