Lord of the Accursed


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Lord of the Accursed

Creature — Zombie

Other Zombies you control get +1/+1.

, : All Zombies gain menace until end of turn.

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Lord of the Accursed Discussion

DragonFaceEater on Modern Zombies

1 day ago

I have a slightly slower deck that looks a lot like this, and I've found that Diregraf Colossus works really well both in early and late game, and also synergizes really well with Gravecrawler and Relentless Dead. Also, Plague Belcher works with Relentless Dead and Bloodghast, essentially giving you a 5/4 menace for free. Undead Warchief gives a massive stat boost, plus making all of your zombies cost 1 less, and I would suggest replacing two Death Barons with two Lord of the Accursed. The Death Baron deathtouch ability is useless if you already have one, and you can always recur them, so Lord of the Accursed seems to be a great replacement for them.

Shyvana_ on Advertise your MODERN deck!

4 days ago

Zombie Horde

Modern Shyvana_


My first deck I made, I've had one big revamp and I just made a small edit recently. The deck is going be about $250, but $300 for me because I like the foils. The main focus of the deck is to keep zombies on the field, either by pulling them back by their own abilities or others. If they can stay on the field until any one of the three chieftains (Death Baron, Lord of the Accursed, and Undead Warchief) can hit the field, victory should come swiftly.

aragorne32 on Night of the Living Dead

2 weeks ago

In a mono-black deck, I'd say that having a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and maybe an Expedition Map to go fetch whatever you may need at that moment. Also, Cemetery Reaper and Liliana's Mastery are two really good card if you wanna go with a zombie heavy synergy. Lord of the Accursed is pretty good to pump up your stuff and Noosegraf Mob can be pretty interesting if you manage to re-summon it again from your graveyard. A good way to get it back, or anything to be honest, is Sheoldred, Whispering One which is a staple in mono-black or pretty much anything than runs black and wanna go with some graveyard plays.

CloudThumper on Energy Elves

3 weeks ago

Agreed. If one wanted to use Arcane Adaptation, which I was inclined to consider, Elves could provide some useful ramp and they need a lord. So I couldn't resist a little humorous exploration. The Undead version didn't seem half bad actually, so there may be a deck out there using Lord of the Accursed and Liliana's Mastery to good effect, even if it's a hodge podge of various creature types.

multimedia on Undead Elves

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the nod :)

Both your new decks are very creative with this one the better of the two because of The Scarab God with its strong Zombie tribal ability and overall its become oppressive in Standard. If you can get Adaptation naming Zombie and Scarab in play together wow. Have you achieved this yet?

Are there any situations your naming Elf over Zombie with Adaptation? Seems like Adaptation is pretty important otherwise Lord of the Accursed can't do much. Consider Chart A Course? Chart can help to draw Adaptation as well as put a creature into the graveyard for either Scarab or Liliana.

Winding Constrictor pairs so well with Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Mimic, being one the strongest interactions with Elves. Getting to pump it up with Lord when you have an Adaptation in play also seems good.

I started out at Energy Elves playing 4x Shapers' Sanctuary, then 3x and now I've completely cut it. I found that the card while good is really not needed and just takes up valuable deck space from other more impactful cards. In Sultai colors they're a lot of good cards to play.

Here's an example of how you can fit in Snake, Rishkar, Mimic and Lord with Scarab:

  • 4x Snake
  • 4x Servant
  • 4x Mimic
  • 4x Rishkar
  • 3x Lord
  • 2x Scarab

  • 1x Liliana

  • 4x Push
  • 4x Chart

  • 3x Adaptation
  • 3x Mastery

  • 23x Lands

I've cut Sanctuary and cut back on Liliana because she has the same casting cost of five as Mastery and Mastery is in my opinion a much better card especially with Adaptation. I could see playing another copy of her in the sideboard for Control matchups. I cut some Elves: Renegade, Greenwheel and Blades for removal, Push and draw, Chart. Although, playing Renegade over Push is an option if you want more Elves. If this is the case I would sideboard Push or vice versa.

DRACULA150704 on Gisa Ghoulcaller EDH

4 weeks ago

I think you should have less lands in total but more lands that aren't Swamp Also Have you considered Undead Warchief or Lord of the Accursed

Rev_Lycan60 on Zombie Deck Lord

1 month ago

I am looking to make a zombie tribe deck and looking at the Lords to use and i cannot decide which one:

Cemetery Reaper

Death Baron

Diregraf Captain

Lord of the Accursed

Risen Executioner

Undead Warchief

Zombie Master

Should I go with multiples or one of the Lords?

poopiepoopiepants1 on An Eternal Army

1 month ago

I love the deck and the theme.. ZOMBIES!!!

However, I feel as if some cards that I found are quite sub-par like Sparring Mummy and maybe even the Cursed Minotaur have crept themselves into the deck leaving the great cards like Wayward Servant and Lord of the Accursed feeling left out (you only have 2 copies of each).

I would recommend taking out the two Sparring Mummys for 2 more Wayward Servant and the 2 Cursed Minotaur for 2 more Lord of the Accursed.

Also, I feel like your deck has pretty low mana costs as a whole (your average CMC is 2.83), so I would recommend taking out maybe 1 or 2 for maybe some Liliana's Mastery - I personally love this card :)

Dread Wanderer is a very strong card. I would replace the 4 Khenra Eternal's for 4 of those guys. I just think they are much better.

See how that runs.

Other cards you might want to take a closer look at are:

Binding Mummy - the tap is very nice.

Fatal Push - LIKE THE BEST BLACK REMOVAL <3. These are quite pricey, however, so maybe even Never / Return.

More Ammit Eternals - I think they are quite sweet.

Also, maybe check out if there is some card draw, but otherwise +1!

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