Final Reward


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Final Reward


Exile target creature.

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Final Reward Discussion

clayperce on Deathtouch with ∅CMC of 1.92

18 hours ago

Looks sweet!

Looking at your sideboard ...

  • I'm wondering if you need faster answers for Solemnity, especially if you're on the draw Game 2 (since Lost Legacy is useless if one is already on the board). Natural State was of course lousy against Marvel, but it might be exactly what the deck wants for HOU Standard.
  • Hour of Glory over Final Reward?

Draw well!

Plazbo on Fangor Hapatra counters

19 hours ago

Hey, nice deck. I have been toying around with -1/-1 counter tokens for a while now and I must say it's hard to make competitive right now. In my experience, Splendid Agony is way too slow of a card. It's too situational in having Hapatra up and them attacking with multiple creatures to be of value. Take out Final Reward and just run 4 Grasp of Darkness if you are budget and Fatal Push if you decide to upgrade. Fatal push revolt is so easy to trigger in this deck as you can play any creature that comes in with neg counters and dump them on a token. I'd take out the Unburden, Decimator Beetle, and board in some more cycling cards with the way your deck is headed.

EastsideRock on HOU - Grixis Control

1 day ago

I tested with Final Reward to take care of Gods, Ula, and Gideons but 5-mana with no other upsides was just too mana-intensive. Now do have a look at this Hour of Glory though! Seems like Wizards are printing as lot of answers this time around!


Diesel24 on R/G Pummel

1 week ago

Changed out Rhonas the Indomitable after play testing and never really relying on his ability as a pump source. Replaced with Fling as a way to get around some of the removal like Fatal Push and Final Reward.

DarkLaw on [HOU] Can this Nicol Bolas ...

2 weeks ago

Argy I think we should put this in spoiler tags from now on since it's probably going to clog up the pages.

Discussion goes here Show

Forgive me if I'm just being stupid, but there's 24 invocations in Hour of Devastation.


Relevant section: "There are 54 cards in the Amonkhet Invocations set. The first 30 of these cards appear in Amonkhet booster packs. The remaining 24 cards will appear in Hour of Devastation booster packs."

And I don't think 184 + 24 = 199, but rather 208.

Argy on [HOU] Can this Nicol Bolas ...

2 weeks ago

Sorry for all the posts, but I keep thinking of new things I want to add.

Let's not forget that Control shells used an EIGHT DROP Planeswalker, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, to great effect.

I also thought of more pieces of current Graveyard hate.

There is the first ability of that Bolas Planeswalker, you just choose NOT to cast the card. That way it remains in Exile.

There is also the second ability of Nahiri, the Harbinger, although it would probably be tricky to fit one more colour in.

There is also Declaration in Stone, Oblivion Strike, and Final Reward.

Before you dismiss Final Reward as being too expensive, I have been using it this season to great effect.

So you see there is a LOT of Graveyard hate around at the moment.

Argy on Amonkhet Minotaurs

3 weeks ago

chrclgry WRONG!!

Let me see if I can break this down so you'll understand it.

Oblivion Strike is this thing callled a "Sorcery". That means that you can only cast it during a "Main Phase".

Final Reward is something we call an "Instant". That means that you can cast it any time you like.

When playing against Blue Red Control that means that you can use Final Reward to get rid of Wandering Fumarole but you CAN'T do that with Oblivion Strike.

See, you play against a range of decks in a Magic the Gathering Tournament.

That means you have to set up a Sideboard that is versatile enough to face off against most of them.

Of course, you would realise that if you took three seconds to look at the list of decks I have under my "Sideboard Notes".

If you had taken an extra three seconds to check my "Cards Already Considered" you would see Oblivion Strike listed there.

Hope you learned something. Thanks so much for stopping by.

chrclgry on Amonkhet Minotaurs

3 weeks ago

Final Reward is an over costed Oblivion Strike why don't you just sideboard that instead?

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