Crash Through


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Crash Through


Creatures you control gain trample until end of turn.

Draw a card.

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Crash Through Discussion

NippDip on Kill It With Water

1 week ago

I'm thinking one Opt one Shock as Crash Through does draw a card.

NippDip on Kill It With Water

1 week ago


Hats off to you! Crash Through seems perfect for my deck. Any suggestion on what to take out? I was thinking 2 would be the best number.

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Kill It With Water

1 week ago

So I get that you have rejected all the trample cards previously mentioned but I know the perfect trample card for this deck... Crash Through. You get a draw, it's cheap enough to play blossoming defense, and of course it gives one of your monstrous creatures trample.

Variux on U/R Prowess

1 week ago

Riddleform works very well in decks like these. It's almost always a 3/3 flier on every turn.

Instead of Highland Lake, play Ramunap Ruins. You can sacrifice them for some extra damage. You also don't really need to play the full 24 lands in this deck either, as I've been playing U/R Riddleform / Prowess with 20-22 lands and it works well.

Shock tends to work better than Magma Spray because you go straight to your opponent's face and activate prowess every turn as well as burn them a little bit.

Dive Down is a new addition and can help protect your creatures, running so few and losing one really hurts the game plan.

Crash Through is a great cantrip in red and works well to activate trample as well. You may want to look in to Consuming Fervor as well because this doubles up with prowess. Instead of it being a +3/+3, it's a +4/+4 with prowess and your creature will have activated prowess for a few extra turns in essence.

I would recommend removing Hieroglyphic Illumination. Search for Azcanta is a recent addition that may be good in a deck like this, although it's kind of expensive.

Of course, your deck is fine as is as well! I have played the U/R Riddleform / Prowess deck for quite awhile in Hour of Devastation standard and had a decent amount of success with it. The loss of Stormchaser Mage really sucked, and I was hoping for some new prowess creatures with Ixalan, but unfortunately we only got Deeproot Champion which is really off color. A temur prowess deck could be interesting, with green spells such as Blossoming Defense, Attune with Aether, and Crash the Ramparts.

Daenen on 73% Competitive Izzet Enigma Drake

1 week ago

I would drop the two Crash Throughs for two more Censors

RowdyMagic18 on Dino stompy *RAWR*

3 weeks ago

The deck looks great! Love the fact it's under 100 dollars. Removal looks great, I would probably take out Impeccable Timing for Abrade for a more immediate kill if needed. If you want trample, I would play Crash Through over Rile. Maybe add some duels for more efficient mana base. Wakening Sun's Avatar is a fun card, however I don't think you will be able get it out quickly enough, maybe add in another 1 more copy of Drover of the Mighty, or Kinjalli's Sunwing, or Regisaur Alpha would be dynamite for this deck, I would run at least 2-3. Here's the list


1 Wakening Sun's Avatar

1 Verdant Sun's Avatar

2 Rile

2 Impeccable Timing

Maybe 4 Aether Hub + 1 mountain and forest


2 of each basic land


2 Regisaur Alpha


1 copy of Drover of the Mighty and Kinjalli's Sunwing

2 Crash Through

2 Abrade

2 copies of Inspiring Vantage, Rootbound Crag, and Sunpetal Grove

I'll continue to look at the list, and let you know if I have any ideas.

Poseidon31 on Jackal (Sorta)

3 weeks ago

i would cut: 4x Life Goes On, 2x Open Fire, 2x Shed Weakness, 2x Beneath the Sands, 3x Desert of the Fervent, 3x Crash Through, 1x Forrest and 1 Mountain.

Therefore i would add: 4x Ramunap Ruins, 3x Khenra Charioteer, 4x Evolving Wilds, 4x Ramunap Excavator, 3x Resilient Khenra.

This gives you more Creatures to build a fast aggro version. With Excavator you can build your Manabase with returning evolving wilds every turn, to search the right lands. The Charioteer gives your creatures trample. Ramunap Ruins with Excavator can be a solid 2 damage per round in the mid or late game without a landloss.

For the Sidedeck or instead of Shock i would add Abrade.

smartitude on Rakdos pirates

4 weeks ago

Slight problem, Rush of Adrenaline is rotating. Best bet is probably adding in 2 more Lightning Strikes and I guess 2x Crash Through if the trample is really needed.

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