Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Choose an artifact card name. Search target opponent's graveyard, hand and library for any number of cards with the chosen name and exile them. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Dispossess Discussion

MaxMania38 on [Primer] Masterminds Prison

2 weeks ago

ya rviola i had some trouble against artifacts like Dynavolt Tower and others during testing, so i decided to put in 2 of Dispossess in the board. This really helped for the overall build so i hope that issue resolves.

PhthisisClock on Negative Creep Modern

3 weeks ago

I'm liking how this build is running right now. I recently pulled one Incremental Blight to make room for one Black Sun's Zenith.

Mainboard may change soon by replacing Tragic Slip with 3x Abrupt Decay.

Another big change "may" happen in the sideboard... thinking of pulling Banewhip Punisher and one copy of Dispossess to make room for four copies of Unearth.

razelfark on Scarabbian

1 month ago

The deck seems really well built. My main question is why the side deck option Dispossess? I am not sure what artifact is out that you would want to run this card to remove besides gearhulks. It is not a bad idea for those but was wondering if there were any other cards you were using this to side vs. You may want to consider for the side Lost Legacy or Negate if you find yourself vs second sun or combo decks.

As for the main deck you may want to run either Glimmer of Genius or Hieroglyphic Illumination over Chart a Course . The reason for why I suggest this is to make it so you have more instant speed draw options to hold mana up for control spells and you will more often then not have to discard for the Chart. Another reason I prefer the 2 spells I suggested is that because they are instant speed you can target them with Torrential Gearhulk to get more draw power when you don't need to use it for control.

Argy on Will of the God-Pharaoh

1 month ago

IMO Glimmer of Genius is far superior to Hieroglyphic Illumination. The Scry 2 is just that good. You also get extra for your Aether Hub to play with.

Put two more Glimmer of Genius in, and take out the Hieroglyphic Illumination.

Speaking of, I'd drop Aether Hub to three copies, and put an extra copy of Evolving Wilds in. Most Control deck are doing that, these days.

I would also put Sweltering Suns in the Sideboard, remove Vraska, Relic Seeker (it falls too easily to Vraska's Contempt), add another Lost Legacy or a Dispossess to your Sideboard, and move Glint-Sleeve Siphoner to your Mainboard.

If that doesn't work for you, try Metalspinner's Puzzleknot instead of Glint-Sleeve Siphoner. That's what I've done in Flame-Chained, and it's worked very well.

Argy on An Actually Good Token Deck

2 months ago

These are the things I think your deck needs to fix, if you want to make it competitive.

(I can't tell if this deck can go 5-0, as I don't know your local meta.)

  1. Mana

    The number of lands you have is too small. I often had to mulligan, as I had one or none in my opening hand.

    You need some lands that will help you colour fix. Tri coloured decks just don't work without these, at the moment.

    I would do something like this:

    2x Aether Hub
    3x Concealed Courtyard
    3x Drowned Catacomb
    3x Evolving Wilds
    3x Glacial Fortress
    2x Island
    4x Plains
    3x Swamp

  2. Removal

    You need better removal than Fatal Push.

    If your Opponent has large Creatures they will get away with their game plan, and overrun you, particularly if they have efficient, early removal.

    A deck like Stompy Whompy Dinos outraces you.

    Vraska's Contempt would work better for you, I feel.

  3. Counter spells

    You have access to , so you should use Counter spells in your deck.

    Cancel is cheap, but so is Admiral's Order.

    It might feel as though you will weaken your deck by taking out some Token focused cards for other spells, but in point of fact you will strengthen it.

    Flame-Chained wrecked your deck by Sideboarding in Lost Legacy, and Gonti, Lord of Luxury. If you had a Counter Spell in hand, you could have stopped those cards from taking your stuff.

  4. Sideboard

    For a Sideboard, I would do something like this:

    2x Bontu's Last Reckoning - board wipes everything, but you can Embalm your Creatures. Deals with Carnage Tyrant.
    2x Dispossess - removes annoying Artifacts.
    3x Essence Scatter - Counter their biggest Creature.
    3x Lost Legacy - take their Approach of the Second Sun.
    4x Negate - stop Planeswalkers, Approach of the Second Sun, board wipes, etc.
    1x Vizier of Many Faces - also good against Carnage Tyrant, Ghalta, Primal Hunger, and just about any annoying Creature.

    This assumes you have a Counter spell and Vraska's Contempt in your Mainboard.

Hope that feedback helps.

Argy on U/W gift questions

2 months ago

I actually think it is worth throwing a couple of Adorned Pouncer in because you need a backup plan if they Exile all your God-Pharaoh's Gift with Dispossess.

Yes, your Opponent can chump block it, but it can also be used as a decent blocker itself.

reaperofcakes on B/W Vampires

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions superfuinha. I'll definitely add the Dispossess, great idea. My last FNM was almost destroyed by Walking Ballistas. I'm sort of newer so when I see a card like dispossess I think straight up artifacts instead of artifact creatures, so I didn't even consider it to begin with.

For the mainboard, Paladin of Atonement is surprisingly doing well. At least one game a night, I get him up to 4 or 5 counters. He's good in the mirror matchup and against dinos, which I usually do pretty poorly against. But, your suggestion does seem better in most ways. If I take out the Paladins, I'll probably end up taking out the Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip too, since I don't like it on it's own, but it synergized with the Paladins a little bit so I put it in. Any suggestions for a replacement there? I'd like card draw, but maybe a Fatal Push could take that slot instead of a land slot.

Argy on

2 months ago

You seem to have gotten into the habit of using 22 Lands in your decks.

The pros now use 24 Lands, so they don't get behind the curve, even with Aggro decks.

Then they get value out of their late game lands by either Cycling them, or using utility lands like Ifnir Deadlands (your deck could use at least two of these).

You don't outrace Merfolk, which is one of the fastest decks at the moment.

Part of the reason for this is that they have a few different versions of cards in their Mainboard that act like Unsummon.

They interrupt your tempo to get their damage through.

They can also end up with a lot of card draw and unblockability in the late game, as well as being able to boost all their Creatures.

I would like to see you throw in some Fatal Push (this is an auto-include for any Mainboard these days), some Harnessed Lightning, and some Unlicensed Disintegration.

The last spell, in particular, will muck their unblockable game plan up.

Scavenger Grounds belongs in the Mainboard. Two copies are not going to make you colour screwed.

Replace them with Lost Legacy in the Sideboard, or Dispossess if your meta is heavy with anointing Artifacts.

Hope that helps.

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