New Perspectives


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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New Perspectives


When New Perspectives enters the battlefield, draw three cards.

As long as you have seven or more cards in hand, you may pay 0 rather than paying cycling costs.

New Perspectives Discussion

triproberts12 on Parun wheeling

6 months ago

I'm kinda confused. From the name, I expected to see some jank fueled by New Perspectives and Fluctuator , but I only see two Cycling lands and 6 wheel effects...

joecool1299 on Brago Eternal Triggers

9 months ago

Here are some easy swaps when you have the chance.

Voidwielder and the other subpar bounce creatures for either AEther Adept or Man-o'-War or Reflector Mage or all three!

Scholar of Stars for Mulldrifter

Fogwalker for Frost Lynx although honestly I'd cut it when I get the chance.

Spell Burst for Forbid but that's pretty expensive, Insidious Will is a lot better or you could go full protection and go for Swan Song or Dispel

Enlightened Ascetic for War Priest of Thune or Leonin Relic-Warder

Fleeting Memories for New Perspectives though again, I'd cut this when I get the chance.

Divine Favor for literally anything else but I'll say Flickering Ward

Meteorite and Manalith for Chromatic Lantern and Coldsteel Heart. I don't think you need a subpar card like Meteorite when you have infinite blinks.

Why Homarid Explorer? Seems like an odd choice. Again, infinite blinks will win with literally anything so why not play card that synergies with your deck more? How about Deadeye Navigator which is a stupid card and a back up brago? Or Venser, Shaper Savant to bounce all the lands.

That's the biggest piece of advice I'd give you. You have a lot fo random mill that doesn't synergies with your commander like Psychic Corrosion. I'd see about removing that.

Finally 33 lands is kinda low. I aim for at least 36, maybe even 38

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Aryel, Knight of Wingrace ideas

10 months ago

AxeOfHades what type of combo deck are you talking about? There are three types that I have noticed (there might be more). I might be able to give a few pointers.

1 the infinite combo that tends to require a minimum of 3 pieces in standard.

2 the combo that tries to pull off a strong synergy that doesn’t let you win the turn you get. An example is Divine Visitation and Leonin Warleader as mentioned above.

3 the last catagory of combo decks is the type that plays a lot of spells trying to abuse some mechanic or card to net mana until you can eventually win. This type of combo deck ha the potential to fizzle. Modern storm or from the past standard season New Perspectives.

I’m no grand master of comboes but I have built a few reasonably competitive combo decks.

longmuiryan on WUB Discard

11 months ago

Have you considered a cycling theme? It really synergizes well with discard. Some Suggestions: Drake Haven, New Perspectives,Archfiend of Ifnir, Curator of Mysteries, Cast Out

Enral on Cycling Combo

1 year ago

Cool build, since getting New Perspectives is an important part of your plan, I would recommend these (if budget allows):

TriusMalarky on New Perspectives/Approach

1 year ago

Definitely go up to 2 or 3 Approach at least, and because of the fact that New Perspectives works so well with Cycling I'm assuming at least 15-20 of your cards can be Cycled(using Cast Out, Hieroglyphic Illumination, and the lands such as Irrigated Farmland, etc.)

The thing is, if you are running 4 each of Cast Out, Censor, and Hieroglyphic Illumination, and running 22 lands(taking 2 out for 2 more Approach) you have an almost guaranteed chance to get the lands to get a t6 New Perspectives. Running Curator of Mysteries and Compelling Argument also add more 1-mana Cycle effects, maybe using 1-2 Opt if you have space, Countervailing Winds because it's a decent counterspell, and depending on your colors using Archfiend of Ifnir, Shefet Monitor, and Haze of Pollen(as well as the Amonkhet Cycling duals) can give you an easier path to victory. On the side, Archfiend and Curator are alternate win cons as they are decent sized flyers for the mana.

On the side, I'd run 1-2 copies of Abandoned Sarcophagus as it can let you utilize cards like Cast Out and Haze of Pollen that you cycled earlier in the game to get another handle on the game. Also use that one card that cycles and gives you 2 life, that can help seal the deal against your opponent.

I personally might consider using the M19(if you're playing Standard with this deck, which I assume you are) card that mimics Sphinx's Tutelage. 1, maybe 2 copies add yet another win con that can easily crush your opponent with a New Perspectives on the field.

landofMordor on Best MTG Block/Set in the ...

1 year ago

Lorewise, Ixalan/RIX was so sweet because Jace turned out to not be as huge a jerk as we thought. His character development with Vraska was so awesome to read.

Mechanically, I've really enjoyed the balanced gameplay of DOM. As a recent Hipsters of the Coast article put it, blocking matters again, which makes me happy as a control player. It's also got a lot of depth to it and callbacks to older cards, which is fun to see.

Best art probably comes from AMK for me. They just nailed the unique aesthetic for me.

Overall,'s gotta be Amonkhet for me. The unique Egyptian world, the way that WotC totally nailed -1/-1 counters after the misery that was New Phyrexia, the lore of the Gatewatch encountering their first defeat, sick build-arounds like New Perspectives, and the potential to revisit Amonkhet and see Djeru and Samut rebuilding their lives out in the desert makes the whole set stand out for me.

Snivy__ on What current decks will stand ...

1 year ago

Um Argy, you do realize that Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation rotate out with Kaladesh and Aether revolt right?

The Scarab God will be no more

Approach of the Second Sun will be no more

I'm pretty sure the current RDW will turn into a Goblin Tribal build

Mono Green Stompy or Elves will come back to standard, as well as Wizard tribal being one of the janky brews that wins, kind of like New Perspectives combo right now.

Artifact midrange with the new Karn will definitely be a thing.

Someone is going to take one of the weird legendary creatures that they spoiled and turn it into an almost unbeatable deck and Wizards will ban either the legendary creature itself or another card(s) that basically gives the deck all of its power.

Those are my predictions! Hope that helps.

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