In Oketra's Name


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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In Oketra's Name


Zombies you control get +2/+1 until end of turn. Other creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

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In Oketra's Name Discussion

Shadow12721 on Zombie Invasion

2 weeks ago

Why aren't you running Esper () colors? You get some great removal like Compelling Deterrence as well as the draw spells you need?

If you are looking to keep it in Orzhov () colors, I would suggest cutting down to about 24-26 lands. I usually find that In Oketra's Name isn't worth the mana and the slots in my deck. Because you are running 4x Doomed Dissenter, I would include a reliable sacrifice outlet like Voldaren Pariah  Flip or Yahenni, Undying Partisan.

GustavoAzocar on BW Tokens - Silverblack

2 weeks ago

Hi w33m4n, the win condition is to flood the board with tokens and be able to play Borrowed Grace or In Oketra's Name to finish the damage. Since there only 3 spells that generate token in T2, Oketra's Monument trys to make the cut when casting creatures.

Veksix on Black and White Egyptian Zombies

2 weeks ago

Nice deck. I think In Oketra's Name is a good pick and should stay in the deck.

lords2001 on BW Zombie Drain/Token

2 weeks ago

Cryptbreaker is 1000x better than Festering Mummy - it can draw you cards, help you rebuild your board state if you get flooded with mana or high cost creatures etc. It also syncs well with your Throne of the God-Pharaoh as you can usefully tap the creatures for card draw.

Fatal Push, Declaration in Stone and Dark Salvation all make better removal than what you have - I would put these in main and push most of In Oketra's Name and Time to Reflect into the side.

ALso, your land is very, very light on for you to get to 5 mana - especially when you are so reliant on getting to 3 mana and then multiple threats a turn thereafter - especially with 6 colourless slots. I would suggest some Shambling Vent added at the cost of something.

But I like the move - it comes at different angles and has different options to other similar zombie decks - good luck.

bellz76 on Undeadication

3 weeks ago

Alright, you're losing to the W\B Aristocrat deck isn't a big deal. It just means you need to actually build a sideboard. What you have currently are a bunch of leftover cards that didn't make the cut for the deck. A dedicated sideboard will allow you to sure up the games against the decks that your deck doesn't do well against. This is a relatively easy fix.

First off, you can start by running Fragmentize - I would suggest having 3 in the sideboard. This allows you to bring in the help you need vs any enchantments (like the Hidden Stockpile) or artifacts. Boom, just like that, the procession is done. Secondly, I like to run 2 or 3 Flaying Tendrils to help against a more aggressive deck, or in this case, a deck that depends on making tokens and sacking them for value. The tendrils takes out all the tokens, and the Zulaport Cutthroat. Yes, it does get your guys too, but with a mastery on the board, or a Lord, you're zombies survive. To finish up you sideboard, I'd recommend a discard spell like Transgress the Mind. 3 of those will help you vs any control deck you play. You already have a decent build vs control with the Dread Wanderer because you can keep bringing him back, so that's a good thing. The other 7 or 8 slots will be dependant on what decks are popular at your game store where you play. Cards like Dispossess or Lost Legacy really help vs the Marvel decks.. I do like Cast Out as well- that can help you vs plansewalkers too.

The biggest issue is what cards to take out. Typically you take the cards that aren't doing you any good- or the least effective cards. I will tell you this- I think it's a big mistake to ever take any of Lilly's Mastery out. Giving you a pair of 3\3 zombies and the rest of your zombies +1+1 is just too good. It's what makes the zombie deck work right now. For example- against the B\W deck, I'd take out the Binding Mummy and the Campaign of Vengeance for 3 Frags and 2 Tendrils. This gives you more power vs the enchantments and a board wipe for the lower power tokens and creatures. Sideboarding is always the most difficult part of magic (in my opinion). But when you think about it, typically more than half the games you play in any night are after sideboarding... kinda important.

Lastly, I would totally switch out the In Oketra's Name for 2 or 3 Anguished Unmaking. That is a great idea. It gives you main deck answers to anything, and if you get to use the Wayward Servant 3 times, it covers the life loss of the unmaking.

