Shed Weakness


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Shed Weakness


Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. You may remove a -1/-1 counter from it.

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Shed Weakness Discussion

Freezingfist on RG Fervor

3 weeks ago

Hmm, interesting build ericcartman... but...

I feel like if Consuming Fervor has a home it's best paired with

Casting it on something, and having it Pushed or otherwise removed from combat isn't fun. Basically a 2 for 1... and a lot of the creatures you want to cast it on can be shocked as response to you targeting it.

I like the tech of Hapatra's Mark to remove the negative counters. I feel like you need more creature protection, and one that helps remove the downside of Fervor while keeping the creature alive is great. Have you considered Blossoming Defense or even Shed Weakness?

I think I'd mainboard Channeler Initiate. Seems like the perfect target for -1/-1 counters. Serving dual duty as mana and beater.

Going back to my original point, has Sram, Senior Edificer, so once it's cast, the enchantment replaces itself. Also, Vizier of Remedies can keep the negative effect's of the enchantment from even proccing.

I could be totally wrong. Have you playtested it?

delinquents on Hapatra, Vizier of Tokens

3 weeks ago

Luciferos I completely agree with Blossoming Defense over Shed Weakness. I've been thinking about Splendid Agony more and I actually really like it since not only does it synergize with the deck but it can kill a lot of early plays from popular decks like Rogue Refiner, Servant of the Conduit, Tireless Tracker, and Scrapheap Scrounger to name a few. It's a little expensive though compared to say Fatal Push which can kill half of those or all if you revolt it plus others that Agony cannot like Heart of Kiran or Greenbelt Rampager. Overall I do like it quite a bit.

I was considering Cartouche of Strength at first but it's basically a three mana Prey Upon unless it's used on something other than the snake tokens. The +1/+1 and trample get wasted if it's used on a snake, which is why I like Prey Upon more. I am a fan of trial + cartouche combos but I'm still not so sure about Strength in this deck. It could be worth a try though.

Luciferos on Hapatra, Vizier of Tokens

3 weeks ago

Blossoming Defense is almost certainly better than Shed Weakness even though Shed lets you theoretically do 3/3 because it can outright counterspell an opponent's spell targeting your creature. Splendid Agony normally wouldn't be that hot but can proc snakes for you as well as kill stuff.

Perhaps you could go lighter on Fatal Push and ditch Prey Upon in favor of some combination of Cartouche of Ambition, Cartouche of Strength, and Trial of Ambition.

All around, though I think this is already a pretty well-made deck that procs chumps and kills stuff and should be able to stick around long enough to flip Westvale Abbey  Flip and put the match out of reach even if you're facing superior attrition forces like monoblack Zombies.

PhthisisClock on Vizier of ambition & strength

3 weeks ago

I have a similar build, Negative Creep... I was using Shed Weakness but switched out for Larger Than Life... I cut all of my high-CMC creatures and focused more on small but fast creatures. I like Decimator Beetle and Honored Hydra quite a bit, but in my meta I'm running into artifact-laden decks, like Marvel and Vehicles, so I opted for creatures and spells that help me deal with that. I started running Festering Mummy x4 for speed and -1/-1 synergy, especially with both Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Nest of Scarabs on the board at the same time... you can even counter-kill your own mummy and get two snakes and two insects in return.I like your build, and am curious how the big creatures hold up in your meta.

PhthisisClock on Negative Creep

1 month ago

Another overhaul today... added Prowling Serpopard and Lay Bare the Heart to sideboard, got rid of anything over CMC 4. Shed Weakness and Baleful Ammit both out for four copies of Festering Mummy for speed. Upped land count to 24, too often getting the screw with 22.

Olivvyia on Mono Green

1 month ago

It's a good start. Removal in green is very hard to find so I like the small touches.

However, something about commander is you always want to have some sort of interaction with your general. It's certainly not necessary but with Multani, I think it's more fun. If you get some card draw in your deck, it would work really well with him.

Try Howling Mine, Font of Mythos, Collective Unconscious, Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, Garruk, Primal Hunter, Glimpse of Nature, Heartwood Storyteller, Fecundity, Primordial Sage, Regal Force, Rites of Flourishing, Shamanic Revelation, Soul of the Harvest, Triumph of Ferocity or Zendikar Resurgent.

Another important thing in commander is a solid mana base. Running 38 Forests is not all bad but you want some more interaction with your deck. Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would go really well in your deck. You might also want to consider a Sol Ring and Gilded Lotus because those are commander staples.

Now, what to cut.

Let's start with creatures. One thing you have to think about when casting any kind of spell in a commander game is, "Is this spell worth the mana cost?" and "Does this spell have any kind of interaction in my deck?".

In my opinion, these are the creatures you need to cut. To the right of each, I will put some substitutes:

Ancient Ooze

Ancient Silverback

Awakener Druid


Crocodile of the Crossing

Duskdale Wurm ... Pelakka Wurm

Emperor Crocodile

Nessian Asp

Pathbreaker Wurm ... Nylea, God of the Hunt or Brawn or Thunderfoot Baloth or even Primal Rage

Plated Crusher

Prized Unicorn

Pouncing Cheetah

Quilled Slagwurm

Ridgescale Tusker

Scaled Behemoth

Shoe Tree ... This is illegal in commander.

Skysnare Spider

Woodborn Behemoth

Yavimaya Ancients

Yew Spirit

A lot of the creatures you have just don't have much synergy in your deck. Cut them and try out the other recommendations I've given you thus far.

Other cards to cut with recommendations:

Call of the Herd ... Not really worth it unless you're running a token deck which you are not.

Prey Upon ... It's just not very good in commander. Try Ulvenwald Tracker

Might of Old Krosa ... Meh. Try Giant Growth

Shed Weakness ... Unnecessary. Again. Giant Growth

Genju of the Cedars

Gift of Paradise

Living Terrain

Sheltered Aerie

Trial of Strength

Zendikar's Roil

TL;DR I like your deck. It's a good first time commander deck. Try to cut some of the creatures out that don't have any synergy with it. Card draw would go well with your deck. Mono green always has ramp.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Welcome to the format.

revanmtg on

1 month ago

Hey cool deck, I actually also have a Hapatra deck in the works and it's been through many revisions. Here are a couple of suggestions I have.

Not sure that Rhonas's Monument truly belongs here, for the simple reason that more than half (11/18) of your creatures aren't green (Hapatra is gold). I like the Monument but not sure for this particular deck.

Shed Weakness, I toyed with using this card, and decided that removing -1 counters from my creatures wasn't really a priority- most of them have a mechanic to remove em themselves or you're just dropping them onto a Festering Mummy (or Soulstinger). If anything Hapatra's Mark is definitely better.

I found Splendid Agony to be a bit weak, so I would recommend putting in Murder or some other budget removal because it always comes in so handy- compensate for the lost -1/-1 synergy by including more creatures that drop them when they enter the battlefield. Defiant Greatmaw, Exemplar of Strength, Soulstinger could all potentially fit your curve. Maybe you could even find a way to use Decimator Beetle.

What I found was that for this deck to be as powerful as you'd like it to be, it needs to be a bit heavier on creature count, so I'd recommend anywhere in the 22-24 range.

I'd love if you checked out my deck, called 'Call The Exterminator'. You might get a couple ideas from looking at that especially for what to think about in the sideboard.

PhthisisClock on Negative Creep

1 month ago

Both good suggestions... I am looking for 2x Channeler Initiates and have a few Shed Weaknesses on backup...

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