Final Reward


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Final Reward


Exile target creature.

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Final Reward Discussion

Pieguy396 on dark forest2

3 days ago

Hey there! This looks like a great start to your first Magic deck! Welcome to the game, and to!

First of all, I would recommend reducing your deck size to the minimum - 60 cards. For every card you add over the minimum, it reduces your chances of drawing your best cards. I get that this might be hard to understand - if I add more cards, wouldn't my deck get better? However, let's say that Oracle's Vault is the best card in your deck. (This is just an example, your best card could very well be something else.) With a 105-card deck, you have a 1/105 chance (0.95%) of drawing Oracle's Vault. With a 60-card deck, however, your chances of drawing Oracle's Vault rise to 1/60 (1.7%), almost doubling your chances of drawing your most powerful cards. In any case, I'd take out the following cards:

This should make your deck a little more consistent, and hopefully a little more fun as well. In any case, I hope you have an excellent time playing Magic!

NobleGhost117 on Black n White

2 weeks ago

Good concept right here! There's just a couple fine-tuning things to point out.

With only 17 lands, you're going to have a hard time casting some of your cards. Most of your cards are 3-cost, and with that few lands you won't be playing those cards until turn 4 if you're lucky. You're going to want at least 22 just based on the cards in your deck. Try moving a few of your matchup-specific cards to the sideboard. Things like Scarab Feast and Disposal Mummy are good cards, but only against decks that use the graveyard. If you put them in the sideboard, you can swap them out when you need them but not have to worry about using them when they aren't helpful.

The other thing to note is that a few of your cards have better versions that don't cost that much more money. Final Reward can be replaced with Hour of Glory, as it's a strictly better card that costs a couple cents more to buy. Cruel Reality could be replaced with Torment of Scarabs. While it is less punishing, the Torment comes out much earlier, so you'll net yourself more damaging effects if this thing comes down on turn 4 instead of the turn 8-10 when Cruel Reality will come out. Besides, the less time it sits in your hand, the fewer dead cards you'll be running.

Hope this helps!

Zingano on

1 month ago

You should replace Final Reward with Hour of Glory

CursedNobleman on HOU Prerelease

1 month ago

I normally don't play Control decks, but I made a Grixis Control deck here. Three total, one to a pair Aven of Enduring Hope exhausting my removal, and two to On-Tempo Archfiend of Ifnir/Mana Drought.

Any suggestions or advice? My mana curve skewed mostly to 3-5:


Unquenchable Thirst

Cartouche of Knowledge

Essence Scatter

Burning-Fist Minotaur

Banewhip Punisher

Splendid Agony

Lethal Sting

Supreme Will

Khenra Scrapper

Open Fire

Trial of Knowledge

Wildfire Eternal

Lurching Rotbeast

Torment of Venom

Frontline Devastator


Deem Worthy

Final Reward x2

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh

Desert of the Glorified

Ramunap Ruins

Desert of the Mindful

5:5:5 Island:Mountain:Swamp

RazortoothMtg on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 month ago

Torment of Scarabs confirmed amazing.

I did the same thing as Argy with that sexy foil bolas....

Promo Hour of Promise- meh.

Ended up going Grixis with a The Locust God, Apocalypse Demon, Cut / Ribbons, and Nimble Obstructionist as my relevant rares. Nimble Obstructionist is a great beater, and The Locust God is almost impossible to actually get rid of in this format (theres Final Reward, Hour of Glory, and a Doomfall on an empty board, am I missing any?)

Ended up going 3-1 in matches, 6-3 in games. My prize packs held Wildfire Eternal, and I do have to agree with Zaueski that it is an amazing foil (almost as good as that bolas!), a Majestic Myriarch, some bulk, and a Hostile Desert.

Glad to pull The Locust God for my EDH deck, and I managed to trade for a The Scorpion God, so I just need The Scarab God.

Lebleu1806 on Rising Ambition

1 month ago

Hello ! I think first 20 land is not enough to play Lilianna planeswalker at 7CMC and other card at 5 or 6 CMC, you need 25 26 land to put a land each turn. You must focus on one stratgie in standard. Here you play mostly zombie so try to play card only zombie to find better synergie. Horror of the Broken Lands, Ruthless Sniper, and Baleful Ammit don't synergie with Liliana's Mastery for example. ON budget you can find great card zombie and you can find better control card.

List of suggestion : Stir the Sands, Nerver // Return, Yahenni's Expertise, Fatal Push not very expensive jus Fatal Push. To replace not zombie card, Certain Death, Final Reward and add more Doomed Dissenter, Lord of the Accursed.

To finish Bloodhunter Bat and Raise Dead are illegal in Standard format.

Good luck with your deck =).

FredsHg on Amonkhet Minotaurs

1 month ago

I think you could use Never / Return to replace Final Reward

Plazbo on Snakes, scarabs, and -1 counters

1 month ago

Take our your Baleful Ammit, Decimator Beetle, and Defiant Greatmaw. I've played around with scarabs at a very competitive FNM for a while to try and make it work. I believe we have to wait til HOU comes out for our deck to become actually top tier. However I would suggest taking those cards out because they are slow and not a whole lot of value for their mana cost. I'd replace one with Plague Belcher. He packs a whole lot more punch.

I believe you're on a budget cuz you're playing Final Reward, but you really want to take that and Splendid Agony out. Replace them with Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness. You lose to midrange decks because it takes a while for you to get your Nest out and actually start pumping out an amount of insects your opponent can't control.

You have no 1 mana cards in your whole deck. Consider using Blisterpod. He can be used to dump your -1/-1 counters on and will still come back as an Eldrazi Scion that makes mana! He's a 1 mana that you can dump 2 cards worth of counters on and still make that many insects.

I wouldn't put in Archfiend of Ifnir like the guy above me suggested because your deck is not circled around cycling at all. Key to the city sounds alright.

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