Sacred Cat


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Sacred Cat

Creature — Cat


Embalm (, Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a white Zombie Cat with no mana cost. Embalm only as a sorcery.)

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Sacred Cat Discussion

GrixisconTrollsyou99 on G/W trample cats

12 hours ago

Sacred Cat is a fine addition for early pressure and life gain. The cheap Embalm is nice too once your board is set.Longtusk Cub is a great card and would consider putting the 2 off in the side back into the main board. If you do, also look into Aetherstream Leopard decent attacker with built in Trample.

Appetite for the Unnatural and Decommission for more life gain!

Prepare to fight seems pretty on point with the theme you're after. Blessed Alliance seems like a great utility for your deck.Engineered Might seems fun too even if you don't a wide board. At least one creature is getting in with +7+7 Vigilance and Trample Lastly, there's Rhonas's Monument for pumps and card draw for all your cats!

The colors also have some nice cards if you decide to go into more Energy based. Hope it helps!

AwesomeDude2471 on Amonkhet Esper Zombies

1 day ago

As Jay said, Lord of the Accursed is a must, start considering embalmed and eternalised cards also, as the tokens themselves are zombies,

How about Sacred Cat to start with???

I'd probably have Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun over Aven Wind Guide but that's just me,

I'd also probably toss in some Unconventional Tactics because it's ridiculously good, word of advice, using the wizards card set archive on the main saite for scrolling through the sets, and picking out gems between the non-rares.

Hoschie on CatsForAll

2 days ago

look great, I like it..... I would cut non creatures for 4 Wild Nacatl 2 to 4 Longtusk Cub 2-3 Qasali Pridemage

I can see Longtusk Cub with Rancor being a beast.

Sacred Cat defnetly not worth playing

Blo on G/W Cat Deck (Please help)

3 days ago

As for what to remove from the deck... You run quite a low mana curve, so I think you can get away with 22 lands. That leaves 38 spots of which I'd play around 22-28 creatures and a bit of spells.

I would probably cut the following:
-Rhonas's Last Stand does nothing for you and isn't worth a slot in this deck imo.
-Mighty Leap is not a card I'm happy to see, and it doesn't do a whole lot usually.
-Scythe Leopard. I value this one a bit lower than the Sacred Cat as that comes back and can block twice. -Pouncing Cheetah which I think isn't good enough in standard.

Try to get 4 copies of Regal Caracal and Adorned Pouncer.
That will give you:(26 creatures)

  • 4 1drops: sacred cat
  • 10 2drops: longtusk cub(4), adorned pouncer(4), metallic mimic(2), and something else if you dont have all copies
  • 8 3drops: pride sovereign and prowling serpopard/ Pouncing Cheetah (which I think is worse than the other two options)
  • 0 4drops: hence I mentioned the vizier
  • 4 5drops: as a combination of the regal caracal(3) and the crested sunmare(1)

That will leave room for 12 noncreature spells, of which you currently have 1 annointed procession and a monument. (add another monument and that leaves 9 spots), add 6 buff and 3 finishers and you should be good to go.

Keep in mind that this is just a suggestion, and meant to help you cover all aspects (albeit on a low level), so feel free to do with it what you want to do ;)

ChubyCryBaby on Kitty Litter

3 days ago

Why not 4 Sacred Cat Instead of 2 Trained Caracal since you can bring it back? Also, maybe a 1/2 of White Sun's Zenith

Murgy on Lazotep

3 days ago


So far what I have experienced with this deck is that Liliana's Mastery was always the better choice for the deck, as it can power up some of my creatures to begin with, as well as provide some blockers at a possibly critical stage.

Hidden Stockpile is an interesting suggestions, and one I shall give some thought to.

The reason I run Thraben Inspector over Sacred Cat is simply the clues. While a 4/4 life link could be fun, I prefer the option of having a clue later on, when my hand may be running empty.

I have Hour of Revelation in the side, so it could work, but I am not sure whether it will become a standard part of my plan. I will however keep the deck updated. I am currently debating a couple of changes from a couple more test matches I've had.

niconacid on Lazotep

3 days ago

Yahenni's Expertise could wipe the board but when you eternalize they come back stronger ? or Hour of Revelation

not sure about Liliana's Mastery .. would prefer the anointed procession cut, but its true it cost a lot and does nothing more when it come to battlefield except if you get a hidden stockpile..

so you can sacrifice your own card for scry n servo, make them come back as eternalize and then yahenni..

Please give feedback on your deck, im doing kinda the same but green instead of blue. so i can run Cryptolith Rite and Resilient Khenra

i think Embalmer's Tools is really interesting.

Not sure if i prefer the thraben instead of the Sacred Cat for the 1 drop.. both are fun.

Blo on G/W Cat Deck (Please help)

3 days ago

Bashbog Yes the Crested Sunmare will trigger whever you gain life. It doesn't matter that you gained 1 life from a Sacred Cat block and got hit in the face for 10, you still gained 1 life, so the horse will trigger. It also doesnt matter if you attack with Sacred Cat, gain a life, and play the horse in the second mainphase. It's ability will still trigger, because it doesn't care if the horse was on the battlefield at the time of the lifegain, it only cares about the lifegain being before the end step.

There's some stuff in the deck that doesn't need to be in the mainboard, but I'll await your new update before giving some tips. Please tag me ;)

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