So I hope this helps- I know it's a bit much to read. Sorry- I can't help it- I'm a bit long-winded:-)

dra600n on Undeadication

3 weeks ago

Alright, so this is what I did:

I acquired the rest of the Metallic Mimic's, filled out the rest of the Wayward Servant, and a few more cards (deck is updated above), and removed the Fan Bearer's and the solo Diregraf (I got to the card shop a few minutes too late as a customer was in the middle of purchasing all copies the shop had).

I ran into an issue that just destroys this deck currently. The combo that took me out was an Anointed Procession, an enchantment that if a creature died, create a 1/1 servo token at your end phase, and a black creature that pings you for 1 life while giving the controller a life for each creature you put into the graveyard (sorry, I forget the names of these cards as they're still new to me).

Going through my cards, I do have 1 Anguished Unmaking, a few Cast Out's, a few Never//Return's, 1 Fumigate, and 1 Dusk / Dawn. My thoughts are to remove In Oketra's Name and possibly remove 1 or 2 Liliana's Mastery. This will free up 5 cards, which I'm thinking would be 1 Anguished Unmaking, 3 Cast Out's, and 1 more Plague Belcher. The reason for wanting to remove the Mastery's is because with the mimic's, I gain the +1/+1 benefit for 3 less mana, and by turn 5, I would rather have creature/permanent control in my hand than 2 Mastery's.

The Oketra's Name's aren't doing well sitting in my hand when I'm suffering with a lack of defenders or getting pinged by another creature, and when I'm ready to use it, my zombies are already +2/+2 to +5/+5. Also, with the 2nd Dark Salvation, I get the zombies and give a creature -2/-2 for the cost.

I'll have to get some more Anguished Unmaking's. I'm debating if I want to run 4 of them, or do a split between that and Cast Out, as the 3 life hit could terrible mid to late game.

I think now that I'm getting some more play with it, the sideboard is going to have a few Never//Return's to help deal with Plainswalkers, Gideon's Intervention, and Fumigate. Maybe a Dusk / Dawn as well, just in case I run into a situation where I want to wipe the board and get a quick army back.

But yeah, I definitely need permanent control, as the current setup only works well against aggro decks.

bellz76 on Undeadication

4 weeks ago

So the Dark Salvation is really good. If you can get more of those, I would. The Metallic Mimic is also good. I'd get more of him too. You're not running any artifacts, so Battle at the Bridge isn't good at all. I know it's like the salvation, but you are already running zombies, which makes it insane compared to no artifacts, which makes in pretty bad in your deck.

I'm ok with the Campaign of Vengeance- esp as just a 2 of. Combine that with the menace ability of Lord of the Accursed, and you can swing and not lose all your zombies.

What I would do from here is move the Binding Mummy and the Fan Bearer into the sideboard- or maybe just the fan bearer and cut the blinding all together). Take out the Battle at the Bridge, and cut the In Oketra's Name down to 2. That gives you 9 slots to play with. Really try to get the 3rd and 4th of the Wayward Servant. But use the other 7 slots for the other cards your missing. But try to do some testing and see how you like it either way.

dra600n on Undeadication

4 weeks ago

Alright, I've made some changes:

I removed the following (and placed these in the sideboard for now): Gideon of the Trials, Liliana, Death's Majesty, Stir the Sands, Diabolic Tutor

The following were removed entirely:Oketra, Bontu, Null Caller's

I added in:1x Metallic Mimic, 2x Fatal Push, 1x Battle at the Bridge, 2x Campaign of Vengeance, 3x Blessed Alliance, 1x Dark Salvation

Here's my reasoning for the changes:The Null Callers didn't really add a whole lot unless I had a graveyard full of creatures, and it being a 4 caster as a 2/4, I figured there were better spells for that cost (or less). Same with Oketra and Bontu - both had great stats, but with their restrictions, it just didn't fit with the deck IMO. The Metallic Mimic will give +1/+1 to all Zombies, and even though there's only 1, I think it'll be more effective than either of the God's or the Null Callers.

The Fatal Pushes and Blessed Alliance are for creature control, though I'd still like to get 2 more FP's.

I added the Dark Salvation to replace Stir the Sands, just as something to add in, and it's more effective. I'd like to add at least 1 more in, but maybe this will get rotated out. Same with Battle at the Bridge, which will get rotated out for a Fatal Push once I get more.

Would it be wise to rotate out In Oketra's Name for Cryptbreaker or Diregraf Colossus, or should other cards be rotated out instead?

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