Ruthless Sniper


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Ruthless Sniper

Creature — Human Archer

Whenever you cycle or discard a card, you may pay 1. If you do, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

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Ruthless Sniper Discussion

Zondarian on Hour of Hapatra

2 days ago

The only other 1 drop I was considering was Festering Mummy but I don't think that's better than Ruthless Sniper because in this deck I have removed all the cards that enter with -1/-1 counters. The slight advantage I do have is that Key to the City is available to use every turn so while I am limited on discard outlets the few I do have aren't a one and done source.

With that I considered Geier Reach Sanitarium and I really want to make space for it but the mana base is looking stretched enough already.

I'm taking the instant removal out more to see what happens rather than to definitely get rid of it permenantly. I suspect the most likely outcome will be at a minimum dropping Nest of Scarabs to the sideboard to make space for the removal.

multimedia on Hour of Hapatra

2 days ago

Interesting direction cutting instant removal. I think it's dangerous, but if it's working for you then great.

Ruthless Sniper falls into the same trap card scenarios that Soul-Scar Mage does. Mage needs burn spells or it's useless and Sniper needs you to discard or cycle or it's useless. Currently you have only two cycling cards and 4x Key to get any value out of Sniper. You need more main deck discard or cycle outlets to make Sniper worth the spots. You could add cycling lands, Canyon Slough, Scattered Groves.

You're not playing dedicated energy or Vehicle strategies; Gonti seems like a better choice of the two.

Slyce on Did someone say tokens with deathtouch?

3 days ago

@nerf_herder_2983 you are right. I think ill remove Crocodile of the Crossing, Soul-Scar Mage and The Scorpion God and go for a discard engine using Ruthless Sniper (4x), Archfiend of Ifnir (3x), Noose Constrictor (4x) and Key to the City (4x). I might even add some Deserts or at least some dual lands for and/or to use the aftermath effects. And going for 2x Ammit Eternal and 4x Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons might help with setting up my combo. I will swap the red sorceries for some black/green removal or control cards(suggestions?) I think i will add Liliana deathwielder and Liliana's Influence for some more control over the enemy board and my own graveyard. These changes will probably make my mana Management easier and enable some early turn plays.

nerf_herder_2983 on Did someone say tokens with deathtouch?

3 days ago

I think this is a pretty good deck so far, but might be a little slow. Have you thought about cards such as Ruthless Sniper and Archfiend of Ifnir? With Archfiend, it might be a good idea to find a good discard outlet like Nahiri's Wrath or even Prophetic Ravings, which allows you to cycle any card. As far as cards to remove, probably Crocodile of the Crossing because I feel like on turn four you'll want to play a couple of your one or two drops if they got removed early game. I'd also get rid of The Scorpion God just because I think Archfiend will work better for you in the end. But I would at least keep it in the side board. Or even side board archfiend. And for board presence, maybe run another Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and only 2 Ammit Eternal, you'll get more creatures on the board. I'd also sideboard Nest of Scarabs because you have hapatra, which produces better creature. If you are up against creature control, then I'd swap the hapatras for the nest. Lastly, throwing in a couple more Canyon Sloughs might be good as well, or even Needle Spires so you can fire off that aftermath on Grind / Dust. Either way I don't think you are running enough land, even with Channeler Initiate. Other than that I think this will be a fun deck. Just have to be prepared for a Solemnity.

Mac_Apple on Waste Not Torment

1 week ago

Megrim, Sangromancer, Geth's Grimoire, and Liliana's Caress obviously.

Fate Unraveler and Underworld Dreams to compliment Dark Deal.

Maybe one Painful Quandary.

Geier Reach Sanitarium. If they discard a land, you get your mana back.

Ruthless Sniper could have some real fun here.

And definitely some creature removal, such as Murderous Cut.

Ares111123 on Keep Calm and Cycle on

1 week ago

Thanks for the advice and the compliment Icicle645 but i dont know if it will need those. This deck is meant to fly over and hit directly to win so if they have a large creature im fine with throwing Ruthless Sniper in front of it until fliers get finish them off. Also i believe between Archfiend of Ifnir and Ruthless Sniper this should be able to weaken most of my opposing creatures. Now i will definitely throw removal in the side board as im looking for cards to put in that.

SailorJoeV on The Withering

1 week ago

Archfiend of Ifnir (especially since you don't have any cycling, if you add cycling, Ruthless Sniper is a good add as well), Crocodile of the Crossing, and Plague Belcher are just going to slow you down. The same can be said for the monuments since they only trigger when you cast, not when a creature enters the battlefield. try bumbing Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons up to 4. There are lots of good decks on here that work kind of the same way. I used this for inspiration Deathtouch with ?CMC of 1.90 and mine is Why so negative?

multimedia on Jund Hapatra

2 weeks ago

I like the updates you've made, but your going to have consistency issues with playing so many 3 ofs.

The most important cards for your strategy should be 4 ofs. 4x Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, 4x Ammit Eternal, 4x Obelisk Spider and 4x Key to the City. Spider is so much better in multiples, being able to get two in play at the same time. I would cut 2x Noose Constrictor and 1x Nest of Scarabs for 1x more each of Hapatra, Eternal and Spider.

Noose can be great with Archfiend of Ifnir if you can reliably get both in play at the same time, but until this happens Noose isn't doing anything else for your strategy. I can see playing it as a 1 of because you only ever want to see it when you already have Archfiend in play. If you draw a Noose and not an Archfiend it's a dead draw because you don't want to be discarding cards just to pump Noose, that's card disadvantage. You would rather be discarding those cards to use Key to the City's ability.

Even though Hapatra is legendary you still want her as a 4 of because you want the best chance to draw her or have her in your opening hand. She's a fragile two drop, a prime target for removal and just about any removal in Standard can kill her. Having as many copies of her is important because she's the main card for your strategy.

Nest of Scarabs is a weak link here and it's a three drop. Both Eternal and Spider are better three drops because they're creatures who can actually do something on their own. I would cut Nest down to a 2 of.

Consider including more burn. 4x Magma Spray is not enough burn to warrant playing 4x Soul-Scar Mage and Blazing Volley is a sideboard card. I would cut 2x Blazing Volley moving it to the sideboard and 2x Ruthless Sniper for 4x Abrade.

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