Splendid Agony


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Splendid Agony


Distribute two -1/-1 counters among one or two target creatures.

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Splendid Agony Discussion

revanmtg on Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons

6 days ago

Hey cool deck, I actually also have a Hapatra deck in the works and it's been through many revisions. Here are a couple of suggestions I have.

Not sure that Rhonas's Monument truly belongs here, for the simple reason that more than half (11/18) of your creatures aren't green (Hapatra is gold). I like the Monument but not sure for this particular deck.

Shed Weakness, I toyed with using this card, and decided that removing -1 counters from my creatures wasn't really a priority- most of them have a mechanic to remove em themselves or you're just dropping them onto a Festering Mummy (or Soulstinger). If anything Hapatra's Mark is definitely better.

I found Splendid Agony to be a bit weak, so I would recommend putting in Murder or some other budget removal because it always comes in so handy- compensate for the lost -1/-1 synergy by including more creatures that drop them when they enter the battlefield. Defiant Greatmaw, Exemplar of Strength, Soulstinger could all potentially fit your curve. Maybe you could even find a way to use Decimator Beetle.

What I found was that for this deck to be as powerful as you'd like it to be, it needs to be a bit heavier on creature count, so I'd recommend anywhere in the 22-24 range.

I'd love if you checked out my deck, called 'Call The Exterminator'. You might get a couple ideas from looking at that especially for what to think about in the sideboard.

Yesterday on Would Kulrath Knight's ability still ...

6 days ago

Kulrath Knight specifies that any creatures your opponents control with any counters on them can't attack or block, so under normal circumstances Heroes' Bane would enter with 4 +1/+1 counters, have a functional Power and Toughness of 4/4, and be unable to attack or block. If you were to target it with Splendid Agony and put two -1/-1 counters on it, the result would be a Heroes' Bane with 2 +1/+1 counters on it.

If your opponent had a Dictate of Heliod on the battlefield and you managed to put 4 -1/-1 counters on their Heroes' Bane, it would result in a creature with no +1/+1 or -1/-1 counters on it that has a Power & Toughness of 2/2 and would be able to attack and block as normal. But that would be a silly thing for you to do, yo.

boneknitter on Would Kulrath Knight's ability still ...

6 days ago

If I have Kulrath Knight on the field and I cast Splendid Agony but my opponent has something like a Dictate of Heliod on the field, would the ability of Kulrath Knight still prevent the creatures I chose to put the -1/-1 counters on from attacking and blocking since Dictate of Heliod is giving my opponent's creatures +2/+2?

My thought is that it would still work because Dictate of Heliod isn't preventing the counters from being placed on the creatures, the bonus is just greater than the -1/-1 counter and Kulrath Knight doesn't specify what type of counters they have to be. If I'm wrong, that's fine. I'm just curious how this would work since some of my friends play decks that have spells that give their creatures bonuses.

Vohhax on -1/-1 Scarabs and Snakes

2 weeks ago

I have a deck called The Multiplicity of Snakes, and I've been messing around with it IRL, taking a look at that may give you an idea, but as far as ramp, you have a nice selection of options to choose from, Lotus Cobra + Sakura-Tribe Elder + Sakura-Tribe Scout are the ramp cards I've been testing with, (although the current state of the decklist does not include Lotus Cobra, its still pretty lit) those three cards alone serve as a very nice amount of ramp for your bigger creatures, and you don't have to use all three to be efficient. As far as applying -1/-1 counters, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the most efficient method to go about it, and I too use Splendid Agony, but one card that is always going to be great for a deck like this is Black Sun's Zenith, not only a clutch board wipe if needed, it can generate a massive number of tokens, provided the occasion calls for it. Hopefully this helped some

robbnoble on The Multiplicity of Snakes

3 weeks ago

What about Black Sun's Zenith in place of Splendid Agony? It's a good board wipe if you need it to be, and you can always do X = 1 if you have Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons in play to get a bunch of tokens.

quetschfleisch on Decay by Negatives

3 weeks ago


BlueBallsMgee I though about it, but I took Exemplar of Strength. It is only 2 mana, then I can drop Cartouche of Ambition or Splendid Agony turn 3.

5_Emmas_in_Main hmm, yeah Never//Return is 3 drop, why is this happen? You cant play Yahenni's Expertise + Heroic Intervention, because you creatures die, too. Yahenni's Expertise says ALL. Lost Legacy is nice.

Narrash on Golgari AKH, Hapatra

1 month ago

So I love the green cards of Amonkhet, especially Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Honored Hydra, and I'd like to build a block-constructed deck around Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and negative counters. Here's what I've come up with so far : [AKH only] Hapatra -1/-1.

Deck goals


Needs help with

Daedalus19876 on Hapatra - Queen of Toxicity

1 month ago

This is my list - they're very similar (although I have a lower budget) but you may find something you missed :)

Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH

Commander / EDH Daedalus19876


In particular, I'd like to highlight a few cards that have played wonderfully in my list and seem to be omitted from yours.

Harbinger of Night is a powerful source of numerous -1 counters, I would highly recommend it. I find it better than Fevered Convulsions (just way too much mana for its effect).

Splendid Agony is surprisingly good value in this deck.

Garruk Relentless  Flip is a great planeswalker for this deck :)

Hope that helps a bit!

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