Initiate's Companion


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Initiate's Companion

Creature — Cat

Whenever Initiate's Companion deals combat damage to a player, untap target creature or land.

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Initiate's Companion Discussion

Murphy77 on CAT SCRATCH FEVER - Cat Tribal

6 days ago

You say that you want to create a kitten whirlwind (bunch of Kitties), then leave out the strongest cards available to do this (combinations of Anointed Procession and Second Harvest) and instead add in planeswalkers that don't fit into the theme.

I like Prowling Serpopard and Metallic Mimic main-board in a deck like this (prevents negation of a creature summon and gives all kittens +1/+1's). Initiate's Companion is a bit delicate and vulnerable to -1/-1 counters.....

My current version of this deck is Kittens Play. It might give you a few ideas.

sagramore on Crazy Cat Menagerie, HOU update (Standard, Budget)

1 week ago

Entomo - You're totally right, forgive me - I just misread it and thought it only was a land that Initiate's Companion could untap. But yes, using it on a Pride Sovereign is certainly an interesting idea....

It might be feasible to move Cast Out to the sideboard (it has more targets than "Fight" or Nature's Way) to make room for Prepare / Fight. The thing I like about Nature's Way though is your own creature doesn't take any damage from it. I will have to see if it's possible (and worthwhile) to juggle some of the numbers to fit it in.

Notlikeyou on Lots of Kitties (T2)

1 week ago

Felidar Sovereign has never been considered a good finisher. I'll trade ir for some Initiate's Companion. I think it will be much more useful. At least it has some sinergy

dadbeaver on Standard cats

2 weeks ago

Prowling Serpopard makes it where your creatures can't be countered, which would be nice. Initiate's Companion is also good because it allows you to untap a creature that you attacked with, which allows you to still block with that creature. I think green cats are pretty good. I'd definitely make it a green/white deck.

EzPzGuap on Pawsitively Catastrophic

2 weeks ago

Duuland, I know I need some more removal, but I'm not really sure where to slot it in. I'm thinking of possibly dropping the Always Watching , but the value it gives all the life link kittens seems too good. I'm looking to put in Blessed Alliance somewhere for the additional life gain it provides, which is a definite sub-theme in this deck, and Immolating Glare sideboard for aggressive decks.

Swetybalzack As for the Metallic Mimics, I see your point, and dropped an Oath of Ajani and a Scrounging Bandar for the better two drops to pump the kitten army.

shame2rest, Initiate's Companion does synergize with Pride Sovereign, but it seems like it will be too difficult to get it to hit my opponent, as by turn 4, which is the earliest Pride Sovereign can start creating kittens, Initiate's Companion will almost always be either dead or easily blocked. Not ruling it out completely, but I don't think he's better than the other two drops as of right now.

shame2rest on Pawsitively Catastrophic

2 weeks ago

You know I think Initiate's Companion is good for this deck with Pride Sovereign and even if it doesn't do much its still a cat and your opponent will see the synergy and go so far to remove it with there own removal its pretty funny (I say from experience playing proxys with friends) and 3 attack on a 2 cost minion is pretty good

Dream3r on PÅ«tty tats to da fu-hace

2 weeks ago

Hey! I'm building cats for Hour of Devastation, and I was just wondering something about your list here. What's the benefit of the flash cheetah? How often does that card do better than say, Initiate's Companion would? Do you think you'll replace it with the new Pride Sovereign with the new set? Thanks.

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