Brute Strength


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Common

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Brute Strength


Target creature gets +3/+1 and gains trample until end of turn.

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Brute Strength Discussion

Catalog9000 on Temur Prowess

1 day ago

Typically, the way you get Prowess decks to work is you cast spells that make them huge, such as Titanic Growth and Brute Strength. Their Prowess adds on top of that. Spells like Slip Through Space also work amazingly well.

I understand you're wanting to go the route of burn and removal, which is nice, but the issue here is that their creatures may be a bit too big for burn to do much of anything and removal is a temporary fix. Sort of like Fog. It's a great card, but it also gives you basically just one extra turn. Unless that's the turn you needed to drop your 7th land or something for your finisher, Fog doesn't really help much.

I'd suggest looking toward spells that pump your guys up so they get stupidly big. Use keywords of Trample and Unblockable, to make them even harder to stop.

Hope I helped :)

The_Riddlebox on [Ixalan] UR Control

2 weeks ago


I am not a huge fan of Bloodwater Entity. That card seems much better in temp/blitz decks that are more aggressive and proactive with their spells. Decks that run cantrips, or things like Unsummon and Brute Strength. In a reactive deck like this it's not a big threat and the fact that it puts the card at the top of my library instead of in my hand is too slow imo.

Commit / Memory is a card I like, and right now is in the maybe-board. I really should sneak it in the deck, maybe 1 copy in the main and another or two into the SB. Not sure I want to run a full play-set though. I want to see how often I see Carnage Tyrant or even how often I lose to it, before I decide to use a playset or cut stuff from the deck right now.


Glad to see another UR player :)

Chandra is....alright. Usually, the best scenario with her is to blow up something the turn she comes down, and then you start using her +1 and wittle your opponent down as you dig through your deck. I have been going back and forth between having her in the main and the side. Prior to rotation, when UR saw some decent play for a bit Chandra was being played in either SB and MB (guess either personal preference or meta call) and it seemed like she worked fine. I can't say I am exactly impressed by her, but she can work fine enough at times.

Honestly forgot that Highland Lake was printed in Amonkhet. I don't think I need more dual lands at the moment, the few games I have played so far I haven't felt like I had issues fixing my mana to be honest. I really don't like the thought of lands coming into played tapped as well. What I do need to do is rework the ration of Mountains and Islands. Good to know there is another dual land if I need it though, completely forgot about it hehe.

Also, good catch on Vizier of Many Faces. I might have to try it out as a possible answer Carnage Tyrant.

Opt is something I had originally thought about when revising the deck, but I ended up cutting out. It is a good card in a tempo deck where you have to be as mana efficient as possible, but in a reactive deck like this where I can leave mana open and am looking at the long game to cast big things like Torrential Gearhulk I have space for better draw spells. I would consider Hieroglyphic Illumination before I consider Opt.


I considered primal amulet a lot, but I don't think It would work in this deck, as you mention it would be much better in a more burn oriented deck. It might be a very solid UR alternative to be honest, as Dynavolt Tower can still be present a decent win-con I would think. I was actually thinking of making two different UR decks: this and a burn version. I think if Fevered Visions was still legal in Standard I would probably have went the burn route.


Thank you all for the suggestions! Will need to play a few more games and see more of the meta before I make any changes as of yet, but all of your suggestions have been noted!

TrickyPixel on Gideon's Blind Rush Aggro

1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestion! I plan on picking up a couple Oketra's Monument later today and will see how the deck plays with it in.

I may take out a Trial of Zeal or the Brute Strength to put it in.

Schar17 on Critical hit! (7 dollars)

1 month ago

DarDar17 In my last comment, by Brute Strength I meant Brute Force (and I think you did to, as brute force is only in the maybeboard), although my point remains the same.

Tsuru-Hime Another problem is that you usually end your turns with 0-mana, so having to leave 1 mana up for Apostle's Blessing would slow it down even more. However, it's still a nice sideboard addition against low-cost control decks with lots of Shocks, and can substitute the Panic Spellbombs against a deck with super low amount of creatures.

Schar17 on Critical hit! (7 dollars)

1 month ago

DarDar17 Thank you, I will take kind of decent haha. So yeah, the problem with Rush of Adrenaline is that it only gives 2 power. The thing with this deck is that you want to have the combo as quick and reliable as possible.

Here's the problem: Suppose you have a 1/x double striker (like most of the creatures in this deck), and in your hand you got Borrowed Hostility, Brute Force and Rush of Adrenaline. You can pump it up to 9 (1+3+3+2), so you won't have fatal. It would be different if instead of Rush of Adrenaline you had Brute Strength. However, it's still viable, and surely an option (I surely will add it to the maybeboard, and the sideboard, but I don't want to the listing price to increase) if you are going against a deck with good blockers; usually Panic Spellbomb, Madcap Skills and Break Through the Line does the job though.

DarDar17 on Critical hit! (7 dollars)

1 month ago

I didn't know this was even possible. A 7 dollar deck that's actually kind of decent? Wow!

What about Rush of Adrenaline? It's so much better than Brute Strength.

BioProfDude on R/B Combo Beatdown

2 months ago

I would suggest that you drop Inferno Jet. That's a really expensive spell. If you want the direct burn, Burn from Within is more versatile for your mana. A coupe more creatures might even be better. Maybe 2x of one of these: Dragonmaster Outcast, Bomat Courier, Village Messenger, Scrapheap Scrounger (which could be nice to get a creature back if you face aggro decks or sweepers), or maybe Falkenrath Gorger.

Also, why the Cataclysmic Gearhulk? I see no way to get that onto the battlefield with your current cards/mana base. Maybe you meant Combustible Gearhulk?

Supernatural Stamina is an okay card, and it has its uses. However, I think you need to make room for some additional cards, and, that would be the obvious target (after Inferno Jet) to cut. Abrade would probably be better. Brute Strength might be good as well.

Hungry Flames is okay, but seems a bit expensive. By the time you get to the 3 mana range, you really want to be looking for more for your investment. Hanweir Garrison might be better at the 3 mana spot than this removal.

Just some suggestions! Interesting deck. Good luck with it!

Ramunap Ruins and Ifnir Deadlands could be very useful lands for this deck-- dealing damage and possibly slowing down gods or similar.

Aceleron on Aggro Minotaur - Game Day Edition

2 months ago

Hey Atroxreaper, thanks for your feedback!

Soul-Scar Mage would be pretty nice with all these spells in the Deck at the present day, but as I will go on less spells and more creatures in future, so he wont be joining my minotaur ranks at these days ;)

I dont think more Consuming Fervor are needed as they are sure a good option to pump the creatures but dont come with Instant Speed as Brute Strength and will weaken my creatures 3 turns later as I dont have anything to move -1/-1 counters.

Bomat Courier is a solid and pretty strong card, especially in red containing decks but I am not 100% sure about it. I think I will give this a try in an test play in the next couple of weeks and then report it here.

I already tried Earthshaker Khenra and it didnt satisfy me enough as his eternalize costs (as all eternalize costs) are pretty high and I need a win or stronger creatures when I am at this point of the game. Maybe he will come back when removal keeps strong in Ixalan so I could deal with that better.

Built to Smash is a really nice card, thanks for this suggestion, I cant believe I missed it as its totally the kind of spells im looking for in this deck.

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