Torment of Venom


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Torment of Venom


Put three -1/-1 counters on target creature. Its controller loses 3 life unless he or she sacrifices another nonland permanent or discards a card.

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Torment of Venom Discussion

Boza on Rivals of Ixalan Spoilers

2 weeks ago

DemonDragonJ, you must be disappointed every set then - Contract Killing, Lethal Sting, Torment of Venom, Vanquish the Weak, Tidy Conclusion, Certain Death, Murderous Compulsion are all worse cards than the ones you listed, in just the last year. It is almost as if Wizards prints removal like that based on the needs of the Limited environment in the set.

razelfark on Mummy's fever

1 month ago

Interesting deck idea you have. The cards in the deck that I see that could use improvement are: Splendid Agony, Torment of Venom, Moaning Wall .

The instant cards you have for control are on the expensive to cast side for effect. While Venom can be fun to play as you watch your opponent figures out how to resolve the effect, it is not always going to guarantee a kill on something. As for Splendid Agony, this card is very weak in general and would highly recommend replacing with either cheap sorcery speed options like Trial of Ambition or Never. Some instant speed options if you are on a budget Hour of Glory or Unlicensed Disintegration (since you said you are adding red).

Another card you may want to consider for the deck Liliana's Mastery. The card buffs all your current zombies and provides you with effectively two 3/3 creatures the first time you cast it.

For your side deck you will want to have copies of Lost Legacy if you run into any decks that rely on one card to win them the game like Approach of the Second Sun, Marionette Master, or Torment of Hailfire.

I do not see a reason for the red in your deck. You are putting them into your side with only 4 red sources and 1 of them requires double red to be played. Seems like too much risk, not enough reward for a creature that is a big body Neheb, the Eternal and another on that does not do much for your deck Wildfire Eternal. If you want to include Neheb then I think you need to be more willing to use red in the main board as well. You would want to include cards like CutRibbons so you can take advantage of his mana production effect. As for Wildfire Eternal I would probably not bother with him as you do not play any big spells worth tricking out with his effect and once your opponent knows they wont bother blocking him because he only does one damage then.

Hope these comments are helpful.

izirkelbach on Hapatra, Snek Queen

2 months ago

MoGoose831 Supernatural Stamina seems like a great choice, just not sure what to take out for it :(

Crazedlink00 I definitely need to find room for Torment of Venom. Archfiend is nice, but i don't cycle or discard enough to utilize him. I really like Plague Belcher but my 3drop slot is already pretty full. Any suggestions on cuts?

backinajiffy on

3 months ago

Well I have good news for you! Grind / Dust is a super efficient -1 / -1 low cost removal. Even better news, it comes with white - which is the same color as Anointed Procession which is phenomenal in this deck.

Also good news, your deck gets a hell of a lot less reliant on your draws when you drop in Costly Plunder since you can junk something you don't think will help you, attack then sac, or even dodge a removal spell by sacing and drawing. It also makes drawing into your combo hella easy.

Also, playing Torment of Venom on turn 4 or 5 aftering putting out a Nest of Scarabs or two or Anointed Procession means you get massive tokens while dropping some hard control at instant speed.

And if you want to counter control decks, it gets really easy when you board in

  • 2x (more aggro creatures)
  • 4x Duress
  • 4x Heroic Intervention
  • 4x Supernatural Stamina

This is because Supernatural Stamina causes ETB triggers to go off again (which is awesome for channeler or exemplar) and is super efficient at buring high costed control. Duress of course hurts control decks, the rest is self explanitory.

