Feral Prowler


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Feral Prowler

Creature — Cat

When Feral Prowler dies, draw a card.

Feral Prowler Discussion

sagramore on Crazy Cat Menagerie [Primer, Rotated]

1 year ago

I'm still trying to work out the final few cards in this deck. I think I will leave the Feral Prowler in until I've had more chance to test it but I am going to take your advice with a few "1-of" cards to tweak the non-cat spells a bit....

Power-towershell on The Cool Cats of Amonkhet

1 year ago

I was thinking about Feral Prowler and almost put it and and still might. The reason Crook of Condemnation is in my sideboard is to have hate for graveyard based decks in standard, such as God-Pharaoh's Gift and Journey to Eternity. Thank you for the suggestions sally-the-weasel

sally-the-weasel on The Cool Cats of Amonkhet

1 year ago

What about Hungry Lynx, Feral Prowler, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Ajani's Pridemate or Aetherstream Leopard? (Not all of them are standart-legal and I'd take the last one just because it fits to Longtusk Cub.) Why is there Crook of Condemnation in your deck?

sagramore on Crazy Cat Menagerie [Primer, Rotated]

1 year ago

Murphy77, Shyvana, Pickacantaloupe - thanks for all your comments and discussion! I will reply properly over this weekend (I'm opening a bunch of cards tonight).

Shyvana - One thing I will mention with regards this being "budget" - it isn't budget by design, I am not sure adding more expensive cards will actually help the deck, so I won't be attempting a "non-budget" version because I don't think there's anything to gain there. If a card is good, it's going in anyway, it just happens to be quite low-cost for the format right now anyway.

Pickacantaloupe - one direct question for you as well: if you don't run Feral Prowler how is your card draw? I added it for draw more than anything else but I haven't had as much opportunity to playtest as it sounds like you have. Interested in your thoughts on that point.

Pickacantaloupe on Crazy Cat Menagerie [Primer, Rotated]

1 year ago

So after a long time with my cat deck I really don't like Feral Prowler. I go 4 of on Sacred Cat, 4 Adorned Pouncer, 4 Pride Sovereign, 4 Prowling Serpopard, 4 Metallic Mimic, and 4 Regal Caracal. I find that the rest of the deck is personal choice at this point, and what I mean is, I see most people run these cats. Could be me, but I like my playsets of cats, and the ones present are great. My own paper and MTGO cat deck also include Huatli, Radiant Champion cause she's so good here. The rest are combat tricks/extra ways to draw. The ones I see for you are fine, once again. I like the Verdant Rebirth, but I don't run it myself. Do you not like Blossoming Defense? I realize it works for spot removal, but I find nowadays an extra combat trick or two can push you for the win. I use Shapers' Sanctuary myself, but only as a 1 of, and another in the sideboard. In my current deck my combat tricks are 2 Blossoming Defense, 1 Appeal / Authority, 3 Cast Out, and 1 Prepare / Fight. It's weird but it works. I'm starting to like these spell cards that work from your graveyard, it may make your opponent switch into extra graveyard hate, which is great since this is more tempo/aggro. 2 Radiant Destiny, 1 Shapers' Sanctuary, and 2 Huatli, Radiant Champion are the only non-cats other than the combat tricks.

Murphy77 on Crazy Cat Menagerie [Primer, Rotated]

1 year ago

I like the addition of Huatli, Radiant Champion to this deck. In a similar deck, I went with 4 each of Adorned Pouncer and Sacred Cat, leaving out Feral Prowler

In place of Verdant Rebirth and Shapers' Sanctuary, I went with Anointed Procession and Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip and replaced your white 4-drop defence cards with Heroic Intervention.

My thought pattern is that you can dominate the field with 1/1 cat tokens (kittens) that are boosted by Radiant Destiny, Regal Caracal and Metallic Mimic and you want to get there as early as possible. Anointed Procession is a must. I have also played around with Lifecrafter's Bestiary to modify what you draw and Mirage Mirror to copy Regal Caracal, Pride Sovereign or Anointed Procession as required.

StuBi on Lime and Salt

1 year ago

Thanks for taking the time to give me suggestions, Kizmetto.

The following Creatures aren't Dinosaurs, so won't get a boost from Radiant Destiny, and don't provide a good enough benefit for me to play. Mostly because their Power or Toughness isn't as high as I need it to be:

This deck needs to be Creature heavy in order to cast Ghalta, Primal Hunger by Turn 5, and to hold on until Zetalpa, Primal Dawn hits the field, so the following spells aren't very useful:

I would have to remove certain cards to replace them with these, and the cards I already have give better value:

I already have the following cards either in the build, or in the Sideboard:

Shefet Dunes is an excellent suggestion. Adding that now.

Kizmetto on Lime and Salt

1 year ago

oooh! I like this different approach. Would Ajani Unyielding have a place here perhaps, to serve as removal and a digger? Maybe 2 copies?

And Trapjaw Tyrant as a more utility dino to remove some potential threats, or any fliers perhaps since you can enrage it with Savage Stomp. oh oh and in that vein, maybe Shapers' Sanctuary since it looks like this is more defensive shell, or a few copies of Blossoming Defense might work here. OH and since you have turns to spare, perhaps Thaumatic Compass  Flip could be useful here, as a land fixer of sorts, but flips into a sort of Maze of Ith, which sounds useful to have here maybe.

Im looking at that Raptor Companion and i dont think it belongs here, why not Drover of the Mighty since it'll almost always be a 3/3 in this deck AND ramps a little?

Maybe some Cast Out Baffling End or Ixalan's Binding as some removal? I just noticed you're not running Savage Stomp instead of Settle the Wreckage and move that to the sideboard (Oh i just saw it in the Considered section, whoops.)

Kinjalli's Sunwing will slow them down and be a flier, which the deck is susceptible to but maybe thats not what you're looking for.

Looking outside of Ixalan block,What about Skysovereign, Consul Flagship ? Gives you some reach and some "burn" and can be crewed easily, also with a big toughness which is in theme. or is 5cmc is too high maybe Aethersphere Harvester which can give you a little bit of life? But also big toughness and flying!

perhaps 1 Uncage the Menagerie for some spice? ;)

Feral Prowler instead of Raptor Companion maybe a consideration.

and finally some copies of Shefet Dunes might be nice to have.

Sorry for so many suggestions, i just got excited thinking about this build and the avenues you could take with it! Best of luck!!

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