Chandra's Defeat


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Chandra's Defeat


Chandra's Defeat deals 5 damage to target red creature or red planeswalker. If it was a Chandra planeswalker, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.

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Chandra's Defeat Discussion

Agusdakilla on R/G Kicker

2 weeks ago

I would include another Untamed Kavu, he is a beast with this deck. Also, as someone said above, Elfhame Druid is made for this archetype. Insane ramp.

Also, some cards for you to consider for the sideboard: Abrade and Thrashing Brontodon for Vehicles and GPG, Magma Spray for Eternalize and Embalm creatures, Sentinel Totem for graveyard decks, Prowling Serpopard or Carnage Tyrant against control decks, and Chandra's Defeat for all the big red creatures running amok.

Good luck! I hope I was able to help you a bit.

40fy on Jaya's Magical Shotgun (Wizard Control)

3 weeks ago

I can't claim to be a great sideboard creator, but here are some suggestions for you, Carlincf:
For aggressive decks: Sweltering Suns, Hour of Devastation, a fourth Time of Ice
For other control decks: Chandra, Torch of Defiance as I mentioned above, The Locust God
Good idea in general: Chandra's Defeat, more Abrade

Other than that, it really comes down to what people are playing at your local FNM location. The only effective way to sideboard is to understand what you might be playing against, and prepare tech to deal with that. For example, if people are playing white control decks that run some enchantment to block Fight with Fire (I can't remember for the life of me what card it is, but I'm pretty sure there is something like that), you may want to look for a way to either destroy or bounce enchantments for a turn.

And if you do play this at your FNM, please share some stories about how it goes. I haven't had as much time as I would like to play this deck yet, and seeing as how it's barely a week old I'm sure it can be optimized a lot more as other new decks emerge.

Sfiun on U/R Wizards Prowess

4 weeks ago

Well, if you're trying to be un aggro deck, I suggest that you cut Merfolk Trickster and Naru Meha, Master Wizard for more Ghitu Lavarunner, Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and more Siren Stormtamer.Also the Instant base is good but I think the Wizard's Retort are difficult to cast and playing counter spells in an aggro deck is a disadvantage because you don't know if your opponent is gonna play something you want to counter during his turn and if he don't you lose on tur and two mana at doing nothing If you want something countering, I suggest more the Nimble Obstructionist because you can play it with flash if there is nothing you can counter durnig your opponent's turn So I suggest you cut the Wizard's Retort and you add one more Wizard's Lightning and two more lands.

For the sideboard, I don't really know sorry but you can put some Abrade, put the Naru Meha, Master Wizard you cutted, put some counter spells like the Wizard's Retort, some Negate or some Spell Pierce and some Chandra's Defeat against Red Deck Wins

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Otepec Huntmaster helped out a lot in my previous deck. And as it sits right now, I don't think that I have enough lands. I just need to start testing it to see what happens. So there is still a bit more that I think I need to do. Before testing, I feel like I need 3 of Otepec and 2 more land.

Well it is still in beta and I have hopes they will add the rest of the sets in that are standard. I wanted Heroic Intervention so bad. I am going to keep it in my maybeboard in hopes that they do.

For the time being, the cards that you suggested seemed like a pretty good sideboard. I felt that I would have more uses for Reckless Rage over Chandra's Defeat so that is why I used it.

I didn't do all of that now. Just a simple Copy/Paste into a text file, so all I would have to do is Copy/Paste it back.

Argy on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Knight of the Stampede was made for Limited, but is not good for a Standard Dino deck.

You need/have so many cards that let you Ramp much earlier, at the 4CMC slot of your curve you don't want to play a 2/4 that isn't a Dino.

From the way you are writing about Heroic Intervention I get the feeling that you think it isn't still legal in Standard. It is for the next sixth months. I would not have suggested it for your Sideboard, if it wasn't.

Going four colours is a bad idea. The deck will be colour screwed and/or too slow.

You put cards in your Sideboard that have very specific uses.

Chandra's Defeat comes in against decks, because it is so good at shutting down many of their permanents.

It's hopeless Mainboard, so you don't bring it in unless your Opponent is using

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

I just realized I completely missed a comment. My bad.

I feel like Chandra's Defeat is a very specific card to run as it would only work well against a red deck. It is too powerful to use on my own creatures as it would one shot nearly all of them. If I were to be able to redirect this damage without paying a lot of mana, then it would be more useful. Maybe a red/blue deck for that card?

Or possibly if I ran Temple Altisaur, but I don't think that it would work as well in this deck.

Cragon18 on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Chandra's Defeat isn't a bad sideboard card either.

ColFrogfoot on Adeliz Wizard Aggro

1 month ago

@Roy78925 Thanks for the suggestions. I might think of 2 Spellweavers over Crash Through not sure though. I have no real use for Baral since countering and reducing spell costs is not in the plan really. Chandra's Defeat is a pretty good SB card though I agree. I dont know what I want to be countering with Nimble Obstructionist as I already am bringing in 4 Spell Pierce against God-Pharaoh's Gift

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