I feel like with these changes it makes the deck 10x better. But I'm taking it to FNM tonight so we shall see just how much better it really is.

galleadden on

3 months ago

okie dokie! lets begin


at this point I just like 24 lands in any 60 card deck I have, buuuuut I do have plenty of faith that the 22 you have is fine. now the only change I would make to lands is adding 4 Ifnir Deadlands and maybe 2 Grasping Dunes. the Ifnir Deadlands I must say from experience are way more powerful then they look and to top it off fit your decks theme, so 100% includes. now Grasping Dunes is weaker but it is in them, so they are maybes. now what i would replace is 4 Swampfor ifnirs and 2 Foul Orchard for Grasping Dunes. but once again dunes are definitely a maybe, it won't hurt you at all to not have them


now I know Liliana, Death Wielder is in theme, but for 7 mana she does not do nearly enough so I could never suggest her in any deck outside of commander. Now Vraska, Relic Seeker may not be in theme but she alone is a fire magnet that ends the game by herself while being good removal in your colors. so if you want a planeswalker in this deck shes the only one I can suggest.


no real suggestions, there really is only one for your slot. maybe add a fourth since its the decks theme.


you already have push but a few things you could add are Blossoming Defense it may not be in theme but it can act like a kill spell and save your hapatras. Hapatra's Mark is an in theme blossoming defense. buuut sometimes you may want that +2/+2. Splendid Agony its not super but it triggers your stuff and can kill creatures, so really good in your deck needs play testing to be sure. Torment of Venom its pricey but i like how many counters you get out of it, plus the punish effect can be fun. Vraska's Contempt is solid sideboard tech for a deck with gods or planeswalkers.


Grind is cheap, kills possibly two creatures and channeler initiate can cast the dust part. but probably better in the sideboard. its not super strong but Hazardous Conditions is a fun field bomb your creatures could technically survive if they have -1/-1 counters on them, but against constrictor decks it does nothing sooo sideboard against token decks or just don;t use it. Its just a funny card that would surprise your opponents when your creatures survive it. Lethal Sting is your decks unlicensed disintegration, that can trigger your other cards. lastly maybe a field bomb like Yahenni's Expertise.


Archfiend of Ifnir though you don't have much cycle or discard he can wipe a board and do massive triggers, just need some discard/cycle cards. Bone Picker not to theme but your deck should have things die often. so a 3/2 flyer for 1 is awesome. Crocodile of the Crossing this is one of the best cards you can add, its in them and as game ending as hazoret with 5 power haste. i just love the idea of playing it putting the counters on a festering mummy, making tokens then put festering mummies counter on an enemy card to make more tokens then hit for 5. its soooo good. Decimator Beetle i do agree with you its cost makes it slow, but a one of might be good. Plague Belcher no your not zombies but the counters and 3 cost 5/4 menace means he is in theme with ridiculous power. Ruthless Sniper like archiend if you go cycle in any way he fits the theme.

My changes

so those are all my suggestions the actual changes i would go through with is- trade 4 Swamp for 4 Ifnir Deadlands, trade lili for vraska, take outWalk the Plank replace it with 2 Lethal Sting (worse but in theme) or keep 2 walk the planks and add 2 Yahenni's Expertise. take out Baleful Ammit and replace it with 2 Plague Belcher, go down a Banewhip Punisher to 2 and add a Channeler Initiate to 3. take out the Defiant Greatmaw and add 4 Crocodile of the Crossing. trade 2 hapatras for 2 Exemplar of Strength. so you have 4 exemplars and 2 hapatras. I cant promise this will be super strong with what little support wizards gave us but this is what i suggest.

NuclearSmiles on Dis-card makes you discard (only $16)

3 months ago

Why not run a set of Raiders' Wake instead of Torment of Venom

ROUROU on Black Green Negative Counters

4 months ago

TheDirgeCaster -1/-1 counters , are one of the strongest anti-meta decks. If you can, you should go and play at an FNM and get a reward. I would suggest to place in Archfiend of Ifnir, Grind / Dust is also a card, that empties the field outta nowhere, Nest of Scarabs and Torment of Venom are nice removals too! This deck can go from 0 to 60 in no time !! +1

PeeBee on three colored crocodile aggro

4 months ago

If you own the Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons already, then i would put these mainboard and remove the Exemplar of Strength as Hapatra will give you a lot of advantage with your deck.

I would also remove Consuming Fervor as you are not an aggro deck and are looking to outvalue opponents with -1 counters and creating creatures from Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Nest of Scarabs. This gives you 4 more slots, firstly I would add 2 more lands as 20 is too low if you want to hit your 5 drops. FInally with the last 2/3 slots I would either bring back the Exemplar's or add in some more removal like, Fatal Push, Torment of Venom.

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